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The Law And Ethics Of Restitution

Author : Hanoch Dagan
ISBN : 0521829046
Genre : Business & Economics
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Dagan's 2004 book provides a dynamic account of the American law of restitution. The book reviews the existing doctrine, using an ethical perspective to expose and examine critically the normative underpinnings of the core categories of restitution. Dagan also discusses some of the most controversial issues in the area, such as cohabitation, improper tax payments, and the role of constructive trusts as trumps in bankruptcy. He further tackles the recent restitution claims of slave laborers (or their descendants) against corporations that benefited from their enslavements, and of governmental bodies against injurious industries. Dagan argues that the concept of unjust enrichment is not an independent reason for restitution but, rather, serves as a loose framework. By integrating doctrinal and ethical analyses of restitution across the spectrum of restitution contexts, the author offers significant and provocative insights on existing law as well as possible reforms.
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Author : Gert Brüggemeier
ISBN : 9783540299080
Genre : Law
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Ein Beitrag zur Europäisierung des Privatrechts
Category: Law

Die Naturalrestitution Durch Den Gesch Digten

Author : Ulrike Picker
ISBN : 3161478304
Genre : Law
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English summary: The subject of this volume is the rule contained in paragraph 249, clause 2, of the German Civil Code. Ulrike Picker bases her study on the principle of compensation as a fundamental principle of the law of damages in the Civil Code and the prohibition of financial compensation for non-material damages, which is established in paragraph 253 of the Civil Code. The author shows that the basic approach to the objective determination of the indemnity according to paragraph 249, clause 2, as defined by the prevailing theory of the injured party's freedom of decision is incompatible with the system of the valid law of damages. The extent of the claim resulting from paragraph 249, clause 2 can only be determined according to the actual expenses incurred by the injured party for restitution measures. German description: Ulrike Picker geht in ihrer Studie zur Regelung des 249 Satz 2 BGB, die der Gesetzgeber soeben durch das Zweite Schadensrechtsanderungsgesetz in den neu geschaffenen 249 Absatz 2 Satz 1 BGB transferiert hat, vom Ausgleichsprinzip als Grundprinzip des Schadensersatzrechts des BGB sowie von dem in 253 BGB verankerten Verbot des finanziellen Ausgleichs immaterieller Schaden aus. Sie legt dar, dass die 'objektive' Bemessung des Ersatzbetrages nach 249 Satz 2 im Sinne der herrschenden These von der 'Dispositionsfreiheit des Geschadigten' mit der Konzeption des geltenden Schadensersatzrechts unvereinbar ist und dass der Anspruch aus 249 Satz 2 allein die tatsachlichen Aufwendungen des Geschadigten fur Restitutionsmassnahmen zum Gegenstand hat. Auch die in Rechtsprechung und Literatur nahezu unangefochtene generelle Bemessung des in 251 BGB geregelten Kompensationsanspruchs nach den Wiederbeschaffungskosten steht im Widerspruch zur Konzeption des Gesetzes. Denn die bei einer Ersatzbeschaffung zusatzlich zum Sachwert anfallenden Kosten mindern das Vermogen des Geschadigten gerade nicht immer, sondern nur dann, wenn eine solche tatsachlich vorgenommen wird. Durch den blossen Verlust einer Sache verliert der Geschadigte allein den Geldwert, den er auf dem Markt fur diese hatte erzielen konnen. Daher sind als Wertersatz nach 251 BGB nicht die Wiederbeschaffungskosten, sondern nur der Verausserungswert der Sache zu leisten. Die Kosten einer - durchgefuhrten - Ersatzbeschaffung sind ausschliesslich uber 249 Satz 2 und 250 BGB zu ersetzen: Da die Ersatzbeschaffung der Wiederherstellung der gegenstandlichen Zusammensetzung des Glaubigervermogens und damit der Befriedigung eines uber das reine Vermogensinteresse hinausgehenden immateriellen Interesses dient, stellt auch sie ohne Einschrankung eine Form der Naturalrestitution dar.
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Fighting Corruption In Public Procurement

Author : Sope Williams-Elegbe
ISBN : 9781782250159
Genre : Law
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Anti-corruption measures have firmly taken centre stage in the development agenda of international organisations as well as in developed and developing countries. One area in which corruption manifests itself is in public procurement and, as a result, States have adopted various measures to prevent and curb corruption in public procurement. One such mechanism for dealing with procurement corruption is to debar or disqualify corrupt suppliers from bidding for or otherwise obtaining government contracts. This book examines the issues and challenges raised by the debarment or disqualification of corrupt suppliers from public contracts. Implementing a disqualification mechanism in public procurement raises serious practical and conceptual difficulties, which are not always considered by legislative provisions on disqualification. Some of the problems that may arise from the use of disqualifications include determining whether a conviction for corruption ought to be a pre-requisite to disqualification, bearing in mind that corruption thrives in secret, resulting in a dearth of convictions. Another issue is determining how to balance the tension between granting adequate procedural safeguards to a supplier in disqualification proceedings and not delaying the procurement process. A further issue is determining the scope of the disqualification in the sense of determining whether it applies to firms, natural persons, subcontractors, subsidiaries or other persons related to the corrupt firm and whether disqualification will lead to the termination of existing contracts. The book compares and contrasts the legal, practical and institutional approaches to the implementation of the disqualification mechanism in the European Union, the United Kingdom, the United States, the Republic of South Africa and the World Bank.
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Freedom From Past Injustices

