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The Lived Experience In Mental Health

Author : Gary Morris
ISBN : 9781482245424
Genre : Medical
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The importance of recognising the knowledge and the needs of service users and engaging them more proactively within the care process is now widely acknowledged, but it is not always clear how this can come about. The Lived Experience of Mental Health highlights individuals’ own lived and felt mental health experience in order to share their expertise about mental health problems and the care offered. This text begins by exploring the importance of engaging with the internal world of those living with various mental health problems and reflecting upon personal narratives as means of expressing and sharing experience, as well as the status of these narratives as 'evidence'. The central section of the book looks at five commonly experienced mental health states: anxiety problems, depression, mood extremes, states of altered reality (linked, for example, with psychosis and schizophrenia) and impaired cognition (linked, for example, with dementia). The chapters look at how the mental state in question is experienced, including the experience of it in the context of the wider world, where health and social care services and the responses of other people play a part. Drawing on personal narratives from a wide range of sources, this text foregrounds the voices of experts by experience and relates them to the academic literature. The narratives?collectively convey a breadth of experience including both concepts of struggling and living well with mental health issues. The book ends by outlining resources where a range of first-person narratives can be accessed, from online forums to films, and providing a strategy for teaching and learning associated with the exploration of lived experience narratives. Designed for health professionals working with people experiencing mental health problems, this illuminating text uses personal narratives to emphasise the importance of person-centred care and participation by services users in their own care. It will also be an interesting read for experts by experiences themselves as well as their families and friends.
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The Lived Experience

Author : Brian Allan
ISBN : 0987510894
Genre : Australian poetry
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Poetry by Mental Health consumers
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Recovering From Psychosis

Author : Stephen Williams
ISBN : 9781135045746
Genre : Psychology
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The use of first-hand service user accounts of mental illness is still limited in the professional literature available. This is, however, beginning to change, with a new ‘recovery’ focus in mental health services meaning that the voices of service users are finally being heard. Recovering from Psychosis: Empirical Evidence and Lived Experience synthesises a narrative approach alongside an evidence-based review of current treatment by including Stephen Williams’ own personal experience as it relates to psychosis, recovery and treatment. A mental health professional himself, the author’s account of his own recovery from severe mental health difficulties, without sustained intervention, challenges the orthodoxy of representation of service users in mental health. Recovering from Psychosis critically explores and reviews the current state of the art of research and knowledge about the nature and treatment of psychosis. Working simultaneously from empirical, lived experience and philosophical perspectives, Stephen Williams: Evaluates political and power related issues in professional understanding, knowledge-creation and treatment of people with psychosis; Introduces the current ‘recovery movement’, unpacking its origins and implications for the future development of ‘recovery oriented services’; Reviews, summarizes and critiques the current state of ‘recovery’ research, looking at the advantages and disadvantages of such an approach, examining how this is influencing the transformation of UK mental health services; Analyses the difficulties in organisational implementation of recovery approaches, summarises the most empirically robust approaches to practice, personal and service delivery measurement; Reviews current ‘models’ of psychosis and how various professional scientific groups explain the experience and nature of psychosis; Uses lived-experience accounts taken from the scientific literature, portraying the nature of such experiences and analysing them in the face of contemporary psychological models. Recovering from Psychosis is an essential comprehensive guide for mental health professionals, psychologists, social workers and carers, who are working with people with severe and enduring mental health difficulties diagnosed as psychosis. It addresses the practical implications of working with such difficult conditions and serves as a hopeful story of recovery for service users.
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Extraordinary Conditions

Author : Janis H. Jenkins
ISBN : 9780520287099
Genre : Social Science
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"With fine-tuned ethnographic sensibility, Jenkins explores the lived experience of psychosis, trauma, and depression among people of diverse cultural orientations, eloquently showing how mental illness engages fundamental human processes of self, desire, gender, identity, attachment, and meaning. Her studies illustrate the shaping of human reality and subjectivity in light of extreme psychological suffering, and shed light on psycho-political processes of alterity, precarity, and repression in the social rendering of the mentally ill as non-human or less than fully human. Extraordinary Conditions addresses the critical need to empathically engage the experience of persons living with conditions that are culturally defined as mental illness. Jenkins compellingly shows that mental illness is better characterized in terms of struggle than symptoms and that culture matters vitally in all aspects of mental illness from onset to recovery. Analysis at this edge of experience refashions the boundaries between ordinary and extraordinary, routine and extreme, healthy and pathological. The book argues that the study of mental illness is indispensable to anthropological understanding of culture and experience, and reciprocally that understanding culture and experience is critical to the study of mental illness. While anthropology neglects the extraordinary to its theoretical and empirical peril, psychiatry neglects culture to its theoretical and clinical peril"--Provided by publisher.
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Social Work Practice In Mental Health An Introduction Large Print 16pt

