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The Joker

Author : Jean Malaquais
ISBN : UOM:39015004652718
Genre : Fiction
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Category: Fiction

The Joker

Author : Harry Eiss
ISBN : 9781443894296
Genre : Philosophy
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To prepare for the role of the Joker, Heath Ledger locked himself in a London hotel room, trying to understand and become a character he saw as “an absolute sociopath, a cold-blooded, mass-murdering clown” who was not intimidated by anything and found all of life “a big joke.” In the end, Ledger’s obsession with his role contributed to his own death from drugs before The Dark Knight was released. The connections and irony are too close to ignore. The movie gives the world a curious twist on the roles of Batman and the Joker. It’s politically incorrect, and yet emotionally the Joker’s insanity becomes more endearing than Batman’s noble sacrifice. What is it? Why does this psychopath seem to have a sense of higher truths in his insanity? This is the role of the Joker or the Fool, a standard character in theatre, and a role consciously adopted by serious artists since the late 1800s. Just as Shakespeare’s Fool in King Lear used his riddles and puns and satire to reveal the truths the royal leaders of his world could not or refused to see, today’s artists are both revealing the darkness within the culture and offering a way out. Waiting for Godot has been proclaimed the greatest play of the twentieth century. But there are no great roles in it, no characters representing the equivalent of Shakespeare’s Hamlet. Rather, the two main characters are closer to T. S. Eliot’s J. Alfred Prufrock, who says he cannot be a Hamlet, only, perhaps, Hamlet’s Fool. This book explores what has happened as Europe’s culture fragmented and the world lost its center. It explores a range of different arenas, from political and social and religious happenings to scientific and artistic expressions, in order to find the centers of the human condition and how the dark expressions of meaninglessness so commonly highlighted are more rites-of-passage than the final destination.
Category: Philosophy

The Joker

Author : Robert Moses Peaslee
ISBN : 9781626746794
Genre : Literary Criticism
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Along with Batman, Spider-Man, and Superman, the Joker stands out as one of the most recognizable comics characters in popular culture. While there has been a great deal of scholarly attention on superheroes, very little has been done to understand supervillains. This is the first academic work to provide a comprehensive study of this villain, illustrating why the Joker appears so relevant to audiences today. Batman’s foe has cropped up in thousands of comics, numerous animated series, and three major blockbuster feature films since 1966. Actually, the Joker debuted in DC comics Batman 1 (1940) as the typical gangster, but the character evolved steadily into one of the most ominous in the history of sequential art. Batman and the Joker almost seemed to define each other as opposites, hero and nemesis, in a kind of psychological duality. Scholars from a wide array of disciplines look at the Joker through the lens of feature films, video games, comics, politics, magic and mysticism, psychology, animation, television, performance studies, and philosophy. As the first volume that examines the Joker as complex cultural and cross-media phenomenon, this collection adds to our understanding of the role comic book and cinematic villains play in the world and the ways various media affect their interpretation. Connecting the Clown Prince of Crime to bodies of thought as divergent as Karl Marx and Friedrich Nietzsche, contributors demonstrate the frightening ways in which we get the monsters we need.
Category: Literary Criticism

New Evil The Joker In The Dark Knight As A Prototype Of The Post September 11 Villain

Author : Lars Dittmer
ISBN : 9783640442317
Genre : Evil in motion pictures
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My thesis "New Evil. The Joker in The Dark Knight as a Post-September 11-Villain" establishes a picture of Gotham City that is more "realistic" than in previous Batman films. The population of this city is realised in three parts: the mob consists of African Americans and other "Ethnic"-Americans, the JetSet is almost completely light-skinned. In between one finds Gothams police, mixed Ethnic/black and white, but also known to be corrupt. Indeed, the film follows subtle anti-state-sentiments in making the three highest officers in Gotham "Ethnic"-Americans: Garcia, Loeb and Surrillo. Only a disfunctional state makes the nightly operations of a vigilante like Batman - a person, who decides for himself what is good and what is bad - necessary. The predecessors of the Joker are the great villains of film- and culture history, starting with Shakespeares Iago up to slashers like Freddy Krueger. The Joker clearly does not fit into the three-part pattern in the first part of my paper. His malice is sourced by four different strands: references to Satan references to femininity references to disability and references to a terrorism clearly related to the one of Al-Qaeda and its supporter groups. In establishing a villain along these lines, the producers of the film address a mainstream which is in their view reactionary, latently racist and anti-emancipatory. Though the film makes exceptional statements (eg. Morgan Freeman), evil in their eyes is either black, disabled or feminin. In its displayed reaction to the new threat of the Joker - Batman sets up a surveillance systems that monitors all citizens of Gotham - the film can be interpreted as a defense of the Bush policies after 9/11.
Category: Evil in motion pictures

