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The Harlequin Years

Author : Roger Nichols
ISBN : 0520237366
Genre : Music
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""The Harlequin Years "presents a highly readable yet thorough examination of the Parisian music scene in the decade following World War I. Through Nichols's lively prose and in his accounts of institutional politics, reception histories, and behind-the-scenes debates, these places and personalities spring to life."--Susan McClary, author of "Conventional Wisdom"
Category: Music

The Harlequin

Author : Laurell K. Hamilton
ISBN : 9780755370887
Genre : Fiction
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'They will play with us, then destroy us... They are what we fear in the dark.' The first warning is unexpected, calculated. The second warning is a gift: a plain white mask, carefully wrapped. But white is good - white means we are only being watched. It seems the power that connects me, Anita Blake, with Jean-Claude Vampire Master of the City and Richard, leader of the werewolves, is attracting very unwelcome attention - from creatures so feared no vampire will willingly speak their name. They are known as the Harlequin, and they have the authority to pass judgement upon me. It is forbidden to speak of the Harlequin unless you've been contacted. And to be contacted is to face a sentence of death.
Category: Fiction

The Harlequin S Dance

Author : David Rain
ISBN : 9781784297206
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 32.72 MB
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The god Orok gave to his five children crystals to be embedded in a circle on the Rock of Being and Unbeing, whence had sprung the gods, the earth and all its peoples. This circle, known as The Orokon, ensured the harmony of life, until the dark god Koros plucked his crystal from the Rock and plunged the whole world into chaos and despair . . . In the village of Irion, the crippled boy known as Jemany Vexing lives with his dying mother and his fanatical Aunt Umbecca. Unable to walk, Jem is condemned to a wretched half-life, until he meets a mysterious dwarf. With his new strength comes a new friendship with the wild girl Catayane. as the horrors of the Bluejacket regime - the faction that overthrew the true king - begin, Jem becomes aware of his greater destiny: to find and reunite the five crystals of the Orokon. But he is not the only seeker . . . Originally released under the pseudonym Tom Arden
Category: Fiction

The Harlequin Opal A Romance Complete

Author : Fergus Hume
ISBN : 9781465547125
Genre :
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"That is quite fifteen years ago," said Cassim, smoothing the frail paper with tender fingers; "now it is the twenty-fourth day of July in the year eighty-nine. Six o'clock! I wonder if any of them will turn up. Jack is an engineer, building railways and bridges in China. Peter, as a respectable physician, doses invalids in Devonshire. Special Correspondent Tim, the stormy petrel of war, wires lies to London newspapers. I—I am a mere idler, given to wanderings among the tombs of dead civilisations. Peter may come. It means only a short railway journey to him; but Jack and Tim are probably thousands of miles away. Still, as I came from the Guinea Coast to meet them, they certainly ought not to miss the appointment. This is the day, the place, the hour, and I have prepared the fatted calf, of which they will partake—if they turn up. Pshaw! I am a fool to think they will come. They have, no doubt, quite forgotten this boyish freak. Perhaps it is best so. It is a great mistake to arrange a meeting fifteen years ahead. Father Time is too fond of strange surprises." Rising from his chair, he paced slowly to and fro with folded arms, and bent head, the droop of this latter being somewhat dejected. The idea that he was about to meet his old schoolfellows rendered him pensive, and a trifle regretful. Many years had passed since those halcyon days of youth, and, oh, the difference between now and then! He could hardly avoid speculating on their certain mutation. Had the wand of Time changed those merry lads into staid men? Would Jack still be ambitious as of yore? Tim's jokes were famous in the old days; but now, perchance, he found life too serious for jesting. Then Peter's butterflies! How often they had laughed at his entomological craze. Now, doubtless, he was more taken up with pills and patients. And himself,—he had out-lived his youthful enthusiasms, more's the pity. No wonder he felt pensive at the thought of such changes. Retrospection is a saddening faculty.

The Red Harlequin Book 3 Rise Of The Harlequin

Author : Roberto Ricci
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 73.22 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Book 3 of the fantasy series that's taking the throne away from vampires and wizards! Over 100,000 reads on wattpad. Sold and translated internationally. "Love can't be found by those who seek it but it comes to those who give it.” In Book Three, violence sweeps the Territories as the Black Nation continues to bite at Asheva’s heels, along with Cestia, the fallen Red Princess. Cestia has to rise above her own personal tragedy to uncover the truth about the Chromes, the Harlequins and Asheva. Asheva, in the mean time, caught between the wrath of revenge and the desire for love, needs to fight his own demons. Together, Cestia and Asheva vow to rise and fight the darkness that has taken hold of their world. And they do this first in the Twin Cities, where the Orange and Yellow Chromes live and where divisions are not only based on the color of the Chrome... An alternate world where nations are divided on the basis of the color of its inhabitants: Chromes… A world where everyone wears masks, superstitions abound, and mysterious creatures called the Harlequins exist… Divided by greed and power, ignorance and fear, the world of Chromes can only be united by the brave and true of heart… The Red Harlequin.
Category: Fiction

The Sultry Sky Of The Harlequin S Tears

Author : Uziah-Lavada Baity
ISBN : 9781435707719
Genre : Poetry
File Size : 80.26 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Poetry from writer Uziah-Lavada Baity. Written over a time frame from 1989 to 2008. Poetry topics range from Romance to death. The book includes poems such as: The sultry sky of the harlequin's Tears, Guide, Gypsy Paint Soar, Mud Be our blood, The rainboat children, along with the very controversial: Soulmate. There is something for everyone in this book.
Category: Poetry

The Harlequin

Author :
ISBN : UVA:X004230918
Genre :
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