The Healing Of America

Author : T. R. Reid
ISBN : 1101458992
Genre : Health & Fitness
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A New York Times Bestseller, with an updated explanation of the 2010 Health Reform Bill Bringing to bear his talent for explaining complex issues in a clear, engaging way, New York Times bestselling author T. R. Reid visits industrialized democracies around the world--France, Britain, Germany, Japan, and beyond--to provide a revelatory tour of successful, affordable universal health care systems. Now updated with new statistics and a plain-English explanation of the 2010 health care reform bill, The Healing of America is required reading for all those hoping to understand the state of health care in our country, and around the world.
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Close To Change 2nd Edition

Author : Matt Lambert
ISBN : 9781619276611
Genre : Health & Fitness
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On August 7, 2012 Camden Clark Medical Center announced the impending closure of the St. Joseph’s Hospital campus in Parkersburg, WV. Among the reasons provided for closure of the hospital were upcoming changes established by the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. Being a person who was born at St Joseph’s and raised in Parkersburg, I was moved by the news of the upcoming closure. Being a physician and a healthcare consultant whose life and career have been greatly impacted by the same legislation, I was moved even more. So moved in fact, that I decided to write a book. But when I got back home, it became all too apparent that this book was going to be about more than healthcare reform, closing a hospital, and what changes were coming for Parkersburg. Being back forced me to look at how I have changed since I left and how my career choices have helped shape that change. It also became clear that this country is composed of a lot of places like Parkersburg, places that are making similar transitions at the same time. What emerged is this book, which is part memoir and part history, combined with policy analysis and prediction. But mostly it is about change, and what type of change we can expect as a nation of patients, told through this personal prism.
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Unrest Insured

Author : Matt Lambert
ISBN : 9781483577142
Genre : Medical
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We are in a remarkable time in healthcare. Market forces, healthcare policy, and politics have converged to create opportunities that we haven't seen in the US or the UK for a century, when healthcare policies for the two countries diverged sharply. By coming full circle, we have a second opportunity to create a more sound and sustainable way to finance our healthcare here in the US. There is much to learn from studying the history of reform efforts on both sides of the Atlantic. But to bring about real transformation, we need to meet the same challenges we faced during the Progressive Era with new ideas and new behaviors. As long as we continue to empower the commercial health insurance industry in our reform efforts and continue our same political decision making processes, we can rest assured that there will be, UNREST INSURED.
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Introduction To Health Care Delivery Book

Author : Robert L. McCarthy
ISBN : 9780763790882
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 89.3 MB
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Introduction to Health Care Delivery:A Primer for Pharmacists, Fifth Edition provides students with a current and comprehensive overview of the U.S. health care delivery system from the perspective of the pharmacy profession. Each thoroughly updated chapter of this best-selling text includes real-world case studies, learning objectives, chapter review questions, questions for further discussion, and updated key topics and terms. New and expanded topics include public health, pharmacoepidemiology, cultural competence, and leadership. Patient-Provider dialogues are also included to help students apply key concepts. Instructor Resources include a Transition Guide, PowerPoint Presentations, and an Instructor's Manual. Key Features • Case Scenario per Chapter • Learning Objectives • Chapter Review Questions • Doctor/Patient Scripts • Questions for Further Discussion • References Each new textbook includes an online code to access the Student Resources available on the Companion Website. Online access may also be purchased separately. *Please note: Electronic/eBook formats do not include access to the Companion Website.
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Sterblich Sein

Author : Atul Gawande
ISBN : 9783104035840
Genre : Self-Help
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Ein Buch über das Sterben, das das Leben lehrt Die Medizin scheint über Krankheit und Tod zu triumphieren, doch sterben wir so trostlos wie nie zuvor. Der Bestsellerautor und renommierte Arzt Atul Gawande schreibt in seinem beeindruckenden Buch über das, was am Ende unseres Lebens wirklich zählt. Ungewöhnlich offen spricht er darüber, was es bedeutet, alt zu werden, wie man mit Gebrechen und Krankheiten umgehen kann und was wir an unserem System ändern müssen, um unser Leben würdevoll zu Ende zu bringen. Ein mutiges und weises Buch eines großartigen Autors, voller Geschichten und eigener Erfahrungen, das uns hilft, die Geschichte unseres Lebens gut zu Ende zu erzählen. »Dieses Buch ist nicht nur weise und sehr bewegend, sondern gerade in unserer Zeit unbedingt notwendig und sehr aufschlussreich.« Oliver Sacks »Die medizinische Betreuung ist mehr auf Heilung ausgelegt als auf das Sterben. Dies ist Atuls Gawandes stärkstes und bewegendstes Buch.« Malcolm Gladwell
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Social Welfare Policy For A Sustainable Future