Author : Robert Bland
ISBN : 9781459603707
Genre : Health & Fitness
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Mental health problems are ubiquitous in contemporary society. All social workers, whether in specialist or generalist settings, need specific knowledge, skills and values to work effectively with people with mental health problems. Social Work Practice in Mental Health emphasises the importance of appreciating the lived experience of mental illness, and of establishing partnerships based on incorporating a consumer perspective into all mental health work. It also emphasises the healing potential in relationships between consumers, carers and service providers.This is a thorough introduction to social work practice in specialist mental health settings as well as in other fields of practice in the community. It provides a knowledge base for practice with people with the most commonly-encountered mental health problems. It offers a practical guide to assessment, case management, family work, community work, and the application of the principles of partnership to work with individuals and their families, as well as multidisciplinary teams and agencies.
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A Grounded Theory Study Of Lived Experience Mental Health Practitioners Within The Wider Workforce

Author : Louise Byrne
ISBN : OCLC:884984795
Genre : Grounded theory
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For contemporary mental health policy to realise its commitment to enhance consumer participation and to promote the establishment of progressive mental health service delivery, progressing robust and effective roles for people with a lived experience of significant mental health challenges is essential. However, the emergent lived experience workforce in Australia faces a vast range of barriers including a lack of formal employment structures and awards, professional defensiveness from non-lived experience colleagues and stigma and discrimination in the workplace. Previously, there has been limited focused inquiry into the experience of employment for lived experience practitioners. The aim of this research is to provide a comprehensive exploration of the perspectives of lived experience practitioners of their employment within the mental health workforce, with a specific emphasis on factors that assist and inhibit the roles. Using a grounded theory approach, in-depth semi-structured interviews and focus groups were conducted. Lived experience practitioners employed in diverse roles within government, non-government and lived experience-run services from metropolitan, regional and rural settings across several states participated. Employing constant comparative analysis, the substantive theory Risk to self, resulting from stigma (seen and unseen) impacting on the LEP role emerged. Stigma, both seen and unseen was found to underlie and impact upon the LEP experience. As a result lived experience practitioners knowingly risked themselves and their own well-being within roles for the benefit of current mental health consumers. When workplaces were perceived as including greater supportive factors and were seen as less stigmatising, there was a correspondingly lower risk to LEP and greater consumer benefits. Conversely when more inhibiting factors existed, greater risk to LEP was posed and less consumer benefits occurred. For lived experience roles to evolve into full potentiality; to the benefit of mental health consumers and the well-being of LEP, the underlying stigma that is often unseen must be recognised and addressed and supportive factors enhanced. The findings of this study will inform the on-going development of policy, service design and education of the professional and lived experience workforce, by identifying existing barriers, providing a framework to increase positive factors and ultimately contribute to a more collaborative, inclusive and therefore effective workplace culture for lived experience practitioners.
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Single Motherhood Parenting And Mental Health

Author : Elmi Du Toit
ISBN : OCLC:956379867
Genre :
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Single motherhood is a growing phenomenon in South Africa, as it is in the world at large. The concept and structure of a family have changed over the last few decades and no single definition will suffice to describe or define it anymore. Various factors impact on the psychological wellbeing of the single mother. The psychological wellbeing or mental health of the single mother can influence her parenting abilities. The aim of this study is to explore the lived experience of a single mother with three dependent children, to gain a deeper understanding of her experiences as a single mother and the meaning she attaches to it. The point of view of this research is from a constructivist-interpretivist paradigm and from an ecological systems theory approach. This qualitative research study uses a single case study method with unstructured interviews to explore the participant's experiences. Interpretative phenomenological analysis is used to analyse data, to identify main and sub-themes from the collected data, and to compare these themes with identified themes on single motherhood from existing research. The participant's lived experience reveals that financial hardship is not the main contributing factor to stress experienced by this single mother. The accumulative effect of diverse stressors and the lack of social support due to prejudice and stigma seem to have a greater effect. This study generates questions around the stigma of single motherhood in South Africa. The reading of this text could raise the reader's awareness of the challenges faced by single mothers and of prejudice against them. Single mothers are not less capable as individuals of handling the challenges of motherhood and parenting, but they are often exposed to more demands and stressors, compared to partnered mothers. Changing our perspectives on single motherhood can reduce prejudice, offer more social support and improve access to other needed resources.