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Das Urteilen

Author : Hannah Arendt
ISBN : 9783492969208
Genre : Philosophy
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»Das Urteilen« war von Hannah Arendt als dritter Teil ihres Werkes »Vom Leben des Geistes« geplant und wurde aus dem Nachlass der Philosophin rekonstruiert. Unter Berufung auf Immanuel Kant weist Arendt dem Urteilen im Leben des Geistes einen spezifischen Platz zu. Mit seiner Hilfe orientiert sich der Mensch in der Welt, schafft er Sinn. Ein breites Spektrum an Fragen wird deshalb sichtbar: Leben, Tod und Liebe, Probleme der Freiheit und der Würde des Menschen.
Category: Philosophy

The Athenaeum

Author :
ISBN : GENT:900000145195
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The Nation

Author :
ISBN : UOM:39015023195236
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Life Pillar 2

Author : Aaron Lux
ISBN : 1502809737
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This is Pillar 2, LIFE, from Volume 1, of The Poetry Trilogy. The Poetry Trilogy is The Greatest Single Collection of Poetry Ever Self Published: 1 - Trilogy 3 - Volumes 6 - Countries 7 - Pillars - GOD, LIFE, LOVE, HATE, TRAVELS, REALIZATIONS, DEATH 700 - Poems 2400 - Pages 300,000 - Words The Poetry Trilogy is a monumental Masterpiece. The combined works of The Trilogy is larger in volume than both the New and Old Testaments combined. There is a massive amount of information within these pages, and I ask that you PLEASE only read a few poems a day so that your subconscious Self can absorb all of the information I have written fully. I believe that The Poetry Trilogy is, "The Greatest Collection of Poetry" ever published. Not just because of the magnitude of this work, but because of the diversity found within the pages. It's a compilation compiled from, dozens of countries with emotions, from thousands of people from all over the world. From the deserts of Africa, to the jungles of South America, from the greatest cities in the World, to the highest mountains and deep oceans, this is the collective pulse, of our planet, and our people. A Living Testimony of the current state of our Humanity. Each Volume, of The Poetry Trilogy, is divided into 7 sections, each section being a Pillar. The Seven Pillars, of The Poetry Trilogy are in a major sense, the story of every persons journey here on Earth, both internally and external, as well as being a reflection, of the collective Life of the Creation of Humanity. Pillar 1 is God, because I believe God is where we all come from, it is the Beginning, and in The Beginning there was only God. Pillar 2 is Life, because Life is where our journey, here on Earth begins. Pillar 3 is Love, Love is the ascension, to higher emotional vibrations, is the strongest of all emotions, and plays a central part in our existence, both independently as collectively. Pillar 4, Hate, Hate is the descent, into the deepest darkest depths of the Human mind, and of Humanity as well. Almost as equally strong as Love, Hate is Love's polar opposite, and is equally essential to existence. This is an example of the Law of Dualities, as mentioned by HERMES and other prophets. After Pillar 4, we escape the Hate through our adventures in Pillar 5, Travels. Pillar 5, Travels, Travels takes us on a journey around the world, and through exploring and discovering the World, we explore and discover our Self, discovery of the Self leads us to Pillar 6, Illuminations. Pillar 6, Illuminations, with Illuminations, all of the Darkness is illuminated. Light will always be stronger than The Darkness. If ever in doubt remember, a single candle can light up an entire room. The Darkness can not be wherever The Light is. When the Darkness is illuminated by The Light, all the veils are lifted, and we see, God without the illusions of Religion, we see, Life without the illusions of The Ego, we see, Love without the illusions of Lust, we see, Hate without the illusions of Anger, we see, Travels without the illusions of Physical Matter, we see, Illuminations without the illusions of Thought, and we see, Death, without the illusions of Fear. This naturally brings us to The Final Pillar. Pillar 7, Death. Death, is Death of Ego, Death of Body, Death of all that we thought was true, undeniably discovered, through Death of the Physical Body or Self. Death is to Life, what Hate is to Love, the necessary counterbalance of Duality. For indeed the only guarantee in the Life experience, is that we will all have the Death experience as well. Pillar 7 completes the cycle, of our non-existential existence in Earth. And with the completion of the Pillars, you will have the completion of The Poetry Trilogy.