The Karma Of Words

Author : William R. LaFleur
ISBN : 0520046005
Genre : Buddhism in literature
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Category: Buddhism in literature

The Karma Of Jesus

Author : Mark Herringshaw
ISBN : 1441210458
Genre : Religion
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The Karma of Jesus follows the tradition of bold Christian communicators who dare to borrow pop=culture-friendly language to communicate sacred truth. It explains the relevance of Christ's life using the idea of karma, which maintains an exacting payback for one's actions. Using personal vignettes, as well as stories from history, popular culture, and the Bible, pastor Mark Herringshaw walks the reader through a progression of thought. Rather than didactic formulas, he presents questions and conjectures that sensitively reveal how Jesus has reaped the ultimate consequences of our actions.
Category: Religion

Der Buddhismus In Japan

Author : Christoph Kleine
ISBN : 3161504925
Genre : Religion
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English summary: Japanese Buddhism is one of the most influential, multifaceted and vital traditions of Buddhism. This book provides the most comprehensive and up-to-date overview of this fascinating religion currently available in any European language. Describing the current state of international research, it gives reliable information on the history, doctrines and practices of all the relevant doctrinal traditions, religious orders, movements, sects and denominations of Japanese Buddhism. The author provides a critical analysis of specific features of the religious history of Japan from the perspective of a systematic religious science. The volume is indispensable for all teachers and students who intend to delve into Japanese Buddhism and the history of religions in Japan. Numerous references enable the reader to start his or her own research or to study this subject in greater depth. German description: Der japanische Buddhismus zahlt zu den einflussreichsten, vielfaltigsten und lebendigsten Traditionen des Buddhismus. Auch im sogenannten aWesten haben verschiedene Spielarten des japanischen Buddhismus langst Fuss gefasst. Das vorliegende Buch ist die bislang umfassendste und aktuellste Gesamtdarstellung dieser faszinierenden Religion in einer europaischen Sprache. Den gegenwartigen Stand der internationalen Forschung abbildend, liefert Christoph Kleine zuverlassige, zum Teil in westlichen Sprachen und jenseits hochspezialisierter Gelehrtendiskurse schwer zugangliche Informationen uber Geschichte, Lehre und Praxis der wichtigsten Lehrtraditionen, Monchsorden, Bewegungen, Sekten und Denominationen des japanischen Buddhismus. Die Darstellung deckt die gesamte Zeitspanne zwischen der offiziellen Einfuhrung des Buddhismus in Japan im 6. Jahrhundert und der Gegenwart ab. Als erster Autor uberhaupt erortert Kleine in einer Gesamtschau die Besonderheiten der japanischen Religionsgeschichte kritisch unter systematisch religionswissenschaftlichen Gesichtspunkten, indem er die historischen Fakten mit Fragestellungen und Theorien der allgemeinen Religionswissenschaft verknupft. Das Buch stellt daher eine unverzichtbare Lekture fur alle Lehrenden und Studierenden, aber auch fur interessierte Laien dar, die sich eingehender mit dem Buddhismus Japans und der japanischen Religionsgeschichte befassen mochten. Zahlreiche Literaturhinweise ermoglichen den Einstieg in die eigene Forschung oder ein vertieftes Studium.
Category: Religion

The Aesthetics Of Discontent

Author : Michele Marra
ISBN : 0824813642
Genre : Literary Criticism
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This series of interpretations of selected classics examines premodern Japanese literature from the perspective of conflictual ideologies. Professor Marra's analysis of such works as the Ise Monogatari, the Hojoki, and Tsurezuregusa highlights the existence of discontent in the authors of the so-called high tradition and explains the means these authors used to express their social dissatisfaction in literary texts. His aim is to recover the validity of the historicist approach in literary studies by focusing on the importance of the context in the formation of the text. The text is seen as a product of ideological manipulation on the part of those who, by reading, writing or editing, appropriate it according to specific and private concerns. Professor Marra displays both sensitivity to the texts and a comprehensive grasp of Japanese and Western scholarship in making his argument that aesthetics and politics in premodern Japanese literature are mutually defining.
Category: Literary Criticism

The Karma Of Untruthfulness

Author : Rudolf Steiner
ISBN : 185584186X
Genre : Body, Mind & Spirit
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Here, Steiner illuminates much of what lies behind today's turbulent events and the scenes played out on the nightly news. Amid the turmoil of WW I, Steiner spoke out courageously against the hate, lies, and propaganda of the time. His detailed research into the spiritual impulses of human evolution allowed him to reveal the dominant role that secret brotherhoods played in events that culminated in that cataclysmic war. He warned that the retarding forces of nationalism must be overcome before Europe can find its true destiny. He also emphasized the urgent need for new social structures in order to avoid such future catastrophes.
Category: Body, Mind & Spirit


Author : José Ignacio Cabezón
ISBN : 0791437779
Genre : Philosophy
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Leading scholars in the field of religious studies show that scholasticism as a comparative category is useful in the analysis of a variety of religious and philosophical traditions and even in the task of cultural criticism.
Category: Philosophy

Clouds Thick Whereabouts Unknown

Author :
ISBN : 9780231520980
Genre : Literary Criticism
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Compiled by a leading scholar of Chinese poetry, Clouds Thick, Whereabouts Unknown is the first collection of Chan (Zen) poems to be situated within Chan thought and practice. Combined with exquisite paintings by Charles Chu, the anthology compellingly captures the ideological and literary nuances of works that were composed, paradoxically, to "say more by saying less," and creates an unparalleled experience for readers of all backgrounds. Clouds Thick, Whereabouts Unknown includes verse composed by monk-poets of the eighth to the seventeenth centuries. Their style ranges from the direct vernacular to the evocative and imagistic. Egan's faithful and elegant translations of poems by Han Shan, Guanxiu, and Qiji, among many others, do justice to their perceptions and insights, and his detailed notes and analyses unravel centuries of Chan metaphor and allusion. In these gems, monk-poets join mainstream ideas on poetic function to religious reflection and proselytizing, carving out a distinct genre that came to influence generations of poets, critics, and writers. The simplicity of Chan poetry belies its complex ideology and sophisticated language, elements Egan vividly explicates in his religious and literary critique. His interpretive strategies enable a richer understanding of Mahayana Buddhism, Chan philosophy, and the principles of Chinese poetry.
Category: Literary Criticism