The Great Basin

Author : Donald Grayson
ISBN : 9780520267473
Genre : Nature
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"The Great Basin, centering on Nevada and including substantial parts of California, Oregon, and Utah, gets its name from the fact that none of its rivers or streams flow to the sea. This book synthesizes the past 25,000 years of the natural history of this vast region. It explores the extinct animals that lived in the Great Basin during the Ice Age and recounts the rise and fall of the massive Ice Age lakes that existed here. It explains why trees once grew 13' beneath what is now the surface of Lake Tahoe, explores the nearly two dozen Great Basin mountain ranges that once held substantial glaciers, and tells the remarkable story of how pinyon pine came to cover some 17,000,000 acres of the Great Basin in the relatively recent past.These discussions culminate with the impressive history of the prehistoric people of the Great Basin, a history that shows how human societies dealt with nearly 13,000 years of climate change on this often-challenging landscape"--Provided by publisher.
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Geology Of The Great Basin

Author : Bill Fiero
ISBN : 0874177901
Genre : Science
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This volume is an introduction to the geology of America's Great Basin.
Category: Science

Shrubs Of The Great Basin

Author : Hugh Nelson Mozingo
ISBN : 0874171121
Genre : Gardening
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Mozingo presents the life histories of more than sixty species of both common and unusual shrubs, and discusses how shrubs grow, reproduce, and adapt to the extreme weather conditions that are part of daily life in the Great Basin.
Category: Gardening

Birds Of The Great Basin

Author : Fred A. Ryser
ISBN : 087417080X
Genre : Nature
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Birds have always been of keen interest to man, since their beauty, song and fascinating behaviour are conspicuously displayed and can be viewed and heard by even the most casual observer. This book, the result of over thirty years of research, is the most comprehensive ever published on the diverse bird life of the Great Basin.
Category: Nature

Fishes Of The Great Basin

Author : William F. Sigler
ISBN : 0874171164
Genre : Nature
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Fish have intrigued man since before recorded history; they served as important items of trade among early nomadic tribes in several Great Basin locations and later, upon the arrival of the white man, fish increasingly became a staple diet for the growing settlements of pioneers.
Category: Nature

Weavers Of Tradition And Beauty

Author : Mary Lee Fulkerson
ISBN : 0874172608
Genre : Art
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Weavers of Tradition and Beauty presents new information on contemporary Native American basketry of the Great Basin, largely from the viewpoint of the weavers themselves. Baskets - and the people who weave them - have always been revered and honored by Native Americans. Fulkerson and Curtis depict, in vivid text and both full color and black-and-white photographs, how their art prevails - even over adverse environmental, social, and economic conditions.
Category: Art

Believing In Place

Author : Richard V. Francaviglia
ISBN : 0874175429
Genre : Nature
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Believing in Place is a reflection on the ways that human needs and spiritual traditions can shape our perceptions of the land. That the Great Basin has inspired such a complex variety of responses is partly due to its enigmatic vastness and isolation, partly to the remarkable range of peoples who have found themselves in the region. Using not only the materials of traditional geography but folklore, anthropology, Native American and Euro-American religion, contemporary politics, and New Age philosophies, Francaviglia has produced a timely investigation of the role of human conceptions of place in that space we call the Great Basin.
Category: Nature

Mapping And Imagination In The Great Basin

Author : Richard V. Francaviglia
ISBN : 0874176174
Genre : History
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The Great Basin was the last region of continental North America to be explored and mapped, and it remained largely a mystery to European-Americans until well into the nineteenth century. In Mapping and Imagination in the Great Basin, geographer-historian Richard Francaviglia shows how the Great Basin's gradual emergence from its large cartographic silence both paralleled the development of the sciences of surveying, geology, hydrology, and cartography, and reflected the changing geopolitical aspirations of the European colonial powers and the United States. Francaviglia's compelling, wide-ranging discussion combines an explanation of the physical realities of the Great Basin with a cogent examination of the ways humans, from early Native Americans to nineteenth-century surveyors to twentieth-century highway and air travelers, have understood, defined, and organized this space, psychologically and through the medium of maps. and nations - Spain, Mexico, France, England and the Americas - and shows how their maps of the Great Basin reflected attitudes and beliefs about what lay in the interior American West. These maps run the gamut, from the manuscript maps of early explorers to printed maps used to promote rail and air travel across the Great Basin, as well as satellite and computer-derived maps of the very recent past. This rich interdisciplinary account of the mapping of the Great Basin combines a chronicle of the exploration of the region with a history of the art and science of cartography and of the political, economic, and social contexts in which maps are created. The result is an impressive contribution to the canon of American Western history and of the evolution and multifarious functions of maps, ancient and modern. Mapping and Imagination in the Great Basin will be irresistible to historians, geographers, lovers of maps, and anyone who thrills to the exploits of early Western explorers.
Category: History

Hiking The Great Basin

Author : John Hart
ISBN : 0871566397
Genre : Travel
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Veteran backpacker and climber John Hart presents a thoroughly revised version of the only guide to this vast, diverse, rarely traveled wilderness area. Hart details over 200 trails that allow for everything from brief, easy nature walks to rugged treks. 47 maps.
Category: Travel

Great Basin Rock Art

Author : Angus R. Quinlan
ISBN : 0874176964
Genre : Art
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Rock art is one of humankind's most ancient forms of artistic expression, and one of its most enigmatic. For centuries, scholars and other observers have struggled to interpret the meaning of the mysterious figures incised or painted on natural rocks and to understand their role in the lives of their long-vanished creators. The Great Basin of the American West is especially rich in rock art, but until recently North American archaeologists have largely ignored these most visible monuments left by early Native Americans and have given little attention to the terrain surrounding them. In Great Basin Rock Art, twelve respected rock art researchers examine a number of significant sites from the dual perspectives of settlement archaeology and contemporary Native American interpretations of the role of rock art in their cultural past. The authors demonstrate how modern archaeological methodology and interpretations are providing a rich physical and cultural context for these ancient and hitherto puzzling artifacts. They offer exciting new insights into the lives of North America's first inhabitants. American West and in the history of the Great Basin and its original peoples.
Category: Art