Bricktop S Paris

Author : T. Denean Sharpley-Whiting
ISBN : 9781438455013
Genre : History
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Tells the fascinating story of African American women who traveled to France to seek freedom of expression. During the Jazz Age, France became a place where an African American woman could realize personal freedom and creativity, in narrative or in performance, in clay or on canvas, in life and in love. These women were participants in the life of the American expatriate colony, which included F. Scott Fitzgerald, Gertrude Stein, and Cole Porter, and they commingled with bohemian avant-garde writers and artists like Picasso, Breton, Colette, and Matisse. Bricktop’s Paris introduces the reader to twenty-five of these women and the city they encountered. Following this nonfiction account, T. Denean Sharpley-Whiting provides a fictionalized autobiography of Ada “Bricktop” Smith, which brings the players from the world of nonfiction into a Paris whose elegance masks a thriving underworld. “Bricktop’s Paris vibrantly recreates and reimagines the fascinating world of Jazz Age Paris by placing black women at the center of the story. T. Denean Sharpley-Whiting gives us a valuable new perspective on Ada “Bricktop” Smith, giving her the prominence usually attributed to Josephine Baker. She also provides detailed portraits of other singers, musicians, writers, and artists who left America for the French capital. Written with enthusiasm and insight, Bricktop’s Paris underscores the importance of women to transatlantic black modernity.” — Tyler Stovall, author of Paris Noir: African Americans in the City of Light “Bricktop’s Paris is a remarkable feat. Sharpley-Whiting’s book is a woman’s story about dreaming and making dreams happen. It is a political story, a story about migration, and re-creation. It is a dazzling account of bold women reshaping their lives as New Women/Modern Women and black women in Europe. A woman’s place is not only viewed in the sphere of domesticity through Sharpley-Whiting’s writing, she also reimagines the complexity of life far away from home and on stage, in the studio, and in the nightclub. She captures their spirit and desires and walks us through this history arm and arm, singing, writing, dancing, and making art. I fell in love with these women as I empathized with their struggles, some of them I knew through other writings but through Sharpley-Whiting I felt as if I knew them intimately as they made their lives count some fifty years after Reconstruction. She restores their voices and their bodies and makes them present for the contemporary reader. Brilliant!” — Deborah Willis, author of Posing Beauty: African American Images from the 1890s to the Present “Bricktop’s Paris is a marvelous book that further consolidates Sharpley-Whiting’s record of pioneering research, a meticulous archeological excavation of the artistic, cultural, political, and social contributions made by African American women in Paris during the interwar years. This was a period that increasingly linked racial advocacy with colonial emancipation and during which African American women achieved unprecedented levels of creative and personal freedom while shaping broader conversations on identity and race. Bricktop’s Paris promises to inspire a new generation of researchers and will become an incontrovertible point of reference in assessing the intellectual history of the era.” — Dominic Thomas, Madeleine L. Letessier Professor of French and Francophone Studies, University of California, Los Angeles
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A Traveler S Guide To The Afterlife

Author : Mark Mirabello
ISBN : 9781620555989
Genre : Body, Mind & Spirit
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A grand survey of the world’s death and afterlife traditions throughout history • Examines beliefs from many different cultures on the soul, heaven, hell, and reincarnation; instructions for accessing the different worlds of the afterlife; how one may become a god; and how ethics and the afterlife may not be connected • Explores techniques to communicate with the dead, including séance instructions • Includes an extensive bibliography of more than 900 sources from around the world Drawing on death and afterlife traditions from cultures around the world, Mark Mirabello explores the many forms of existence beyond death and each tradition’s instructions to access the afterlife. He examines beliefs on the soul, heaven, hell, and reincarnation and wisdom from Books of the Dead such as the Book of Going Forth by Day from Egypt, the Katha Upanishad from India, the Bardo Thodol from Tibet, the Golden Orphic Tablets from Greece, Lieh Tzu from China, and Heaven and its Wonders and Hell from Things Heard and Seen from 18th-century Europe. Considering the question “What is Death?” Mirabello provides answers from a wide range of ancient and modern thinkers, including scientist Nicholas Maxwell, the seer Emanuel Swedenborg, 1st-century Buddhist philosopher Nagarjuna, and Greek philosopher Euripides, who opined that we may already be dead and only dreaming we are alive. He explores the trek of the soul through life and death with firsthand accounts of the death journey and notes that what is perceived as death here may actually be life somewhere else. He reveals how, in many traditions, ethics and the afterlife are not connected and how an afterlife is possible even without a god or a soul. Sharing evidence that consciousness is not simply a product of the brain, he offers a strong rebuttal to nihilists, materialists, and the Lokayata philosophical school of India who believe in the “finality” of death. He explains how specters and ghosts are produced and offers techniques to communicate with the dead as well as instructions for an out-of-body experience and the complete procedure for a séance. With an extensive bibliography of more than 900 sources, this guide offers comprehensive information on afterlife beliefs from the vast majority of cultures around the world and throughout history--a veritable “traveler’s guide” to the afterlife.
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The Sun At Midnight

