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The Greening Of Pharmaceutical Engineering Applications For Mental Disorder Treatments

Author : M. R. Islam
ISBN : 9781119183822
Genre : Science
File Size : 65.18 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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This third volume in a four-volume set offers new theories and applications for the diagnosis and treatment of mental disorders. Having laid the groundwork in the first two volumes, the authors now embark on significant, real-life scenarios that apply their philosophy to mental disorder treatments. The goal of the project is to take the industry toward sustainability, not just in terms of the chemical engineering used to create medicines, but also environmentally, economically, and personally. Their unique approach uses a more holistic and philosophically cohesive method for treating mental disorders, making the industry "greener" and the patient healthier. The four volumes in "The Greening of Pharmaceutical Engineering" are: Volume 1: Practice, Analysis, and Methodology Volume 2: Theories and Solutions Volume 3: Applications for Mental Disorder Treatments Volume 4: Applications for Physical Disorder Treatments This ground-breaking set of books is a unique and state-of-the-art study that only appears here, within these pages. A fascinating study for the engineer, scientist, and pharmacist working in the pharmaceutical industry and interested in sustainability, it is also a valuable textbook for students and faculty studying these subjects.
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The Greening Of Pharmaceutical Engineering Practice Analysis And Methodology

Author : M. R. Islam
ISBN : 9781119184225
Genre : Technology & Engineering
File Size : 61.48 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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The pharmaceutical industry is one of the most important industriesin the world, offering new medicines, vaccines, and cures to aglobal population. It is a massive industry, worthy of a deepand thorough examination of its processes and chemistry, with aview toward sustainability. The authors describe what is andisn't truly sustainable, offering a new approach and a newdefinition of the sustainability of pharmaceutical and chemicalengineering and the science behind it. This is a cutting-edgework, aimed at engineers, scientists, researchers, chemists, andstudents.
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Advanced Petroleum Reservoir Simulation

Author : M. R. Islam
ISBN : 9781119038788
Genre : Technology & Engineering
File Size : 70.7 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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This second edition of the original volume adds significant new innovations for revolutionizing the processes and methods used in petroleum reservoir simulations. With the advent of shale drilling, hydraulic fracturing, and underbalanced drilling has come a virtual renaissance of scientific methodologies in the oil and gas industry. New ways of thinking are being pioneered, and Dr. Islam and his team have, for years now, been at the forefront of these important changes. This book clarifies the underlying mathematics and physics behind reservoir simulation and makes it easy to have a range of simulation results along with their respective probability. This makes the risk analysis based on knowledge rather than guess work. The book offers by far the strongest tool for engineers and managers to back up reservoir simulation predictions with real science. The book adds transparency and ease to the process of reservoir simulation in way never witnessed before. Finally, No other book provides readers complete access to the 3D, 3-phase reservoir simulation software that is available with this text. A must-have for any reservoir engineer or petroleum engineer working upstream, whether in exploration, drilling, or production, this text is also a valuable textbook for advanced students and graduate students in petroleum or chemical engineering departments.
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Zero Waste Engineering

Author : M. M. Khan
ISBN : 9781119184959
Genre : Technology & Engineering
File Size : 36.39 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Is "zero waste engineering" possible? This book outlines how to achieve zero waste engineering, following natural pathways that are truly sustainable. Using methods that have been developed in various areas for sustainability purposes, such as new mathematical models, recyclable material selection, and renewable energy, the authors probe the principles of zero waste engineering and how it can be applied to construction, energy production, and many other areas of engineering. This groundbreaking new volume: Explores new scientific principles on which sustainability and zero waste engineering can be based Presents new models for energy efficiency, cooling processes, and natural chemical and material selection in industrial applications and business Explains how "green buildings" and "green homes" can be efficiently built and operated with zero waste Offers case histories and successful experiments in sustainability and zero-waste engineering Ideal for: Engineers and scientists of all industries, including the energy industry, construction, the process industries, and manufacturing. Chemical engineers, mechanical engineers, electrical engineers, petroleum engineers, process engineers, civil engineers, and many other types of engineers would all benefit from reading this exciting new volume.
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Economics Of Sustainable Energy

