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The Great Escape

Author : Angus Deaton
ISBN : 9781400847969
Genre : Business & Economics
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The world is a better place than it used to be. People are healthier, wealthier, and live longer. Yet the escapes from destitution by so many has left gaping inequalities between people and nations. In The Great Escape, Angus Deaton--one of the foremost experts on economic development and on poverty--tells the remarkable story of how, beginning 250 years ago, some parts of the world experienced sustained progress, opening up gaps and setting the stage for today's disproportionately unequal world. Deaton takes an in-depth look at the historical and ongoing patterns behind the health and wealth of nations, and addresses what needs to be done to help those left behind. Deaton describes vast innovations and wrenching setbacks: the successes of antibiotics, pest control, vaccinations, and clean water on the one hand, and disastrous famines and the HIV/AIDS epidemic on the other. He examines the United States, a nation that has prospered but is today experiencing slower growth and increasing inequality. He also considers how economic growth in India and China has improved the lives of more than a billion people. Deaton argues that international aid has been ineffective and even harmful. He suggests alternative efforts--including reforming incentives to drug companies and lifting trade restrictions--that will allow the developing world to bring about its own Great Escape. Demonstrating how changes in health and living standards have transformed our lives, The Great Escape is a powerful guide to addressing the well-being of all nations.
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Author : ديريك هيتر
ISBN : 9786144253281
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 26.26 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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إن هذا المسح التمهيدي لتاريخ المواطنية ومبادئها وممارستها، مبنيٌّ على التسليم بأن الأوضاع الراهنة والنقاشات بشأن المواطنية لا يمكن فهمها دون معرفة الخلفيات التاريخية.+++ يزوّدنا المؤلف بذلك، من خلال سرد تحليلي لوظيفة المواطنية وكبار المنظرين، من "إسبرطة" إلى الزمن الحاضر، يحتوي على مقتطفات من نصوص أساسية. كما يسأل القارئ أن يعرض كيف تتميّز المواطنية عن الأشكال الأخرى للهوية المجتمعية ـ السياسية، وذلك باستخدام الإثباتات التاريخية التي يقدمها. ويركز، بصورة خاصة، على الافتراضات الشائعة بأن المواطنية والجنسيّة هما صنوان، متشككاً في هذه المقولة، باعتماده على أسس الخبرات التاريخية والصعوبات التي تثيرها.
Category: Social Science

Author : أبي المنذر هشام بن محمد بن السائب الكلبي
ISBN : 9789771800156
Genre : Religion
File Size : 44.79 MB
Format : PDF
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لقد ظهر الإسلام في بلاد العرب فكان همه الأول تطهير ربوعها من الشرك بالله ومحو كل أثر لعبادة الأصنام والأوثان حتي إذا فاز القائم بالدعوة إلي التوحيد بكل ما يريد وجمع كلمة العرب علي الدين الجديد وإنتقل عليه الصلاة والسلام إلي الرفيق الأعلي إرتد كثير من الأعراب إلي الطواغيت وعباداتهم الأولي حينئذ تجرد لهم خليفته أبو بكر الصديق فأعادهم إلي حظيرة الإيمان
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Rediscovering Social Economics

Author : Roger D. Johnson
ISBN : 9783319512655
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 34.53 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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This book argues that economists need to reengage with societal issues, such as justice and fairness in distribution, that inevitably arise when discussing the basic economic problem of unlimited human wants and finite resources. Approaching the problem through a history of economic thought, Johnson reexamines Adam Smith’s contributions to show how they reach beyond neoclassical models that are too simplistic to reflect the growing interdependencies of market economies. He breaks down supposedly value-free neoclassical postulates to expose normative assumptions about economics and justice, demonstrating, for example, that the concept of market equilibrium is problematic because need-based behavior can produce involuntary unemployment even when a competitive labor market achieves equilibrium.
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Theology For Changing Times

Author : Christopher R. Baker
ISBN : 9780334056959
Genre : Religion
File Size : 50.49 MB
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From wealth creation to wealth distribution and social ethics, from urban mission to religious studies and psychology the work of John Atherton was breathtaking in scope and variety. Unifying all of his work however, was a concern with engaging the work of theology with wider society.With contributions from some of the leading lights in public theology today, this book offers not only an appreciation of John Atherton's work within a prodigiously large array of disciplines, but also an attempt to ask 'what next', taking his work forward and considering where the future of public theology might lie. John Atherton's last published article is also reproduced.
Category: Religion

