The Hermetica

Author : Timothy Freke
ISBN : 158542692X
Genre : History
File Size : 30.5 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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An accessible translation of the esoteric Greco-Egyptian writings attributed to the legendary sage-god Hermes Trismegistus offers insight into their influence on some of history's forefront philosophers, scientists, and artists; in a volume that is complemented by an introduction to related Egyptian and Hellenic cultures. Original.
Category: History

Ihre Unsichtbare Macht

Author : Genevieve Behrend
ISBN : 9783955162368
Genre : Self-Help
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Genevieve Behrend war die einzige persönliche Schülerin des englischen Richters, Malers und Metaphysikers Thomas Troward. In diesem zweisprachig gehaltenen E-Book, erstmals erschienen 1921, beschreibt die Autorin unter anderem, wie Sie Trowards Schülerin wurde, obwohl ihr dieser anfänglich einen abschlägigen Bescheid gegeben hatte. Für Reise und Aufenthalt benötigte sie 20.000 Dollar, die sie über die Kraft der Visualisierung anzog. Kapitelübersicht: 1. Die ordnende Funktion der Visualisierung; 2. Wie Sie das Gewünschte anziehen; 3. Die Beziehung zwischen mentaler und physischer Gestalt; 4. Die Wirkungswise Ihres Wunschbildes; 5. Berichte von Neueinsteigern; 6. Vorschläge für die Ausgestaltung Ihres Wunschbildes; 7. Was Sie beachten sollten; 8. Was mich zum Studium der Geisteswissenschaften brachte; 9. Wie ich zu 20.000 Dollar kam; 10. Wie ich Trowards persönliche Schülerin wurde; 11. Wie Sie der Macht des Wortes Ausdruck verleihen; 12. Wie Sie Ihren Glauben stärken; 13. Die Belohnung für einen starken Glauben; 14. Wie Sie dafür sorgen, dass die Natur auf Sie reagiert; 15. Was tätiger Glauben bewirkt hat; 16. Empfehlungen für richtiges Bitten und Beten; Reichtum über den schöpferischen Prozess; Ursache und Wirkung mit Bezug auf das Erhalten; 17. Einige Gedächtnisstützen.
Category: Self-Help

The New Religions

Author : Jacob Needleman
ISBN : 9781101145050
Genre : Religion
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Philosopher Jacob Needleman's groundbreaking study of America's alternative spiritual movements is back in print with a new introduction by the author. Originally published in 1970, The New Religions was the first full-scale study of alternative spirituality in America. It remains unparalleled for the intellectual depth and seriousness with which it regards Eastern, New Age, and alternative faiths on the American landscape. Needleman’s writing and reportage are unfailingly thoughtful and incisive as he illuminates topics that other scholars failed to consider or could not fully grasp.
Category: Religion


Author : Zubin Meer
ISBN : 9780739165874
Genre : Literary Criticism
File Size : 34.40 MB
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Individualism: The Cultural Logic of Modernity explores ideas of the modern sovereign individual in the western cultural tradition. Divided into two sections, this volume surveys the history of western individualism in both its early and later forms: chiefly from the sixteenth to the eighteenth centuries, and then individualism in the twentieth century. These essays boldly challenge not only the exclusionary framework and self-assured teleology, but also the metaphysical certainty of that remarkably tenacious narrative on 'the rise of the individual.' Some essays question the correlation of realist characterization to the eighteenth-century British novel, while others champion the continuing political relevance of selfhood in modernist fiction over and against postmodern nihilism. Yet others move to the foreground underappreciated topics, such as the role of courtly cultures in the development of individualism. Taken together, the essays provocatively revise and enrich our understanding of individualism as the generative premise of modernity itself. Authors especially considered include Locke, Defoe, Freud, and Adorno. The essays in this volume first began as papers presented at a conference of the American Comparative Literature Association held at Princeton University. Among the contributors are Nancy Armstrong, Deborah Cook, James Cruise, David Jenemann, Lucy McNeece, Vivasvan Soni, Frederick Turner, and Philip Weinstein.
Category: Literary Criticism

