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The Fate Of Africa

Author : Martin Meredith
ISBN : 9781610391320
Genre : History
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First published in 2005, The Fate of Africa was hailed by reviewers as "A masterpiece....The nonfiction book of the year" (The New York Post); "a magnificent achievement" (Weekly Standard); "a joy," (Wall Street Journal) and "one of the decade's most important works on Africa" (Publishers Weekly, starred review). Now Martin Meredith has revised this classic history to incorporate important recent developments, including the Darfur crisis in Sudan, Robert Mugabe's continued destructive rule in Zimbabwe, controversies over Western aid and exploitation of Africa's resources, the growing importance and influence of China, and the democratic movement roiling the North African countries of Tunisia, Egypt, and Jordan.
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Summary The Fate Of Africa

Author : BusinessNews Publishing
ISBN : 9782511002094
Genre : Political Science
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The must-read summary of Martin Meredith's book: “The Fate of Africa: From the Hopes of Freedom to the Heart of Despair”. This complete summary of "The Fate of Africa" by Martin Meredith, a prominent historian and writer, outlines his assessment of the evolution of Africa after gaining independence from colonialism. He illustrates how the hope of independence has been eroded to despair as greed and ethnic resentment plunged the countries into civil war, disease, devastation, extreme poverty, totalitarian dictatorships and dependence on the West. Added-value of this summary:• Save time• Understand how the world's most promising continent gradually descended into poverty and despair• Expand your knowledge of international politics and economics To learn more, read "The Fate of Africa" and discover what led to Africa's decline, and what can be done about it.
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Fortunes Of Africa

Author : Martin Meredith
ISBN : 9781471135460
Genre : History
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In this vast and vivid panorama of history, Martin Meredith, bestselling author of The State of Africa, follows the fortunes of Africa over a period of 5,000 years. With compelling narrative, he traces the rise and fall of ancient kingdoms and empires; the spread of Christianity and Islam; the enduring quest for gold and other riches; the exploits of explorers and missionaries; and the impact of European colonisation. He examines, too, the fate of modern African states and concludes with a glimpse into their future. This is history on an epic scale.
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Fischer S Choice

Author : Martin Meredith
ISBN : 1868421317
Genre : Communists
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From Slaves To Oil

Author : David Model
ISBN : 9781496919816
Genre : History
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Famine, drought, internecine wars, corrupt leaders and culture have all been postulated as the cause of African underdevelopment despite its enormous wealth of resources. These myths are a smokescreen for the major causes of poverty, malnutrition, lack of amenities and death in Africa which has been the rapacious looting of the African continent for centuries by Western Powers. In the early twentieth century, King Leopold of Belgium slaughtered ten million Congolese in order to purloin rubber for the nascent automobile industry. One century later, United States, Belgium and France were responsible for the deaths of five million Congolese to gain free access to the vast riches of its resources such as gold, diamonds and, in particular coltan, an essential ingredient in electronic devices. This book explodes many of the myths about the fate of Africa which hide the truth about American and European interference in the development of the continent such as the context of the Black Hawk Down incident in Somalia, responsibility for the Rwanda Genocide, the origins of Boko Haram in Nigeria and its kidnapping of young girls and the real cause of the “humanitarian intervention” in Libya. The greater European advancement in military prowess, political organization, strong naval capabilities, particularly during the colonial era, in conjunction with the greed permeating European economic zeitgeist empowered first Europe then America to exploit the continent for cheap or free labor, bases, allies, markets, investments and resources. As a result of this exploitation, African nations are among the poorest on the planet, suffer the horrors of war on a regular basis, face the plight of hunger and disease more than anywhere else and lose more children before the age of five.
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Africa S Elephant

Author : Martin Meredith
ISBN : 0340770813
Genre : Elephants
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"Yet elephant history has been dominated by periods of brutality and persecution. African elephants were used in ancient times to fight in wars. The Romans threw them into gladiatorial games. But, above all, it was the demand for their ivory, prized for centuries as a badge of wealth and status and used in modern times to manufacture piano keys and billiard balls, that has made Africa's elephants one of the most vulnerable animals on earth. In the late twentieth century, the onslaught was so severe that the African elephant was placed on the list of endangered species."--BOOK JACKET.
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Diamonds Gold And War

Author : Martin Meredith
ISBN : 1416526374
Genre : History
File Size : 46.35 MB
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The prize was great -- not just land, but the riches it held, in the form of diamonds and gold. What became a country called South Africa was, until 1910, a vast and untamed land where great fortunes could be made (and lost); where great battles were fought (and lost); and where great men had their reputations forged, or dashed, or sometimes both. Martin Meredith's follow-up to his magisterial The State of Africa is an equally epic new history of the making of South Africa. Covering the extraordinarily eventful four decades leading up to the establishment of the Union of South Africa in 1910, it covers some of the most iconic tales of imperial history. The Zulus at Rorke's Drift; the Jameson Raid; the diamond and gold rushes at Kimberley and Witwatersrand; the Boer wars; the titanic struggle between the arch-imperialist Cecil Rhodes and his Boer rival, Paul Kruger -- DIAMONDS, GOLD AND WAR brings all of these and more together in a stunningly coherent and compelling narrative. History, somehow, just isn't as colourful any more.
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Africa S Long Road Since Independence

Author : Keith Somerville
ISBN : 9780141984100
Genre : History
File Size : 54.79 MB
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'A superb book...genuinely innovative' Jack Spence OBE, King's College London Over the last half century, sub-Saharan Africa has not had one history, but many. Histories that have intertwined, converged and diverged. They have involved a continuing process of decolonization and state-building, conflict, economic problems but also progress and the perpetual interplay of structure and agency. This new view of those histories looks in particular at the relationship between territorial, economic, political and societal structures and human agency in the complex and sometimes confusing development of an independent Africa. The story starts well before the granting of independence to Ghana in 1957, but the book also looks at Africa in the closing decades of the old millennium and opening ones of the new. This is a book, too, about the history of the peoples of Africa and their struggle for economic development against the global economic straitjacket into which they were strapped by colonial rule and decolonisation. The importance of imposed or inherited structures, whether the global capitalist system, of which Africa is a subordinate part, or the artificial and often inappropriate state borders and political systems is discussed in the light of the exercise of agency by African peoples, political movements and leaders.
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Born In Africa

Author : Martin Meredith
ISBN : 9780857206671
Genre : History
File Size : 85.54 MB
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Africa does not give up its secrets easily. Buried there lie answers about the origins of humankind and the dawn of civilisation. Through a century of archaeological investigation, scientists have transformed our understanding of the beginnings of human life, although vital clues still remain hidden. In Born in Africa, Martin Meredith follows the trail of discoveries about our human origins made by scientists over the last hundred years, as well as describing the history of scholarship in this incredibly exciting field. He relates the intense rivalries, personal feuds and fierce controversies that shaped the study and perception of Africa, and recounts the feats of skill and endurance that have illuminated thousands of years of human evolution. The results have been momentous. Scientists have identified more than twenty species of extinct humans and firmly established Africa as the birthplace not only of humankind, but also of our own species: homo sapiens, the modern human. Scientific study has revealed how early technology, language ability and artistic endeavour all originated in Africa, and scientists have shown how, in an exodus sixty thousand years ago, small groups of Africans left their birthplace to populate the rest of the world. We all have an African legacy, and in this fascinating and informative book Martin Meredith leads us back to the place where we have rediscovered our common human heritage.
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