Unique Urbanity

Author : Tara Brabazon
ISBN : 9789812872692
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 80.15 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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This book investigates small cities - cities and towns that are not well known or internationally branded, but are facing structural economic and social issues after the Global Financial Crisis. They need to invent, develop and manage new reasons for their existence. The strengths and opportunities are often underplayed when compared to larger cities. These small cities do not have the profile of New York, London, Tokyo or Cairo, or second-tier cities like San Francisco, Manchester, Osaka or Alexandria. This book traces the current state of the creative industries literature after the GFC, but with a specific focus. The specific – and worsening – conditions in third-tier cities are logged. The social and economic challenges within these regions are great, particularly with regard to health and health services, education, employment, social mobility and physical activity. This is not a study that merely diagnoses problems but raises strategies for third-tier cities to create both a profile and growth. The current research field is synthesized to reveal how cities are defined, constituted, developed and, in many cases, suffering decline. There is an imperative to build relationships with other urban environments. The book enters these under-discussed locations and reveal the scarred layering of injustice, signified by depopulation, dis-investment, economic decline and a reduction in public services for health, transportation and education, while also developing specific and innovative models for improvement. The vista summoned in Unique Urbanity is international, with strong attention to trans-local strategies that offer wide relevance, currency and opportunities for policy makers. While third-tier cities are often hidden, marginalized, invisible or demeaned, Unique Urbanity shows that innovation, imagination and creativity can emerge in small places.
Category: Social Science

The Reproach Of Hunger

Author : David Rieff
ISBN : 9781439123881
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 42.23 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Based on meticulous research and on-the-ground reporting, an expert in the field explores whether ending extreme poverty and widespread hunger is within our reach as increasingly promised, revealing the issues that hinder this mission that are often glossed over.
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Author :
ISBN : 9789772937554
Genre : Philosophy
File Size : 78.93 MB
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أجل إننا لسنا نوافق أفلاطون في كل نظرياته, وقد نشرناها على مسؤوليته، ولكننا معجبون وأكثر من معجبين, بنظام تفكيره, ورحابة صدره, وضبطه في الإحكام, وفيض بلاغته وبيانه. ونشاركه في غرض التأليف العام وهو((السعادة)) وفي الوسيلة الخاصة المؤدية إلى ذلك الغرض وهي ((الفضيلة)) ونافقه في أن الفضيلة تراد لذاتها ونتائجها. وفي أن الفرد دولة مصغرة والدولة جسـم كبير, وأن ما يسعد الدولة يسـعد الفرد، وأن الرجل الكـامل – المثـل الأعلى – هو الذي تحكم عقله في شهواته, وانقادت حماسته إلى حكمته, وعاش ومات في خدمة المجموع. body,div,table,thead,tbody,tfoot,tr,th,td,p { font-family:"Calibri"; font-size:x-small } a.comment-indicator:hover + comment { background:#ffd; position:absolute; display:block; border:1px solid black; padding:0.5em; } a.comment-indicator { background:red; display:inline-block; border:1px solid black; width:0.5em; height:0.5em; } comment { display:none; }
Category: Philosophy

Economics And Consumer Behavior

Author : Angus Deaton
ISBN : 0521296765
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 51.3 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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The idea of duality has proved to be a powerful device in modern work on the economics of consumer behaviour. The authors have used duality to provide an integrated and accessible treatment of this subject. The book focuses on applications of the theory to welfare economics and econometric analysis. The book begins with four chapters that provide a self-contained presentation of the basic theory and its use in applied econometrics. These chapters also include elementary extensions of the theory to labour supply, durable goods, the consumption function, and rationing. The rest of the book is divided into three parts. In the first of these the authors discuss restrictions on choice and aggregation problems. The next part consists of chapters on consumer index numbers; household characteristics, demand, and household welfare comparisons; and social welfare and inequality. The last part extends the coverage of consumer behaviour to include the quality of goods and household production theory, labour supply and human capital theory, the consumption function and intertemporal choice, the demand for durable goods, and choice under uncertainty.
Category: Business & Economics

