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The Life And Times Of Moses Jacob Ezekiel

Author : Peter Adam Nash
ISBN : 9781611476729
Genre : Biography & Autobiography
File Size : 74.9 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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The Life and Times of Moses Jacob Ezekiel: American Sculptor, Arcadian Knight tells the remarkable story of Moses Ezekiel and his rise to international fame as an artist in late nineteenth-century Italy. Sephardic Jew, homosexual, Confederate soldier, Southern apologist, opponent of slavery, patriot, expatriate, mystic, Victorian, dandy, good Samaritan, humanist, royalist, romantic, reactionary, republican, monist, dualist, theosophist, freemason, champion of religious freedom, proto-Zionist, and proverbial Court Jew, Moses Ezekiel was a riddle of a man, a puzzle of seemingly irreconcilable parts. Knighted by three European monarchs, courted by the rich and famous, Moses Ezekiel lived the life of an aristocrat with rarely a penny to his name. Making his home in the capacious ruins of the Baths of Diocletian in Rome, he quickly distinguished himself as the consummate artist and host, winning international fame for his work and consorting with many of the lions and luminaries of the fin-de-siècle world, including Giuseppe Garibaldi, Queen Margherita, Franz Liszt, Richard Wagner, Sarah Bernhardt, Gabriele D’Annunzio, Eleonora Duse, Annie Besant, Clara Schumann, Sir Lawrence Alma-Tadema, Alphonse Daudet, Mark Twain, Émile Zola, Robert E. Lee, Augustus Saint-Gaudens, and Isaac Mayer Wise. In a city besieged with eccentrics, he, a Southern Jewish homosexual sculptor, was outstanding, an enigma to those who knew him, a man at once stubbornly original and deeply emblematic of his times. According to Stanley Chyet in his introduction to Ezekiel’s memoirs, “The contemporary European struggle between liberalism and reaction, between modernity and feudalism, between the democratic and the hierarchical is rather amply refracted in Ezekiel’s account of his life in Rome.” Indeed so many of the contentious cultural, political, artistic, and scientific struggles of the age converged in the figure of this adroit and prepossessing Jew.
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Lessons From The Bad Kids

Author : Vonda Viland
ISBN : 9781475833164
Genre : Education
File Size : 51.36 MB
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Almost every teacher has experienced at least one of "those kids." The kids who won’t sit still, who won’t do their work, who don’t attend, who won’t conform to the classroom expectations, who are straight out defiant and disrespectful. These kids, these so-called “bad kids,” and their stories actually have a great deal to teach us. This book centers around these stories and the lessons learned from them. Whether in education or in your everyday relationships with others, the lessons these kids teach will touch your hearts and make a difference in your lives. Picking up before the award-winning documentary The Bad Kids began, Lessons from The Bad Kids will teach us not only to improve our educational system but also how to become better people.
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Author : Peter Nash
ISBN : 1944388117
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 76.33 MB
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Parsimony is a novel about fathers and sons, about the twisted manifestations of politics and history in the lives of a particular Jewish American family. When the novel opens, David Ansky, a divorced and disaffected New York architect, has gone to Florida to move his father into a local nursing home. He has never been close to the man and dreads the responsibility, intending to dispatch with the matter as swiftly as possible. Yet things do not go as planned, so that quickly he finds himself entangled in the past, trapped in a cat and mouse game with his father in which he is never quite sure how to gauge the man's remarks, which range from the paranoid and sentimental to the cruelly, severely astute. At the heart of this experience is David's reckoning, just after 9/11, with his own life and career, and with his family's radically left-wing past-with his Stalinist grandfather and with his bitter, politically disillusioned father, a Trotsky scholar and retired professor of history. Set in the course of a single day in an apartment overlooking Sanibel Island, the novel explores the generational impact of shattered ideals.
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Liver Pathophysiology

Author : Pablo Muriel
ISBN : 9780128043219
Genre : Medical
File Size : 31.92 MB
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Liver Pathophysiology: Therapies and Antioxidants is a complete volume on morphology, physiology, biochemistry, molecular biology and treatment of liver diseases. It uses an integral approach towards the role of free radicals in the pathogenesis of hepatic injury, and how their deleterious effects may be abrogated by the use of antioxidants. Written by the most prominent authors in the field, this book will be of use to basic and clinical scientists and clinicians working in the biological sciences, especially those dedicated to the study and treatment of liver pathologies. Presents the most recent advances in hepatology, with a special focus on the role of oxidative stress in liver injury. Provides in vivo and in vitro models to study human liver pathology. Explains the beneficial effects of antioxidants on liver diseases. Contains the most recent and modern treatments of hepatic pathologies, including, but not limited to, stem cells repopulation, gene therapy and liver transplantation.
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Walks In Rome Two Volumes In One

Author : Augustus J C Hare
ISBN : 9781616405526
Genre : Travel
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English aristocrat Augustus J.C. Hare filled his days with trips to the Continent, and returned home to share his journeys with eager readers-and the journals of his travels still enjoy a cultishly devoted readership today. His Walks in Rome was first published in 1871; this replica of the 15th edition from 1900, published here as two volumes in one, offers a virtual walking tour of: the Corso and its neighborhood, including the Piazza del Popolo, the Temple of Neptune, and the Trevi Fountain the Forums and the Coliseum, including the Temple of Mars, the House of the Vestals, and the Arch of Constantine the Baths of Diocletian and its neighborhood, including the Pretorian camp, Convent of the Pregatrici, and Villa Negroni St. Peter's and the Vatican, including the Sistine Chapel, the Picture Gallery, the Library, and the Etruscan and Egyptian museums and much more... Charmingly enthusiastic and obsessively detailed, this guidebook continues to be invaluable for today's travelers, and for those fascinated by the ongoing metamorphosis of a modern metropolis. British travel writer AUGUSTUS JOHN CULBERT HARE (1834-1903) also wrote Epitaphs for Country Churchyards (1856), Walks in Rome (1871), and Wanderings in Spain (1873).
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Cultures In Counterpoint

Author : Bension Varon
ISBN : 1441531092
Genre : Religion
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From his memoirs "Cultures for me are like knowledge: you don't subtract the old knowledge if you add new knowledge." (Prelude.) "Looking back, I remember mornings when I could be playing Bach cantatas loudly on my record player, while my father would be tying his phylacteries preparing for his morning prayer in the next room, and my mother would be arguing with her dressmaker in French, Turkish or Greek as the case may be." (Prelude.) "I am sometimes asked, as other [World] Bank retirees must be, about my fondest work-related memories, such as places visited. It gave me the greatest pleasure to visit two countries Armenia and Kyrgyzstan on assignment, both visits coming 8-9 years after my formal retirement. I had never thought I would see Mount Ararat from the Armenian side of the Turkish border some day. Equally memorable was the opportunity to speak pure, Turkic (central Asian) Turkish in Kyrgyzstan, to visit the small Jewish synagogue there, thousand of miles from the Holy Land, and to have lunch with the American president of the American College in the capital city, my Turkish, Jewish and American identities (I was a U.S. citizen by then) converging in the same place and on the same day." (Chapter 10)
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