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The Great Depression

Author : Lionel Robbins
ISBN : 9781610160711
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The New Deals of America and Britain were a decade-long calamity that exceeded the damage of the economic downturn itself. The theory behind the policy was all wrong, but no one can say that the correct theory was not in circulation. This splendid book by Robbins presented the entire cause and remedy - in 1934! Rothbard himself says that this book is one of two excellent studies. Sadly, the power of the state and the myth that it could dig the world out of depression prevailed over the Robbins view that the depression was the result of a previous inflation and the best cure was to free the market and let it properly correct. This book has been obscure and difficult to find for far too long. But with this new Mises Institute edition, the proof is at last available that at least one great economist in the English speaking world had it precisely right. The world would have been spared much grief had his, instead of Keynes's, views prevailed.

Fdr S Folly

Author : Jim Powell
ISBN : 030742071X
Genre : History
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The Great Depression and the New Deal. For generations, the collective American consciousness has believed that the former ruined the country and the latter saved it. Endless praise has been heaped upon President Franklin Delano Roosevelt for masterfully reining in the Depression’s destructive effects and propping up the country on his New Deal platform. In fact, FDR has achieved mythical status in American history and is considered to be, along with Washington, Jefferson, and Lincoln, one of the greatest presidents of all time. But would the Great Depression have been so catastrophic had the New Deal never been implemented? In FDR’s Folly, historian Jim Powell argues that it was in fact the New Deal itself, with its shortsighted programs, that deepened the Great Depression, swelled the federal government, and prevented the country from turning around quickly. You’ll discover in alarming detail how FDR’s federal programs hurt America more than helped it, with effects we still feel today, including: • How Social Security actually increased unemployment • How higher taxes undermined good businesses • How new labor laws threw people out of work • And much more This groundbreaking book pulls back the shroud of awe and the cloak of time enveloping FDR to prove convincingly how flawed his economic policies actually were, despite his good intentions and the astounding intellect of his circle of advisers. In today’s turbulent domestic and global environment, eerily similar to that of the 1930s, it’s more important than ever before to uncover and understand the truth of our history, lest we be doomed to repeat it.
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America S Great Depression

Author : Murray Newton Rothbard
ISBN : 9781610164801
Genre : Business cycles
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Applied Austrian economics doesn't get better than this. Murray N. Rothbard's America's Great Depression is a staple of modern economic literature and crucial for understanding a pivotal event in American and world history. The book remains canonical today because the debate is still very alive. This book applies Austrian business cycle theory to understanding the onset of the 1929 Great Depression. Rothbard first summarizes the Austrian theory and offers a criticism of competing theories, including the views of Keynes. Rothbard then considers Federal Reserve policy in the 1920s, showing its inflationary character. The influence of Benjamin Strong, the Governor of the New York Federal Reserve Bank, was especially important. In part, his expansionary policy was motivated by his desire to help Britain sustain the pound. Strong was close friends with Montagu Norman, the Governor of the Bank of England. After the 1929 crash, Herbert Hoover followed an interventionist policy that prefigured the New Deal. He favored keeping wage rates high and thus contributed to rising unemployment. Against the popular stereotype, Rothbard shows that Hoover was not a partisan of laissez-faire.
Category: Business cycles

The Great Depression In Europe 1929 1939

Author : Patricia Clavin
ISBN : 0312237340
Genre : Business & Economics
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"The Great Depression in Europe, 1929-1939 is a concise, analytical study of the worst economic crisis of the modern world. It is the only available study to focus exclusively on Europe, where its impact was enormous: unemployment was rampant as industrial production fell by 40 per cent, primary prices dropped by 30 per cent, and some of the most respected banks teetered on the brink of collapse. The economic depression also had profound consequences for domestic politics and international relations. It triggered mass support for fascist and communist parties, and divided the world into competing economic blocs that helped to pave the road to war in 1939. Written with the non-economist in mind, the book focuses on four central questions: What were the origins of the depression? Why was it so severe? How far, and in what ways, did the European economy recover? And what were the implications of that recovery for political relations in, and between, nations? The book examines recent research into the causes of the depression, notably the role of the gold standard 'system'. It gives equal weight to the political and historical context of economic policy - political attitudes, institutional opinions, strategic considerations, the 'legacies and lessons' of history - to explain the magnitude of the crisis. International cooperation offered the best chance for recovery. Using a wide range of archival sources, the book also contains a lively account of why this failed and its consequences for international relations in the 1930s."--Jacket.
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Rethinking The Great Depression

Author : Gene Smiley
ISBN : 1566634717
Genre : Business & Economics
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Smiley draws upon recent advances in economic analysis to present a clear and nontechnical portrait of the Great Depression.
Category: Business & Economics

Hard Times

Author : Studs Terkel
ISBN : 9781565846562
Genre : History
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Recreates the character and atmosphere of this dramatic era in a collage of recollections by both well-known and obscure Americans.
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Author : Douglas Monroy
ISBN : 0520920775
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 42.46 MB
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This sweeping, vibrant narrative chronicles the history of the Mexican community in Los Angeles. Douglas Monroy unravels the dramatic, complex story of Mexican immigration to Los Angeles during the early decades of the twentieth century and shows how Mexican immigrants re-created their lives and their communities. Against the backdrop of this newly created cityscape, Rebirth explores pivotal aspects of Mexican Los Angeles during this time—its history, political economy, popular culture—and depicts the creation of a time and place unique in Californian and American history. Mexican boxers, movie stars, politicians, workers, parents, and children, American popular culture and schools, and historical fervor on both sides of the border all come alive in this literary, jargon-free chronicle. In addition to the colorful unfolding of the social and cultural life of Mexican Los Angeles, Monroy tells a story of first-generation immigrants that provides important points of comparison for understanding other immigrant groups in the United States. Monroy shows how the transmigration of space, culture, and reality from Mexico to Los Angeles became neither wholly American nor Mexican, but México de afuera, "Mexico outside," a place where new concerns and new lives emerged from what was both old and familiar. This extremely accessible work uncovers the human stories of a dynamic immigrant population and shows the emergence of a truly transnational history and culture. Rebirth provides an integral piece of Chicano history, as well as an important element of California urban history, with the rich, synthetic portrait it gives of Mexican Los Angeles.
Category: Social Science

How The Stock Market Works

Author : Kathy Furgang
ISBN : 9781435894662
Genre : Juvenile Nonfiction
File Size : 85.43 MB
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Describes the stock market, including how it works, its positive and negative effects, and its relationship to the Great Depression and the recession that began in 2008.
Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

The Age Of Great Dreams

Author : David R. Farber
ISBN : 0809015676
Genre : History
File Size : 76.64 MB
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Looks at the sixties in terms of its place in American history, and discusses the Vietnam War, the Civil Rights Movement, the War on Poverty, and the drug culture
Category: History

Globalization And Free Trade

Author : Natalie Goldstein
ISBN : 9781438109008
Genre : Business & Economics
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Outlines the history of the expansion and globalization of national economies and explains how globalization evolved to its present state.
Category: Business & Economics