Author : Laurence Galian
ISBN : STANFORD:36105122976827
Genre : Sufism
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Fairy Tail Blue Mistral

Author : Hiro Mashima
ISBN : 3551785198
Genre : Comics & Graphic Novels
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Geometrie Und Ihre Anwendungen In Kunst Natur Und Technik

Author : Georg Glaeser
ISBN : 9783642418525
Genre : Mathematics
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Die „Geometrie und ihre Anwendungen“ ist für Personen geschrieben, die von relativ einfachen Problemen der ebenen Geometrie bis hin zu schwierigeren Aufgaben der Raumgeometrie Interesse an geometrischen Zusammenhängen haben. Ähnlich wie beim „mathematischen Werkzeugkasten“ stehen Anwendungen aus verschiedenen Disziplinen wie dem Ingenieurwesen, der Biologie, Physik, Astronomie, Geografie, Fotografie, Kunstgeschichte, ja sogar der Musik im Vordergrund. Die Anwendungsbeispiele veranschaulichen wichtige Begriffe der Geometrie wie Normalprojektion und Zentralprojektion, Krümmung von Kurven und Flächen, der Geometrie der Bewegung und sogar der Geometrie nichteuklidischer Räume. Stets hat die Raumvorstellung Vorrang. Das Buch kann daher auch von Personen ohne spezielle mathematische Vorbildung gelesen werden. Die 3. Auflage ist um gut 60 Seiten erweitert und enthält zahlreiche neue Anwendungen mit hochwertigen Grafiken.
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Author : Evangelos Pitsos
ISBN : 9783831607891
Genre : Cosmogony
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Photoshop Elements 8

Author : Inamarie Späth
ISBN : 9783645200035
Genre : Computers
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Photoshop Elements 8 ist ideal für alle Fotografen, die ihre Bilder schnell, bequem, aber dennoch mit Blick fürs Detail bearbeiten wollen. Dieses Buch hält sich nicht mit grauer Theorie auf, sondern liefert mehr als 40 konkrete Praxis-Workshops für Bildkorrekturen aller Art - unter Windows und auf dem Mac. Photoshop Elements 8 macht es leicht, Bilder zu optimieren, zu korrigieren, kreativ zu verschönern oder per E-Mail, Facebook oder eigener Webseite mit anderen Menschen zu teilen. In beinahe identischem Funktionsumfang für Mac OS X und Windows bedient Photoshop Elements 8 beide Welten gleichermaßen. Genau wie dieses Buch: Jeder der über 60 Workshops geht auf beide Softwarevarianten ein und ist somit der perfekte Begleiter sowohl für Windows als auch für Mac OS X-Anwender. Photoshop Elements 8-Know-how: Bildanalyse und Fehlerfinder - Elements Organizer - Elements Editor - Adobe Bridge - Adobe Camera Raw - Bildformate - Stapelverarbeitung - Arbeitstechniken und Arbeitsmodi - Werkzeugkästen - Ebenen und Einstellungsebenen - Komplexe Freisteller - Auswahlbereiche - Bildauflösungen im Detail - Bilder richtig archivieren Photoshop Elements-Workshops Bildverwaltung mit System: Elements Organizer und Adobe Bridge, Bilder bewerten, Bilder richtig verschlagworten, RAW-Bilder in Camera Raw entwickeln, Tipps zur Datensicherung Wichtige Arbeitstechniken: Assistent, Schnell-Modus und Voll-Modus, Elemente in neue Bilder mischen, der perfekte Bildausschnitt, Collagen: Klebestift und Schere digital, Text in Bilder einfügen Schnelle Bildkorrekturen: Krummes und Schiefes gerade rücken, störende Flecken und Bildteile entfernen, Bilder ohne Qualitätsverlust neu zusammensetzen, Tonwertkorrekturen, Passanten aus einer Szene entfernen Tonwert- und Farbkorrekturen: Flaue Farben auffrischen, strahlende Farben mit der Tonwertkorrektur, urlaubsblaue Himmel, natürliche Farben: manuell oder mit dem Assistenten
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Buch Neuer K Nstler

Author : László Moholy-Nagy
ISBN : STANFORD:36105032688850
Genre : Art
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