Author : Jaan S. Islam
ISBN : 9781119525974
Genre : Science
File Size : 38.52 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Every year, as soon as reports on global economic inequality remind us about the direction our civilization is heading, there is a hysterical reaction, but hysteria dies down within weeks and we go back to the lifestyle that brought us here today. Often the blame is laid on the Millennial generation for their “apathy,” “lust for comfort,” and “bratty” attitude. Yet, business insider surveys indicate it’s the same Millennial generation that overwhelmingly cares for the state of the world and the direction in which our civilization is heading. Nearly 50% of them ranked climate change and destruction of nature as their primary concern. This is followed by concern for war and global conflict, and then global economic inequality. The vast majority of those surveyed are willing and eager to make lifestyle changes. This book breaks open the hypocrisy of our civilization and stops the blame game in its tracks and identifies the root causes of today’s world economy, ecology, and global politics. The book demonstrates that changes in lifestyle are necessary but not sufficient. No economic policy or technology development mode has a chance to survive, let alone thrive unless supported by the political establishment. In this process, the government plays a pivotal role. The challenge is to change the attitude of the government from a ‘self-serving’ controlling mode to a representative philanthropic mode. This new system of economic development and political governance is inspired by a long-forgotten understanding of political economics: medieval Islamic economics. In reviewing the history of economics from trade, currencies, and interest, the strengths and weaknesses of various economic developments over our centuries are evaluated. Based on the historical analysis, a step by step procedure is outlined for this fundamental change in our society today. As a whole, this book is the first of modern era to offer such a comprehensive analysis, complete with solutions to the entire crisis of today’s civilization. Whether for the student, engineer in the field, economist, or even layperson interested in the subject, this groundbreaking new work is a must-have. Covering one of the most important subjects in our world today, it is a valiant attempt at solving one of the biggest problems facing all of us.
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Produktmanagement F R Dummies

Author : Brian Lawley
ISBN : 9783527813155
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 51.32 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Kunden haben so eine große Auswahl an Produkten wie nie. Da müssen sich die Unternehmen etwas einfallen lassen, um beim Kunden aufzufallen: die Qualität, das Marketing, der Vertrieb und der Preis - das alles muss ein Produktmanager im Auge behalten, um das Produkt erfolgreich zu machen. Brian Lawley und Pamela Schure stellen alle Aspekte des Produktmanagements vor: die Planungsstrategie sowie den kompletten Produktlebenszyklus von der Marktreife bis zum Ausscheiden aus dem Markt. Sie erklären, wie Sie erste Ideen zu Produkten weiterentwickeln und wie Sie Kunden- und Marktanalysen durchführen. Erfahren Sie außerdem, wie Sie Teams führen und sie zu Höchstleistungen anspornen. Werden Sie so zu einem erfolgreichen Produktmanager, bringen Sie neue Produkte auf den Markt und steigern Sie Ihren Umsatz.
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9 Millionen Fahrr Der Am Rande Des Universums

Author : Michael Gross
ISBN : 9783527669974
Genre : Science
File Size : 20.53 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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»Hofnarr« der Chemie Ausgeforscht - so heißt eine Rubrik in den »Nachrichten aus der Chemie«, in der der Chemiker und Wissenschaftsjournalist Michael Groß alle zwei Monate einen seiner »unsachlichen« Beiträge veröffentlicht - als »Hofnarr«, wie er selbst sagt. Groß schafft in seinen ironischheiteren Kommentaren die seltene Kombination aus guter, unterhaltsamer Schreibe und der Vermittlung von Fachwissen. Gerne sucht er sich abseitige Themen, scheinbar jedenfalls. Aber was ist schon abseitig für Forscher, die aus verwesenden Fischen die Biolumineszenz herauskitzeln oder mit Rattenschwänzen experimentieren? 100 »unsachliche« Beiträge »9 Millionen Fahrräder am Rande des Universums« ist eine Sammlung seiner Glossen und Kommentare der letzten 10 Jahre. In 100 »unsachlichen « Beiträgen kommentiert Dr. Groß respektlos und für alle verständlich Forschung und Forscher und entdeckt die Komik im Normalen. Hier finden Sie Antwort auf die Frage, warum trotz guter Luft im Großraumbüro schlechtes Klima herrschen kann und es Einzelnen gehörig stinkt. Oder Sie erfahren, was es mit dem aufregenden Liebesleben der Glühwürmchen, die biologisch korrekt Leuchtkäfer heißen, auf sich hat. Sprachpirouetten statt Fachchinesisch Launig dreht Michael Groß seine sprachlichen Pirouetten, erklärt fast spielerisch wissenschaftliche Sachverhalte, stellt - für jeden leicht nachvollziehbar - neue Forschungsergebnisse vor, spießt aber genauso leidenschaftlich Themen aus der Kategorie Pleiten, Pech und Pannen auf; wie die Fehlkonstruktion der Londoner Millenniums-Fußgängerbrücke über die Themse, die im Jahr 2000 eröffnet wurde. Leider hatten die Ingenieure nicht daran gedacht, dass durchaus auch mal Fußgänger über eine Fußgängerbrücke laufen bzw. an die Schwingungen, die diese verursachen. Was aus der Riesenschaukel wurde? Lesen Sie selbst!
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