Author : 安格斯‧迪頓(Angus Deaton)
ISBN : 9789570846409
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 57.56 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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貝爾經濟學獎得主代表著作 迪頓(Angus Deaton)關心全球窮人,要他們過好日子 他分析為何人類獲得有史以來最好的生活水準 深入探討因此而產生的貧富差距及不平等現象 諾貝爾頒獎委員會說:迪頓把應用經濟學發揮得淋漓盡致! 比爾蓋茲、普林斯頓大學校長艾斯格魯柏、賓州大學普列斯頓教授、耶魯大學波吉教授、《紐約時報》、《金融郵報》、《商業世界》、《金融時報》、《彭博資訊新聞》、《經濟與政治周刊》、《商業經濟學》、《富比士》雜誌、《周日泰晤士報》等大力推薦 比爾‧蓋茲(Bill Gates): 如果你想了解為何人類的整體福祉隨著時間而快速進步,一定要讀本書。 ※ ※ ※ 現今人們變得更富裕、更健康、更長壽 然而當大量人口脫離貧窮後 人與人、國與國之間卻形成極大的不平等! 2015年諾貝爾經濟學獎得主、世界首屈一指的發展經濟與貧窮研究學家──迪頓 探討各國增進健康、財富的舊有和現行模式 提出援助落後國家展開大脫逃的具體作法。 迪頓在《財富大逃亡:健康、財富與不平等的起源》一書中闡述某些影響廣大的創新與不易克服的障礙,例如,人類一方面擁有了疫苗、抗生素、防蟲措施和潔淨水源,一方面必須對抗大饑荒、愛滋病和文明疾病。除了檢視美國歷經長期繁榮之後成長步調趨緩、貧富差距漸增的情況,也提到印度與中國的經濟成長如何改善十多億人口的生活。有鑑於國際援助成效不彰,甚至有害無益,迪頓在書末倡議採取替代措施,包括對製藥公司提供新誘因、取消貿易限制等,讓開發中國家也能展開大脫逃。 迪頓撰寫本書的主旨在討論全球的健康與財富,不僅聚焦於現代,也回顧人類發展的歷程。 首先,探討人類的健康發展史、數十萬年前的狩獵與採集生活為何影響現代人的健康,以及人類從十八世紀開始努力降低死亡率如何奠定現代的健康進步模式。十九世紀末,細菌致病論的發展與採納,為另一波爆炸性的進步奠定基礎,同時也打開另一道鴻溝,使得富國與窮國人民的存活率出現極大差距。 二次大戰結束後,全球加快腳步研究醫療方法,以便拉近自十八世紀開始形成的健康鴻溝。其間獲得許多重大成就,例如運用抗生素、防蟲措施、疫苗注射和乾淨水源,讓數百萬孩童免於死亡。雖然窮國與富國平均壽命差距縮小,但還不夠接近,且全球曾遭遇某些可怕的障礙,例如1958至1961年間人為因素造成的中國大饑荒,以及若干非洲國家近年流行的愛滋病,徹底摧毀了人類對抗死神的三十年進步成果。目前還有許多國家缺乏適當的常設醫護系統、大量孩童因生在「錯」的國家而難逃一死、某些地區還有孩童嚴重營養不良,以印度最出名。 富國和窮國的死亡率差距未能加速拉近的理由之一是,雖然富國的死亡率持續下降,但對成人比較有利,孩童受惠較少。也談到富國死亡率降低的趨勢、男女平均壽命不斷趨近的原因、吸菸扮演的要角,以及心臟病治癒率大於癌症治癒率的因素。 其次,討論物質生活水準。美國的經濟狀況既特殊且極端(例如所得不均的程度),但其他富裕國家也不遑多讓。二次大戰後,經濟成長為美國帶來新的榮景,使得貧窮人口(尤其是非洲裔和年長者)顯著減少。1970年代以前,美國曾是全球重要經濟楷模,此後成長持續減慢,所得差距因富人激增而持續加大。這種不平等有其光明面,例如教育、創新和創意獲得的報償高於往昔;但也顯示出黑暗面,由於美國是金權國家,導致國民的幸福受到政治和經濟的威脅。 全球貧窮人口自1980年開始減少,堪稱人類史上規模最大、速度最快的一次脫逃行動,主因在於人口最多的中國和印度經濟成長表現非凡,改變了十幾億人口的生活。目前全球的生活水準雖然遠勝過1960年代悲觀者預測的情況,但仍有約十億人口三餐不濟;許多人已經逃脫,也有不少人被遺棄。 再次,提出大家應該和不該採取的行動。我們幸運地生在「對」的國家,因此應該善盡道德義務,協助全球減少貧窮和疾病;已經掙脫貧窮和疾病的人,必須幫助依然受困者。很多人認為我們應該以提供外援的方式,以及透過多國政府(大都設有官方援助機構)、世界銀行和世界衛生組織等國際組織,或是在各國國內或國際上營運的非政府救援組織,來履行這些道德義務。但是,如果這類援助會破壞某些國家的成長機會(這正是我的看法),我們就沒有理由抱著「應該做些什麼」的觀念繼續提供救濟,而應該停止援助。過去五十年,援助對於經濟成長和減少貧窮到底功過如何?值得質疑。 最後,迪頓提出一個問題:我們是否渴望展開大脫逃行動,為現今世界創造幸福與快樂。《財富大逃亡》剖析健康與生活水準的提升如何改變我們的生活,是討論所有國家幸福議題的重要指南。
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