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In Search Of Being

Author : G. I. Gurdjieff
ISBN : 9780834828506
Genre : Philosophy
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Are we able to say that life is governed by a group of conscious people? Where are they? Who are they? We see exactly the opposite: that life is governed by those who are the least conscious, by those who are most asleep. Provocative ideas such as these have attracted generations of thoughtful people to the methods of self-study and inner work devised by Gurdjieff, one of the most radical spiritual teachers of modern times. According to Gurdjieff, the wars raging at this very moment are nothing more than millions of sleeping people trying to annihilate millions of other sleeping people. Contrary to popular belief, there is no such as thing as progress and evolution as long as humanity remains asleep. Two hundred conscious people could change the whole of life on the earth, Gurdjieff says. If we want to become those conscious people, we must learn how to change ourselves. With the help of self-knowledge and an understanding of our relation to the universe, we can awaken to a higher level of being—if we wish to change ourselves. All of Gurdjieff's fundamental principles and methods of transforming the intellect, emotions, and body, in the system known as the Fourth Way, are presented in this book in his own clear, precise words preserved by his closest pupils. Arranged in an orderly sequence of passages drawn from two primary source books—P. D. Ouspensky's In Search of the Miraculous, and Views from the Real World, edited by Mme. Jeanne de Salzmann—this material is an indispensable introduction for those determined to undertake the efforts and practices necessary for awakening consciousness. All the basic concepts and methods are covered, including: • man is "asleep" • we have no unified "I" • the need for self-knowledge • functions of the human "machine" • states of consciousness • levels of being • three centers: moving, emotional, and thinking • personality and essence • the possibility of self-development • self-observation • remembering oneself • conscious evolution • the law of three forces • the ray of creation • the law of octaves • the Enneagram, a universal symbol • the variety of spiritual ways • esoteric Christianity • working in groups • the necessity of schools
Category: Philosophy

The Fourth Way

Author : Petr Damianovich Uspensky
ISBN : 9781465505866
Genre : Philosophy, Modern
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Category: Philosophy, Modern

The Reality Of Being

Author : Jeanne De Salzmann
ISBN : 9781590309285
Genre : Body, Mind & Spirit
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As the closest pupil of the charismatic spiritual master G. I. Gurdjieff (1866–1949), Jeanne de Salzmann was charged with carrying on his teachings of spiritual transforma­tion. Known as the Fourth Way or "the Work", Gurdjieff's sys­tem was based on teachings of the East that he adapted for modern life in the West. Now, some twenty years after De Salz­mann's death, the notebooks that she filled with her insights over a forty-year period (and intended to publish) have been translated and edited by a small group of her family and follow­ers. The result is this long-awaited guide to Gurdjieff's teach­ing, describing the routes to be travelled and the landmarks encountered along the way. Organized according to themes, the chapters touch on all the important concepts and practices of the Work, including:? awakening from the sleep of identification with the ordinary level of being ? self-observation and self-remembering ? conscious effort and voluntary suffering ? understanding symbolic concepts like the Enneagram ? the Gurdjieff Movements, bodily exercises that provide training in Presence and the awareness of subtle energies ? the necessity of a "school," meaning the collective practice of the teaching in a group. Madame de Salzmann brings to the Work her own strong, direct language and personal journey in learning to live that knowledge of a higher level of being, which, she insists, "you have to see for yourself" on a level beyond theory and concept. De Salzmann consistently refused to discuss the teaching in terms of ideas, for this Fourth Way is to be experienced, not simply thought or believed.
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The Fourth Way

Author : Andy Hargreaves
ISBN : 9781412976374
Genre : Education
File Size : 88.7 MB
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This book analyzes three previous major change efforts, outlines their strengths and limitations, and offers a successful and sustainable fourth way to integrate teacher professionalism, community engagement, government policy, and accountability.
Category: Education

The Fourth Way

Author : Reinhardt Grossmann
ISBN : UCAL:B4241524
Genre : Philosophy
File Size : 88.95 MB
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Category: Philosophy

Fourth Way Teachings

Author : Rebecca Nottingham
ISBN : 9780966496048
Genre : Body, Mind & Spirit
File Size : 60.22 MB
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Detailed, practical application of the Fourth Way system of psychological self-awareness and the process of living from higher levels of consciousness. The Teaching is a specific methodology for the perennial wisdom from Christianity and other religions on the "purification of the heart". Based in part on actual teaching transcripts, this book offers a rare opportunity for readers to apply.
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Secrets Of The Fourth Way

Author : Alan Francis
ISBN : 0990820076
Genre :
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From the author: For many years now, I have sought out and spoken to people who actually knew Gurdjieff, and others whom I respect for their dedication to the Work. Of course I asked them questions that were important to me personally, but I also tried to find out what in the Work was most vital for them. What was, in their opinion, the most important idea, method, form, direction, meaning, and how did they weight them? Finally, what was the sense and aim of this Work? Why does it, and why should it, continue to exist? What is, as Michel de Salzmann asked, the specificity of the Work? What does the Work touch and develop that the many other teachings do not? This inquiry inevitably led to trying to understand this particular phase of our Work and what is required of you and me if the Work is to evolve, that is, to continue. This moment is connected with the whole life of the Work, yet it cannot all be lumped together. It is like building a house or raising a child; each phase must be attended to and respected. . . . As to what is most important, that is, the state of the Gurdjieff Work, and to, so-to-say "stir-up" in each reader the cognition that it is their personal duty to assure its continuation, along with some digressions into related areas that might interest him or her, that is the subject of this book. It reflects my viewpoint, nothing more and nothing less.

The Fourth Way

Author : P. D. Ouspensky
ISBN : OCLC:480981267
Genre : Consciousness
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The Fourth Way

Author : Hugh Hewitt
ISBN : 9781501172441
Genre : Political Science
File Size : 31.58 MB
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From “the nearly professorial power-baron of conservative media” (Bloomberg), a handbook for how a united GOP government can solve problems and guarantee political success. Hugh Hewitt interviewed candidate Trump fifteen times on his nationally syndicated show during the 2016 campaign and participated as a panelist in four primary debates. What he learned from those news-making moments, along with his service for two Republican Presidents and his intimate knowledge of Washington, puts him in a perfect position to spell out how Trump and a unified GOP can transform the country and earn a lasting place in history. From defense to immigration, from entitlements to health care, Hewitt outlines how the new President, with the top leaders in Congress and with allies in fifty statehouses, can use November’s stunning result to find a Fourth Way out of the gridlock and the destructive showdowns that have marked the past quarter century of American politics.
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The Fourth Way And Esoteric Christianity

Author : Rebecca Nottingham
ISBN : 9780966496031
Genre : Body, Mind & Spirit
File Size : 89.99 MB
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Four in-depth lectures on the essence of the Fourth Way ideas, their practical application for psychological and spiritual development, and their relationship to Christianity. An extensive glossary is also included. The Fourth Way was developed by G.I. Gurdjieff, P.D. Ouspensky, and Maurice Nicoll.
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