The Whole Elephant Revealed

Author : Marja de Vries
ISBN : 9781780990422
Genre : Body, Mind & Spirit
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The Whole Elephant Revealed offers clear insights into the existence and operation of universal laws and the golden ratio. It is a synthesis based on common insights found in all wisdom traditions into the operation of universal laws on the one hand and on cutting-edge scientific discoveries that are in line with those insights on the other hand. These principles are called universal because they work on all levels of existence, apply to everything that exist and create order and harmony in the universe. Insights into the operation of the universal laws reveals a whole new worldview. It helps us to understand how everything works in the universe, who we really are and how we can make conscious choices that are more in line with these universal laws. Above all it helps us to understand what works and what doesne(tm)t work in the long term. Everything that operates in line with the universal laws, follows the path of least resistance and is in harmony with the greater whole. It makes us realize that while everything in the universe works in harmony with these principles, many aspects of our personal life and our Western culture are not in line with the operation of these underlying principles. If we choose to act in line with the operation of the universal laws, it will go easier, will be more in tune with who we really are and more in harmony with the greater whole. This choice is hard to make though, if we done(tm)t know those principles. For that reason the rediscovery of the working of these principles seems to be of extreme importance. In this time of great changes and global unbalance a growing number of people begin to feel the need for a clear and well-founded insight into the universal laws, because this gives an understanding of what is needed to restore the balance and harmony in ourselves as well as worldwide. Because the nature of these principles is universal, they apply to all aspects of our individual and social life. Therefore they can be used as a frame of reference for all personal and social transformations which aim at a greater harmony within ourselves and with the greater whole.
Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Decoding The Lost Symbol

Author : Simon Cox
ISBN : 1439172617
Genre : Reference
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Available four weeks after Brown’s The Lost Symbol hits the market, Simon Cox, author of Cracking the Da Vinci Code and Illuminating Angels and Demons , offers the definitive—and first—guide to the eagerly awaited follow-up to The Da Vinci Code , featuring Robert Langdon. . Dan Brown and his phenomenally bestselling books often send readers searching for more information on secret societies, forgotten history, and more. Featuring eight pages of color photographs and plenty of black-and-white illustrations, Decoding The Lost Symbol is an A-to-Z guide to key concepts and questions raised by readers of Dan Brown. .
Category: Reference

Before The Pharaohs

Author : Edward F. Malkowski
ISBN : 9781591439943
Genre : History
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Presents conclusive evidence that ancient Egypt was originally the remnant of an earlier, highly sophisticated civilization • Supports earlier speculations based on myth and esoteric sources with scientific proof from the fields of genetics, engineering, and geology • Provides further proof of the connection between the Mayans and ancient Egyptians • Links the mystery of Cro-Magnon man to the rise and fall of this ancient civilization In the late nineteenth century, French explorer Augustus Le Plongeon, after years of research in Mexico’s Yucatán Peninsula, concluded that the Mayan and Egyptian civilizations were related--as remnants of a once greater and highly sophisticated culture. The discoveries of modern researchers over the last two decades now support this once derided speculation with evidence revealing that the Sphinx is thousands of years older than Egyptologists have claimed, that the pyramids were not tombs but geomechanical power plants, and that the megaliths of the Nabta Playa reveal complex astronomical star maps that existed 4,000 years before conventional historians deemed such knowledge possible. Much of the past support for prehistoric civilization has relied on esoteric traditions and mythic narrative. Using hard scientific evidence from the fields of archaeology, genetics, engineering, and geology, as well as sacred and religious texts, Malkowski shows that these mythic narratives are based on actual events and that a highly sophisticated civilization did once exist prior to those of Egypt and Sumer. Tying its cataclysmic fall to the mysterious disappearance of Cro-Magnon culture, Before the Pharaohs offers a compelling new view of humanity’s past.
Category: History


Author : Philip Gardiner
ISBN : 9781442976801
Genre : Religion
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Many people have no understanding of what the word gnosis means,others think that it simply means knowledge and leave it at that. Yet there is a deeper meaning. It is a word that gives rise to the title Gnostic, or one who has special knowledge. The true definition of the term gnosis is the direct mystical experience of the Divine in the self. It is the realization of the true nature of ourselves, and cannot be discerned through intellectual dogma or doctrine, but only through experience.
Category: Religion