Der Joker

Author : Markus Zusak
ISBN : 9783641034160
Genre : Young Adult Fiction
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Rätselhaft und spannend bis zur letzten Zeile In Eds Briefkasten liegt – eine Spielkarte. Ein Karoass. Darauf stehen drei Adressen. Die Neugier treibt ihn hin zu diesen Orten, doch was er dort sieht, bestürzt ihn zutiefst: drei unerträglich schwere Schicksale, Menschen, die sich nicht selbst aus ihrem Elend befreien können. Etwas in Ed schreit: »Du musst handeln! Tu endlich was!« Dreimal fasst er sich ein Herz, dreimal verändert er Leben. Da flattert ihm die nächste Karte ins Haus. Wieder und wieder ergreift Ed die Initiative – doch wer ihn auf diese eigenartige Mission geschickt hat, ist ihm völlig schleierhaft. • Voll Weisheit, Leidenschaft und Güte • Ein Panorama menschlicher Schicksale, mitreißend und herzergreifend erzählt • Ausgezeichnet mit dem Deutschen Jugendliteraturpreis 2007
Category: Young Adult Fiction

The Joker Virus

Author : Scott Peterson
ISBN : 9781474732901
Genre : Children's stories
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Category: Children's stories

Batman Battles The Joker

Author : Laurie S. Sutton
ISBN : 9781481480147
Genre : Juvenile Fiction
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"It’s Halloween night in Gotham City, but Batman isn’t getting any treats. A crime spree has Batman on the trail of the city’s spookiest villains: Scarecrow, Clayface, Silver Banshee, and Solomon Grundy. They are all working for the Joker, who wants to unleash a computer virus and “digital laughter” that will give him control over all of Gotham City’s technology! Joining forces with the Green Arrow, Cyborg, Nightwing, and Red Robin, can Batman save Gotham City? Find out in this thrilling chapter book with full-color interior illustrations!" --
Category: Juvenile Fiction

Did You See The Joker

Author : Saikat Baksi
ISBN : 9788122311761
Genre :
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The girl whispered, I love you. It took a while for the words to sink in his consciousness. When they did, he broke into a brief silent smile. The trace of dismissive scorn did not miss the girl. She repeated, I loved you .... from the moment I saw you there at the corner table. He watched her with an amused mocking glint and said in a slurred voice, It's okay. I paid you already. You know, he looked exactly like you, calm, serene, simple, sitting at that corner hidden in the darkness watching me. He was the one who took my virginity. He stopped for a moment and listened. In a stupor of inebriation, it sounded like a true account. He said he loved me. He used to come every night. He bought me this gold chain you see. The girl pointed at her neck. There was a scar at her neck and there was also a thin gold chain resting on her bare chest. Ceaseless flow of life swirls around the bends of tears and laughter, vengeance and passion, hatred and love. Yet it flows ... nothing can stop it. Nothing can block it. The eternal flow holds the wavering reflection of the joker...

The Joker The Colossus

Author : Edgar Wallace
ISBN : 9786050448597
Genre : Fiction
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MR STRATFORD HARLOW was a gentleman with no particular call to hurry. By every standard he was a member of the leisured classes, and to his opportunities for lingering, he added the desire of one who was pertinently curious. The most commonplace phenomena interested Mr Harlow. He had all the requisite qualities of an observer; his enjoyment was without the handicap of sentimentality, a weakness which is fatal to accurate judgement...
Category: Fiction

The Joker A Celebration Of 75 Years

Author : Bill Finger
ISBN : 9781401252083
Genre : Comics & Graphic Novels
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Celebrating Batman and Joker's seventy-five years as cultural icons, this Joker Anthology collects stories from the characters seven decades as the greatest villain in comics. Featuring stories from BATMAN #1, 5, 25, 32, 85, 163, 251, 427, BATMAN #15 (THE NEW 52), DETECTIVE COMICS #64, 168, 180, 475, 476, 726, 741, 826, DETECTIVE COMICS #1 (THE NEW 52), WORLD'S FINEST COMICS #61, SUPERMAN #9 and BATMAN: LEGENDS OF THE DARK KNIGHT #66.
Category: Comics & Graphic Novels