Author : Nahshon Perez
ISBN : 9780748649631
Genre : Political Science
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There is a widespread belief that contemporary citizens should take responsibility for rectifying past wrongs. Nahshon Perez challenges this view, questioning attempts to aggregate dead wrongdoers with living people, and examining ideas of intergeneration
Category: Political Science

A Tragic Fate

Author : Nicholas M. O'Donnell
ISBN : 1634257332
Genre : Art
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The organized theft of fine art by Nazi Germany has captivated worldwide attention in the last twenty years. As much as any other topic arising out of World War Two, stolen art has proven to be an issue that simply will not go away. Newly found works of art pit survivors and their heirs against museums, foreign nations, and even their own family members. These stories are enduring because they speak to one of the core tragedies of the Nazi era: how a nation at the pinnacle of fine art and culture spawned a legalized culture of theft and plunder. A Tragic Fate is the first book to seriously address the legal and ethical rules that have dictated the results of restitution claims between competing claimants to the same works of art. It provides a history of Art and Culture in German-occupied Europe, an introduction to the most significant collections in Europe to be targeted by the Nazis, and a narrative of the efforts to reclaim looted artwork in the decades following the Holocaust through profiles of some of the art world s most famous and influential restitution cases."
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Structure And Justification In Private Law

Author : Charles E F Rickett
ISBN : 9781847314123
Genre : Law
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Peter Birks's tragically early death, and his immense influence around the world, led immediately to the call for a volume of essays in his honour by scholars who had known him as a colleague, teacher and friend. One such volume, published in 2006, contained essays largely from scholars working in England (Mapping the Law: Essays in Memory of Peter Birks, edited by Andrew Burrows and Lord Rodger). This volume contains the essays of those outside England who chose to honour Peter, and appears later than the English volume, reflecting the far flung habitations of its authors. The essays contained in this volume are focussed around the law of unjust enrichment, but are not narrowly preoccupied - instead they move freely from unjust enrichment to some of the most profound questions in private law concerning taxonomy, the relationship between contract, property and unjust enrichment, and the place of remedies within private law. This volume, featuring the work of some of the world's great private lawyers, provides a fitting tribute to a great scholar, and a series of thought-provoking essays inspired by his example. Contributors Kit Barker Michael Bryan Peter Butler Hanoch Dagan Simone Degeling Daniel Friedmann Mark Gergen Ross Grantham Steve Hedley John McCamus Mitchell McInnes Eoin O'Dell Charles Rickett Struan Scott Emily Sherwin Stephen Smith Richard Sutton Michael Tilbury Stephen Waddams Peter Watts Ernest Weinrib Eric Descheemaeker
Category: Law

Corrective Justice

Author : Ernest J. Weinrib
ISBN : 9780199660643
Genre : Law
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Private law governs our most pervasive relationships: the wrongs we do one another, the contracts we make and break, and the property we own. This book analyses the deepest questions about the law's foundations, showing how a distinctive notion of justice, 'corrective justice', describes the special morality intrinsic to private law.
Category: Law

Cultural Property Law And Restitution

Author : Irini A. Stamatoudi
ISBN : 9780857930309
Genre : Political Science
File Size : 22.66 MB
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This invaluable book, for the first time, brings together the international and European Union legal framework on cultural property law and the restitution of cultural property. Drawing on the author's extensive experience of international disputes, it provides a very comprehensive and useful commentary. Theories of cultural nationalism and cultural internationalism and their founding principles are explored. Irini Stamatoudi also draws on soft law sources, ethics, morality, public feeling and the role of international organisations to create a complete picture of the principles and trends emerging today.
Category: Political Science

Philosophical Foundations Of Fiduciary Law

Author : Andrew S. Gold
ISBN : 9780191005299
Genre : Law
File Size : 51.46 MB
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Fiduciary law is a critically important body of law. Fiduciary duties ensure the integrity of a remarkable variety of relationships, institutions, and organizations. They apply to relationships of great personal significance, including in some jurisdictions the relationship between parents and children. They structure a wide variety of commercial relationships, and they are essential to the regulation of relationships between professional service providers and their clients, including relationships between lawyer and client, doctor and patient, and investment manager and client. Fiduciary duties, perhaps uniquely in private law, challenge traditional ways of marking the boundaries between private and public law, inasmuch as they figure prominently in public governance. Indeed, there is even a storied tradition of thinking of the authority of the state in fiduciary terms. Notwithstanding its importance, fiduciary law has been woefully under-analysed by legal theorists. Filling this gap with a series of chapters by leading theorists, this book includes chapters on: the nature of fiduciary relationships, the connection between fiduciary duties and morality, the content and significance of fiduciary loyalty, the economic significance of fiduciary law, the application of fiduciary principles to public law and international law, the import of fiduciary relationships to theories of authority, and various other fundamental topics in the field. In many cases, new and important questions are raised by the book's chapters. Indeed, this book not only offers a much-needed theoretical assessment of fiduciary topics, it defines the field going forward, setting an agenda for future philosophical study of fiduciary law.
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