The Germans And The East

Author : Charles W. Ingrao
ISBN : 1557534438
Genre : History
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This volume provides an historical overview of the relationship between Germany, German speakers, and successive waves of German colonists with their eastern neighbors over the period from the Middle Ages to the present. The collection of essays by 28 leading experts includes the most recent scholarship together with fresh perspectives on the subject. The problems and issues raised in this volume come as a result of different understandings of ""German"" and ""Germany"" from the Germanic tribes and German ""stem-duchies"" of the Middle Ages to the highly decentralized and multi-ethnic Holy Roman Empire of late medieval and early modern times and the German Confederation of the 1815-1866 period to the various forms of the German state from 1871 to the present. The relationship of German-speakers to their eastern non-German speaking neighbors, as well as that of ""Germany"" both to those neighbors and to German-speakers living beyond the borders of the modern German state are covered. In addition, some attention is given to the German perception of the ""East"" during this unfolding relationship. ""The Germans and the East"" is divided into five sections. The first section covers the medieval period which saw the first German colonial expansion eastward. The second section, devoted to the early modern period, reviews the role of German speakers in the development policies of enlightened absolutism. The third section looks at the problem during the age of emerging nationalism in the ""long"" nineteenth century from 1789 to 1914. The fourth and longest section covers the era of the two World Wars, including their aftermaths, which saw the expulsion of German-speakers from Eastern Europe. The final section addresses the relationship of Germany and Austria and their eastern neighbors from the Cold War to the new era of European integration.
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Hitler The Germans And The Final Solution

Author : Ian Kershaw
ISBN : 9780300148237
Genre : Biography & Autobiography
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This volume presents a comprehensive, multifaceted picture both of the destructive dynamic of the Nazi leadership and of the attitudes and behavior of ordinary Germans as the persecution of the Jews spiraled into total genocide.
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Germany For The Germans

Author : Wesley D. Chapin
ISBN : 0313302588
Genre : Political Science
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Contrary to conventional wisdom, the history of Germany is a history of migration. This book clearly demonstrates the dramatic impacts it has had on key political events, including the construction of the Berlin Wall, its subsequent fall, the reunification of the German state, and the rise of ultranationalist right-wing parties.
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Orphans Of Versailles

Author : Richard Blanke
ISBN : 0813130417
Genre : Fiction
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A pioneer in the tradition of English womenÕs fiction, Charlotte Lennox was valued friend to both Samuel Richardson and Samuel Johnson and a major influence on Jane Austen. The heroine of Charlotte LennoxÕs Henrietta is a young Englishwoman who resists her aunt's pressure to convert to Catholicism and is set adrift in London society. But unlike many of her passive, vulnerable contemporaries in fiction, the admirable Henrietta makes her way in the world relying on her own cleverness, conviction, and wit. This groundbreaking work of satire and human folly is republished here in a fully annotated modern edition.
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Germantown And The Germans

Author : Edwin Wolf, II
ISBN : 0914076728
Genre : Language Arts & Disciplines
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At Least The Germans Lost Fremdwahrnehmung Und Nationalismus In Der Fu Ballberichterstattung Der Wm 2010 Am Beispiel Von The Sun Und Bild

Author : Florian Wenz
ISBN : 9783954250646
Genre : Germany
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ACHTUNG! SURRENDER. For you Fritz, ze Euro 96 Championship is over.' So titelt die englische Boulevardzeitung DAILY MIRROR am 24. Juni 1996, zwei Tage vor dem EM-Halbfinalspiel Deutschland gegen England. Auf dem Titelbild sind die englischen Nationalspieler Stuart Pierce und Paul Gascoigne zu sehen, schreiend und mit Stahlhelmen. Daneben steht ein Kommentar von Piers Morgan, dem damaligen Chefredakteur der Zeitung. berschrift: Mirror declares football war on Germany.' Wortw rtlich werden in dem Artikel Ausz ge aus der Kriegserkl rung Englands an Deutschland aus dem Jahr 1939 abgedruckt. Selbst f r die englischen Boulevardmedien, in denen das Kraut-Bashing," also die Verunglimpfung Deutschlands mithilfe negativer Stereotype und NS-Anspielungen, Tradition hat, stellt diese Titelseite den H hepunkt ihrer Deutschlandfeindlichkeit dar. Zehn Jahre sp ter bei der WM 2006 in Deutschland macht vor allem die englische Presse eine Kehrtwende in ihrer Berichterstattung. Sowohl Qualit ts- als auch Boulevardzeitungen sind vom Gastgeberland Deutschland und seinen Einwohnern begeistert. The SUN berichtet ber die positiven Erfahrungen tausender englischer Fans in Deutschland. KATHRIN OCH kommt nach einer empirischen Untersuchung englischer Tageszeitungen zu dem Ergebnis, dass sich das Bild der Deutschen in der englischen Presse stark verbessert hat, wenn auch ein Rest an Kriegsanspielungen brig geblieben ist. Am Ende ihrer Arbeit wirft sie jedoch die Frage auf, ob sich das Bild wirklich nachhaltig verbessert habe oder ob die positive Berichterstattung nicht doch gr tenteils auf die Gastgeberfunktion Deutschlands zur ckzuf hren sei. Ihre Zweifel sollten nicht unberechtigt gewesen sein: Schon im Vorfeld der WM 2010 macht wieder eine englische Boulevardzeitung mit Deutschlandfeindlichkeit auf sich aufmerksam. Der DAILY STAR zeigt im Januar 2010 Michael Ballack im schwarzen Ausweichtrikot mit der berschrift RETURN OF ZE BLACK SHIRTS', eine Anspielung auf die schwarzen Uniformen
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Hitler And The Germans

Author : Eric Voegelin
ISBN : 9780826263889
Genre : Biography & Autobiography
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Between 1933 & 1938, Eric Voegelin published four books that expressly stated his opposition to the increasingly powerful Hitler regime. As a result, he was forced to leave his homeland in 1938. Twenty years later, he returned to Germany as a professor of political science at Ludwig-Maximilian University. Voegelin's homecoming allowed him the opportunity to voice once again his opinions on the Nazi regime & its aftermath. In 1964 at the University of Munich, Voegelin gave a series of memorable lectures on what he considered "the central German experiential problem" of his time: Adolf Hitler's rise to power, the reasons for it, & its consequences for post-Nazi Germany. For Voegelin, these questions demanded a scrutiny of the mentality of individual Germans & of the order of German society during & after the Nazi period. Hitler & the Germans, published here for the first time, offers Voegelin's most extensive & detailed critique of the Hitler era. Voegelin interprets this era in terms of the basic diagnostic tools provided by the philosophy of Plato & Aristotle, Judeo-Christian culture, & contemporary German-language writers like Heimito von Doderer, Karl Kraus, Thomas Mann, & Robert Musil. His inquiry uncovers a historiography that was substantially unhistoric: a German Evangelical Church that misinterpreted the Gospel, a German Catholic Church that denied universal humanity, & a legal process enmeshed in criminal homicide. Hitler & the Germans provides a profound alternative approach to the topic of the individual German's entanglement in the Hitler regime & its continuing implications. This comprehensive reading of the Nazi period has yet to be matched.
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