The Hardest Path

Author : Matt Jardine
ISBN : 9781504372206
Genre : Biography & Autobiography
File Size : 65.92 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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On the Japanese island of Shikoku, amidst mountains, coasts, and bamboo forests, lies one of the worlds most sacred trailsthe eighty-eight-temple pilgrimage. Inspired by Paulo Coelho (author of the Alchemist) and driven by dissatisfaction with the day-to-day grind, Matt Jardine embarks on a journey in search of answers to lifes great questions, mysteries that confound us all. Heartfelt, accessible, humorous, and profound, what he discovers is that the hardest path is rarely the one we walk outside, but the one we walk within.
Category: Biography & Autobiography

The Hardest Questions Aren T On The Test

Author : Linda Nathan
ISBN : 9780807032893
Genre : Education
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The Boston Arts Academy comprises an ethnically and socioeconomically diverse student body, yet 94 percent of its graduates are accepted to college. Compare this with the average urban district rate of 50 percent. How do they do it? This remarkable success, writes Principal Linda Nathan, is in large part due to asking the right questions-questions all schools can consider, such as: * How and why does a school develop a shared vision of what it stands for? * What makes a great teacher, and how can a principal help good teachers improve? * Why must schools talk openly about race and achievement, and what happens when they do? With engaging honesty, Nathan gives readers a ring-side seat as faculty, parents, and the students themselves grapple with these questions, attempt to implement solutions, and evaluate the outcomes. Stories that are inspirational as well as heartbreaking reveal the missteps and failures-as well as the successes. Nathan doesn't claim to have all the answers, but seeks to share her insights on schools that matter, teachers who inspire, and students who achieve.
Category: Education

An Owner S Manual For Men

Author : Joe Nickaloff
ISBN : 9781468507454
Genre : Family & Relationships
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Being a man in today’s society is no easy task. Men are confused and worried about their role as lovers, fathers, protectors, leaders, bread winners and role models. Men rarely realize just what is expected of them and even when they do, how to respond to those expectations can often be elusive. In An Owner’s Manual For Men, Author Joe Nickaloff combines vast experience, insight and humor to teach you the many things you need to know to be happy, successful, respected and fulfilled - to become the best man you are capable of being. You will learn all about how to get the most out of your life and the one male machine you were given to work with, all in quick, no nonsense lessons that you will find enlightening and easy to understand. Improve Your Sex Life - Get the Most out of Your Career Understand Love, Women, Marriage and Divorce Build Character - Be A Great Leader - Create Wealth Make Good Decisions - Deal with Failure and Defeat Handle Bad News - Beat Depression - Be a Great Parent Enjoy Good Mental and Physical Health - Cope with Stress Find Real Happiness - Become An Expert Crisis Manager Understand Self-Delusion, Revenge, Guilt and Regret -and much more- Ladies, you will also find An Owner’s Manual For Men an invaluable guide to understanding what makes your man tick and how best to work with him to create a great life together. He’ll thank you for reading it and when you are done, give it to him. There has never been a resource like this for men to turn to until now. In An Owners Manual For Men, men of all ages will find the answers to many of life’s big and little mysteries.
Category: Family & Relationships

Happiness The Scientific Path To Achieving Well Being

Author : Vincenzo Berghella
ISBN : 9780578136264
Genre : Self-Help
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The scientific evidence behind what makes people happy, and the steps which we should take to achieve well-being, are reviewed. The six intentional activities to create happiness are highlighted. Practical exercise to increase your levels of happiness are listed. Over 340 references are quoted at the end.
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Infinity S Edge

Author : John Carter
ISBN : 9780595303502
Genre : Poetry
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"With you, desire does not waken slowly, but arrives within me as a thing complete, filling every limb at the same instant." Writer and poet John Carter presents a fresh and fragrant breeze in this collection of poems and prose beautiful enough to be enjoyed in the living room, and erotic enough for the bedroom. Classical styles mix with free verse and lyric, while prose sings poetry. In the long tradition of Rumi, Byron and Neruda, John Carter sets his pen firmly on the path of romance and sensuality expressed in written words. Infinity's Edge breathes new life into the art of love poetry. If you haven't felt good about yourself in a while, if love hasn't been all you believed it could be, if you're missing romance in your life, if you want to relight sparks and recapture passion in the space of an evening and have it last a lifetime, Infinity's Edge is for you. Don't let her take it to bed without you.
Category: Poetry

The Unholy Path Of A Reluctant Adventurer

Author : Ph. D. Rosie Kuhn
ISBN : 9780983552208
Genre : Biography & Autobiography
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Kuhn reflects on her life as a noncustodial mother of infants, as someone who crossed the Atlantic Ocean on a 93-foot schooner, then acquired three master's degrees and a Ph.D., and wrote a book about self-empowerment.
Category: Biography & Autobiography

The Path Of Relaxation

Author : Patrick Baigent
ISBN : 9781326347253
Genre : Self-Help
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Discover the principles of relaxation, which fundamentally involves reducing unnecessary effort. Learn how this core principle of buddhism, meditation and qigong can be used to improve all aspects of life. The reduction of unnecessary effort combined with core mindfulness becomes the direct path of relaxation - a path to greater levels of mindfulness, relaxation and satisfaction, and the path to true liberation. Discover the Five Orders of Relaxation, the Six Gears of Relaxation, why meditation is a health training, how meditation becomes a psychological therapy, and what tension and trauma may mean for meditation. The Path of Relaxation offers a buddhism and qigong informed model of relaxation, which reveals a radical new understanding of the place of relaxation. Patrick Baigent has nearly twenty years of experience in buddhism and qigong and offers teaching in London and Cambridge.
Category: Self-Help

A Path In The Mighty Waters

Author : Stephen R. Berry
ISBN : 9780300210255
Genre : History
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In October 1735, James Oglethorpe’s Georgia Expedition set sail from London, bound for Georgia. Two hundred and twenty-seven passengers boarded two merchant ships accompanied by a British naval vessel and began a transformative voyage across the Atlantic that would last nearly five months. Chronicling their passage in journals, letters, and other accounts, the migrants described the challenges of physical confinement, the experiences of living closely with people from different regions, religions, and classes, and the multi-faceted character of the ocean itself. Using their specific journey as his narrative arc, Stephen Berry’s A Path in the Mighty Waters tells the broader and hereto underexplored story of how people experienced their crossings to the New World in the eighteenth-century. During this time, hundreds of thousands of Europeans – mainly Irish and German – crossed the Atlantic as part of their martial, mercantile, political, or religious calling. Histories of these migrations, however, have often erased the ocean itself, giving priority to activities performed on solid ground. Reframing these histories, Berry shows how the ocean was more than a backdrop for human events; it actively shaped historical experiences by furnishing a dissociative break from normal patterns of life and a formative stage in travelers’ processes of collective identification. Shipboard life, serving as a profound conversion experience for travelers, both spiritually and culturally, resembled the conditions of a frontier or border zone where the chaos of pure possibility encountered an inner need for stability and continuity, producing permutations on existing beliefs. Drawing on an impressive array of archival collections, Berry’s vivid and rich account reveals the crucial role the Atlantic played in history and how it has lingered in American memory as a defining experience.
Category: History