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The Holy Qur N

Author : Yūsuf 'Ali 'Abdullah
ISBN : OCLC:58414192
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The Holy Quran

Author :
ISBN : OCLC:632745916
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The Holy Qur An

Author : Abdullah Yusuf Ali
ISBN : 0940368315
Genre : Religion
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The Qur'an, a masterpiece of immense religious and literary value, is presented in a beautifully bound volume for a new generation of readers. The earliest known work in Arabic prose, the Qur'an is divided into 114 "suras", or chapters, containing the religious, social, civil, commercial, military, and legal codes of Islam.
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Arabic Literature To The End Of The Umayyad Period

Author : A. F. L. Beeston
ISBN : 9781316025253
Genre : Literary Criticism
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Originally published in 1983, The Cambridge History of Arabic Literature was the first general survey of the field to have been published in English for over fifty years and the first attempted in such detail in a multi-volume form. The volumes of the History provide an invaluable source of reference and understanding of the intellectual, literary and religious heritage of the Arabic-speaking and Islamic world. This volume begins its coverage with the oral verse of the sixth century AD, and ends with the fall of the Umayyad dynasty two centuries later. Within this period fall major events: the life of the Prophet Muhammad, the founding of the Islamic religion, the great Arab Islamic conquests of territories outside the Arabian Peninsula, and their meeting, as overlords, with the Byzantine and Sasanian world. Contributors to this volume discuss an array of topics including the influences of Greeks, Persians and Syrians on early Arabic literature.
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The Holy Quran

Author : Abdullah Ali
ISBN : 1500991155
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This edition has become among the most widely known English translations of the Qur'an. It is republished without the Arabic text and footnotes as a paperback.

Muhammad Is Not The Father Of Any Of Your Men

Author : David S. Powers
ISBN : 081220557X
Genre : Biography & Autobiography
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The Islamic claim to supersede Judaism and Christianity is embodied in the theological assertion that the office of prophecy is hereditary but that the line of descent ends with Muhammad, who is the seal, or last, of the prophets. While Muhammad had no natural sons who reached the age of maturity, he is said to have adopted a man named Zayd, and mutual rights of inheritance were created between the two. Zayd b. Muhammad, also known as the Beloved of the Messenger of God, was the first adult male to become a Muslim and the only Muslim apart from Muhammad to be named in the Qur'an. But if prophecy is hereditary and Muhammad has a son, David Powers argues, then he might not be the Last Prophet. Conversely, if he is the Last Prophet, he cannot have a son. In Muhammad Is Not the Father of Any of Your Men, Powers contends that a series of radical moves were made in the first two centuries of Islamic history to ensure Muhammad's position as the Last Prophet. He focuses on narrative accounts of Muhammad's repudiation of Zayd, of his marriage to Zayd's former wife, and of Zayd's martyrdom in battle against the Byzantines. Powers argues that theological imperatives drove changes in the historical record and led to the abolition or reform of key legal institutions. In what is likely to be the most controversial aspect of his book, he offers compelling physical evidence that the text of the Qur'an itself was altered.
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Marked Word Order In The Qur N And Its English Translations

Author : Dr Ahmed Saleh Elimam
ISBN : 9781443853675
Genre : Language Arts & Disciplines
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The literature on Balaghah (the art of Arabic eloquence) and commentaries on the Qurān stress that the style of the Qurān is beautiful, eloquent and inimitable. This literature identifies word order as one of the most distinctive aspects of Qurānic style. One of the main reasons for this is that, compared to English, Arabic has fewer restrictions on word order, thanks to its elaborate verb inflection system and case marking. This flexibility allows for the foregrounding of some elements within the sentence, resulting in a marked (or non-canonical) word order and fulfilling certain discursive functions, including specification, restriction, emphasis, amplification/ glorification, and denial. Marked word order is used to highlight or downplay certain elements in speech or writing. It constitutes one way of delivering meanings to the addressee, as these meanings are ordered in the mind of the speaker in terms of their importance, making the style a precise reflection of the speaker’s mind and feelings. This book is a descriptive study which attempts to examine how translations of the Qurān have handled āyahs (verses of the Qurān) that feature lexical foregrounding, focusing on ten published translations into English, carried out by translators from different ideological and linguistic backgrounds. It offers a systematic comparison of the ways in which the selected translators deal with the linguistic feature of word order variation, and examines issues relating to the translator’s style. Specifically, the book identifies and examines the following: instances of marked word order discussed by commentators on the Qurān, and the function served by each case of lexical foregrounding; secondly, the options and/or patterns employed by translators to render the different functions of marked word order; thirdly, the recurrent options and/or patterns for rendering different types of word order variation. Finally, the book explores the factors which may have influenced the choice of particular strategies by different translators, including the translators’ motivations and the various historical contexts in which the translations were made.
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Die Philosophie Der Lehren Des Islam

Author : Hadhrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad
ISBN : 9783944277059
Genre : Religion
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Was will der Islam eigentlich? Diese zentrale Frage wird in diesem Buch beantwortet. Der Autor erklärt, dass es im Islam darum geht, eine unzivilisierte, triebgebundene Stufe der menschlichen Existenz zu überwinden, um nach der Erlangung einer moralischen Lebensweise auf eine Stufe zu gelangen, auf der der Mensch das Ziel seiner eigentlichen Sehnsucht, den Sinn seines Lebens, erreicht: Nur in der Vereinigung mit seinem Schöpfer, in der lebendigen Beziehung zu ihm, nur in einer Existenz, wo Gott sich dem Menschen offenbart, wird der Mensch seinem Anspruch, Mensch zu sein, gerecht und erfährt den Frieden, den er implizit seit jeher sucht. Der Verfasser erörtert, wie der Mensch seinen Schöpfer erreichen kann, legt dar, auf welche Weise Gott sich dem Menschen offenbart und zeigt auf, wie man sich das Leben nach dem Tod vorzustellen hat. Seine Faszination entwickelt dieses Werk auch deshalb, weil sich hier weit weg von irrationalem Dogmatismus Glaube und Vernunft versöhnen.
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