The Hand

Author : Frank R. Wilson
ISBN : 9780307772770
Genre : Social Science
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"A startling argument . . . provocative . . . absorbing." --The Boston Globe "Ambitious . . . arresting . . . celebrates the importance of hands to our lives today as well as to the history of our species." --The New York Times Book Review The human hand is a miracle of biomechanics, one of the most remarkable adaptations in the history of evolution. The hands of a concert pianist can elicit glorious sound and stir emotion; those of a surgeon can perform the most delicate operations; those of a rock climber allow him to scale a vertical mountain wall. Neurologist Frank R. Wilson makes the striking claim that it is because of the unique structure of the hand and its evolution in cooperation with the brain that Homo sapiens became the most intelligent, preeminent animal on the earth. In this fascinating book, Wilson moves from a discussion of the hand's evolution--and how its intimate communication with the brain affects such areas as neurology, psychology, and linguistics--to provocative new ideas about human creativity and how best to nurture it. Like Oliver Sacks and Stephen Jay Gould, Wilson handles a daunting range of scientific knowledge with a surprising deftness and a profound curiosity about human possibility. Provocative, illuminating, and delightful to read, The Hand encourages us to think in new ways about one of our most taken-for-granted assets. "A mark of the book's excellence [is that] it makes the reader aware of the wonder in trivial, everyday acts, and reveals the complexity behind the simplest manipulation." --The Washington Post From the Trade Paperback edition.
Category: Social Science

Die Hand

Author : Marco Wehr
ISBN : 3827415179
Genre : Science
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Aber H nde sind schon ein komplizierter Organismus, ein Delta, in dem viel fernherkommendes Leben zusammenflie t, um sich in den gro en Strom der Tat zu ergie en. und vielem mehr. Ein Blick in die Stammesgeschichte des Menschen lehrt uns, da die biologische Entwicklung einer Greifhand und, damit einhergehend, die gekoppelte Entwicklung von Hand und Hirn geradezu die Basis unserer Kultur bilden - ob es nun um die Entwicklung der Zahlen, um musikalische Virtuosit t, um Handwerkskunst oder Philosophie geht. Nirgendwo wird die untrennbare Verkn pfung von K rper und Geist sichtbarer. Biologie, Medizin und Kultur reichen sich in diesem br ckenschlagenden Buch die H nde, und durch das handfeste Wissen, das es vermittelt, wird die Faszination f r das "Werkzeug des Geistes" nur noch gr er.
Category: Science

Context Cognition And Deafness

Author : M. Diane Clark
ISBN : 1563681056
Genre : Education
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This sharply focused volume on the cognitive development of deaf children calls upon experts in anthropology, psychology, linguistics, basic visual sensory processes, education, cognition, and neurophysiology to share complementary observations. William C. Stokoe's "Deafness, Cognition, and Language" leads fluidly into Jeffery P. Braden's analysis of clinical assessments of deaf people's cognitive abilities. Margaret Wilson expands on the impact of sign language expertise on visual perception. The study and analysis of Italian deaf preschoolers with hearing families presented by Elena Pizzuto, Barbara Ardito, Maria Cristina Caselli, and Virginia Volterra chronicles fascinating insights on the children's cognition and language development. Context, Cognition, and Deafness also shows that theory can intersect practice, as displayed by editor Marschark and Jennifer Lukomski in their research on literacy, cognition, and education. Amy R. Lederberg and Patricia E. Spencer have combined sequential designs in their study of vocabulary learning. Ethan Remmel, Jeffrey Bettger, and Amy Weinberg explore the theory of mind development. The emotional development of deaf children also receives detailed consideration by Colin D. Gray, Judith A. Hosie, Phil A. Russell, and Ellen A. Ormel. Kathryn P. Meadow-Orlans delineates her perspective on the coming of age of deaf children in relation to their education and development. Marschark concludes with insightful impressions on the future of theory and application, an appropriate close to this exceptional, coherent volume.
Category: Education

In Defense Of Dolphins

Author : Thomas White
ISBN : 9780470469699
Genre : Philosophy
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Have humans been sharing the planet with other intelligent life for millions of years without realizing it? In Defense of Dolphins combines accessible science and philosophy, surveying the latest research on dolphin intelligence and social behavior, to advocate for their ethical treatment. Encourages a reassessment of the human-dolphin relationship, arguing for an end to the inhuman treatment of dolphins Written by an expert philosopher with almost twenty-years of experience studying dolphins Combines up-to-date research supporting the sophisticated cognitive and emotional capacities of dolphins with entertaining first-hand accounts Looks at the serious questions of intelligent life, ethical treatment, and moral obligation Engaging and thought-provoking
Category: Philosophy

Animals And Agency

Author : Sarah McFarland
ISBN : 9789047429241
Genre : Nature
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This collection examines the question of nonhuman animal agency by shifting emphasis from the human perspective toward that of other animals, exploring modes of animal resistance to human behaviors, and considering the ways the presence of animals refracts human notions like agency and species.
Category: Nature

Geometry Of Design

Author : Kimberly Elam
ISBN : 1568985843
Genre : Architecture
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Kimberly Elam fA1/4hrt den Leser auf eine geometrische Reise und gibt Einsicht in den Designprozess, indem sie visuelle Beziehungen untersucht, die sowohl auf mathematischen Prinzipien als auch auf grundlegenden Eigenschaften des Lebens basieren. Elams ErklArungen machen die mathematischen Beziehungen, die sich hinter diesen Designs verbergen, offensichtlich, und ihre EinfA1/4hrung in die Technik der visuellen Analyse macht dieses Buch zu einer unerlAsslichen Hilfe fA1/4r jeden, der grafisch arbeitet. Die Autorin behandelt dabei nicht nur die klassischen Proportionierungssysteme wie den Goldenen Schnitt und wurzelbasierte Rechtecke, sondern auch weniger bekannte Systeme wie z.B. die Fibonaccifolge.
Category: Architecture


Author : Heike Gfrereis
ISBN : 3835302035
Genre : Gesture in art
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Category: Gesture in art

Community Without Community In Digital Culture

Author : Charlie Gere
ISBN : 9781137026668
Genre : Philosophy
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The word 'digital' refers to both digital data, as used in computers, and also the digits, fingers, of the hand, and thus by extension touch, which has long been a trope for connectivity, community, and participation. Thus, in its drive towards greater connectivity, our culture is digital in more than one sense, in that it increasingly encourages such contact (from the Latin, 'com', together, and 'tangere', to touch). But at the same time such technologies always involve separation, gap and distance. Community Without Community in Digital Culture suggests that networks always involve this other aspect of touch, separation, distance and gap, as a necessary concomitant of our fundamental technicity. Thus, against the prevailing presumptions that new technologies involve greater contact, relationality and community, this book proposes that they exemplify the gap inherent in touch, the 'inconceivable, small, 'infinitesimal difference'' that separates us from each other in time and space. In this such technologies are part of the history of the death of God, the loss of an overarching metaphysical framework which would bind us together in some form of relation or communion. This can be understood in terms of contingency, which has the same root as contact.
Category: Philosophy

The Routledge Companion To Semiotics And Linguistics

Author : Paul Cobley
ISBN : 9781134545476
Genre : Language Arts & Disciplines
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The Routledge Companion to Semiotics and Linguistics opens up the world of semiotics and linguistics for newcomers to the discipline, and provides a useful ready-reference for the more advanced student.
Category: Language Arts & Disciplines