Author : Katherine S. van Wormer
ISBN : 9781483322421
Genre : Social Science
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Unique in its use of a sustainability framework, Social Welfare Policy for a Sustainable Future by Katherine S. van Wormer and Rosemary J. Link goes beyond U.S. borders to examine U.S. government policies—including child welfare, social services, health care, and criminal justice—within a global context. Guided by the belief that forces from the global market and globalization affect all social workers in their practice, the book addresses a wide range of relevant topics, including the refugee journey, the impact of new technologies, war trauma, global policy instruments, and restorative justice. A sustainability policy analysis model and an ecosystems framework for trauma-informed care are also presented in this timely text.
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Out Of Practice

Author : Frederick M. Barken
ISBN : 0801461081
Genre : Medical
File Size : 34.24 MB
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Primary care medicine, as we know and remember it, is in crisis. While policymakers, government administrators, and the health insurance industry pay lip service to the personal relationship between physician and patient, dissatisfaction and disaffection run rampant among primary care doctors, and medical students steer clear in order to pursue more lucrative specialties. Patients feel helpless, well aware that they are losing a valued close connection as health care steadily becomes more transactional than relational. The thin-margin efficiency, rapid pace, and high volume demanded by the new health care economics do not work for primary care, an inherently slower, more personal, and uniquely tailored service. In Out of Practice, Dr. Frederick Barken juxtaposes his personal experience with the latest research on the transformations in the medical field. He offers a cool critique of the "market model of medicine" while vividly illustrating how the seemingly inexorable trend toward specialization in the last few decades has shifted emphasis away from what was once the foundation of medical practice. Dr. Barken addresses the complexities of modern practice-overuse of diagnostic studies, fragmentation of care, increasing reliance on an array of prescription drugs, and the practice of defensive medicine. He shows how changes in medicine, the family, and society have left physicians to deal with a wide range of geriatric issues, from limited mobility to dementia, that are not addressed by health care policy and are not entirely amenable to a physician's prescription. Indeed, Dr. Barken contends, the very survival of primary care is in jeopardy at a time when its practitioners are needed more than ever. Illustrated with case studies gleaned from more than twenty years in private practice and data from a wide range of sources, Out of Practice is more than a jeremiad about a broken system. Throughout, Dr. Barken offers cogent suggestions for policymakers and practitioners alike, making clear that as valuable as the latest drug or medical device may be, a successful health care system depends just as much on the doctor-patient relationship embodied by primary care medicine.
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24 Hours To Save The Nhs

Author : Nigel Crisp
ISBN : 9780191628610
Genre : Medical
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"24 hours to save the NHS". It was a political slogan but it hid a deeper question. Could the NHS survive? Could it continue to offer free health care for every citizen regardless of their ability to pay? Could the extraordinary, liberating ambition and dream of its founders 50 years before be maintained in the 21st Century - that everyone, no matter how poor or ill, should be freed from worrying about how to pay for their health care. By 2000 the NHS was in decline with falling standards and failing public support. Its supporters were beginning to question its viability, whilst its enemies were eager to catalogue its faults. Five years later we had an answer. Radical change and investment meant that the NHS had survived. Standards were improving and the NHS was expanding. Proof came from outside. Public satisfaction doubled and fewer people opted for private healthcare. Most tellingly, all the major political parties went into the 2010 general election committed to the NHS and to helping it develop and prosper. Today the question has changed. The NHS has survived but can it become sustainable at a time of austerity and as demand for its services grows? 24 hours to save the NHS shows what we can learn from the past, and describes what more we need to do to innovate for the future. It is the inside story of the last reforms written by the man charged with implementing them, and who was given unprecedented authority as both Chief Executive of the NHS and Permanent Secretary of the Department of Health. A very practical book - it describes the successes and failures as well as the pressures and the difficulties of making improvements in the fourth biggest organization in the world which employs 1.3 million people and spends £100 billion a year. It will be of interest to the general reader, health workers, policy makers, academics and students alike.
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Der Cinderella Deal

Author : Jennifer Crusie
ISBN : 9783955764111
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 62.56 MB
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Den Job als Professor bekommt Linc Blaise nur, wenn er familiär gebunden ist. Aber woher soll er auf die Schnelle eine Frau nehmen? Ob seine quirlige Nachbarin Daisy den Cinderella-Deal eingeht? Für 1000 Dollar? Daisy sagt Ja. Doch Lincs kühler Plan hat einen Haken: Von der ersten Sekunde an knistert es heiß zwischen ihm und Daisy. Dabei passt sie überhaupt nicht in sein übliches Beuteschema: Überschäumende Fantasie statt cooler Logik, flippige Kleidung statt Designerlabel - und süße Kurven statt megadünn! Trotzdem ist da etwas, über das Linc unbedingt mehr herausfinden will. Liebe? Aber nein. Er als rationaler Mann glaubt doch nicht an so etwas Versponnenes wie Romantik! Späterer Sex dagegen ist nicht ausgeschlossen...
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