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Bird Dream

Author : Matt Higgins
ISBN : 9780698163829
Genre : Sports & Recreation
File Size : 23.5 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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PEN / ESPN Award for Literary Sports Writing (2015 LONGLIST) “[P]erversely entertaining... In a truly intoxicating read that was hard to put down, Matt Higgins has managed to make real a world about as far removed from daily life as it gets.” --Daily Beast "Matt Higgins cracks open this astonishingly dangerous sport and captures the spectacular adrenaline surges it delivers."--The Wall Street Journal "[R]iveting... a must-read. A highflying, electrifying story." --Kirkus (STARRED) A heart-stopping narrative of risk and courage, Bird Dream tells the story of the remarkable men and women who pioneered the latest advances in aerial exploration—from skydiving to BASE jumping to wingsuit flying—and made history with their daring. By the end of the twentieth century BASE jumping was the most dangerous of all the extreme sports, with thrill-seeking jumpers parachuting from bridges, mountains, radio towers, and even skyscrapers. Despite numerous fatalities and legal skirmishes, BASE jumpers like Jeb Corliss of California thought they had discovered the ultimate rush. But all this changed for Corliss in 1999, when, high in the mountains of northern Italy, he and other jumpers watched in wonder as a stranger—wearing a cunning new jumpsuit featuring “wings” between the arms and legs—leaped from a ledge and then actually flew from the vertiginous cliffs. Drawing on intimate access to Corliss and other top pilots from around the globe,Bird Dream tracks the evolution of the wingsuit movement through the larger than life characters who, in an age of viral video, forced the sport onto the world stage. Their exploits—which entranced millions of fans along the way—defied imagination. They were flying; not like the Wright brothers, but the way we do in our dreams. Some dared to dream of going further yet, to a day when a wingsuit pilot might fly, and land, all without a parachute. A growing number of wingsuit pilots began plotting ways in which a human being might leap from the sky and land. A half dozen groups around the world were dedicated to this quest for a “wingsuit landing,” conjuring the pursuit of nations that once inspired the race to first summit Everest. Given his fame as a stuntman, the brash, publicity-hungry Corliss remained the popular favorite to claim the first landing. Yet Bird Dream also tracks the path of another man, Gary Connery—a forty-two-year-old Englishman—who was quietly plotting to beat Corliss at his own game. Accompanied by an international cast of wingsuit devotees—including a Finnish magician, a parachute tester from Brazil, an Australian computer programmer, a gruff hang-gliding champion-turned-aeronautical engineer, a French skydiving champion, and a South African costume designer—Corliss and Connery raced to leap into the unknown, a contest that would lead to triumph for one and nearly cost the other his life. Based on five years of firsthand reporting and original interviews, Bird Dream is the work of journalist Matt Higgins, who traveled the world alongside these extraordinary men and women as they jumped and flew in Europe, Africa, Asia, and the Americas. Offering a behind-the-scenes take on some of the most spectacular and disastrous events of the wingsuit movement, Higgins’s Bird Dream is a riveting, adrenaline-fueled adventure at the very edge of human experience. From the Trade Paperback edition.
Category: Sports & Recreation

Shifting Geo Economic Power Of The Gulf

Author : Bessma Momani
ISBN : 9781317055419
Genre : Political Science
File Size : 37.68 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Bringing together for the first time distinguished Gulf experts to analyse the renewed geo-economic prominence of the Gulf states, this volume investigates some of the 'new power brokers' in the world economy: the oil-exporting states of the Gulf. The Gulf Cooperation Council's (GCC) members: Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia, collectively have the largest proven oil reserves in the world and are among the world's largest oil-exporting states. Gulf Arab states are actively pursuing a variety of foreign investment strategies. Some of these investments are being managed by sovereign wealth funds, government investment corporations, and government-controlled companies. This renewed geo-economic status has received a lot of media attention but there has been a dearth of academic study on what this shift in global economic power means for the international economic system. This volume aims to fill this gap with a rigorous scholarly analysis based on primary sources and raw economic data. It brings together the expertise of academics who have devoted their career to careful study of the region and of renowned scholars of international political economy.
Category: Political Science

Mac World

Author :
ISBN : UOM:39015048225786
Genre : Macintosh (Computer)
File Size : 88.56 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Category: Macintosh (Computer)

Boundaries And Frontiers Of Labour Law

Author : Guy Davidov
ISBN : 9781847312877
Genre : Law
File Size : 53.51 MB
Format : PDF
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Labour law has always been preoccupied with boundaries. One can either be an 'employee' or not, an 'employer' or not, and the answer dictates who comes within the scope of labour law, for better or worse. But such divisions have always been difficult, and in recent years their shortcomings have become ever more pronounced. The proliferation of new work arrangements and heightened global competition have exposed a world-wide crisis in the regulation of work. It is therefore timely to re-assess the idea of labour law, and the concepts, in particular the age-old distinctions - that are used to delimit the field. This collection of essays, by leading experts from around the world, explores the frontiers of our understanding of labour law itself. Contributors: Harry Arthurs, Paul Benjamin, Hugh Collins, Guy Davidov, Paul Davies, Simon Deakin, Mark Freedland, Judy Fudge, Adrin Goldin, Alan Hyde, Jean-Claude Javillier, Csilla Kollonay Lehoczky, Brian Langille, Enriqué Marin, Kamala Sankaran, Silvana Sciarra, Katherine Stone and Anne Trebilcock.
Category: Law

Crash Test Love

Author : Ted Michael
ISBN : 9780375896484
Genre : Young Adult Fiction
File Size : 33.20 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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The last thing Henry Arlington wants is a girlfriend. He's just very, very good with girls—reading their body language, knowing what they want to hear, and more importantly: getting them into the backseat of his car. But all that changes when he meets Garrett Lennox at one of the many Sweet Sixteen parties he crashes. Garrett thinks she's done with guys. She was dumped by her ex when she moved from Chicago to Long Island, and now she realizes that she needs to find out who she is by herself, instead of with a boyfriend. What she really needs is some good friends. Fortunately for Garrett, the J Squad—the "it" girls of East Shore High School—want her in their clique. All she has to do is pass one little test: get East Shore god Henry Arlington to take her to one of the biggest Sweet Sixteens of the year, then dump him in front of everyone. Garrett has promised herself not to fall for another guy, so playing with Henry's heart shouldn't be hard. Right? And Henry doesn't fall for girls, so when he and Garrett start to click, it doesn't matter. Does it? As William Shakespeare once said, "Love is blind," or in this case, the lovers may be, as Henry and Garrett fall in love—and into the trap that awaits them. Because neither of them can even begin to see what the girls of Henry Arlington's past have in store. This hilarious, sharp, and surprisingly thoughtful novel is the teen Wedding Crashers, filled with love, hope, laughs, and surprising insights about the terrifying process of falling in love. From the Trade Paperback edition.
Category: Young Adult Fiction

To An Effective Local Langlands Correspondence

Author : Colin J. Bushnell
ISBN : 9780821894170
Genre : Mathematics
File Size : 90.23 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Let F be a non-Archimedean local field. Let \mathcal{W}_{F} be the Weil group of F and \mathcal{P}_{F} the wild inertia subgroup of \mathcal{W}_{F}. Let \widehat {\mathcal{W}}_{F} be the set of equivalence classes of irreducible smooth representations of \mathcal{W}_{F}. Let \mathcal{A}^{0}_{n}(F) denote the set of equivalence classes of irreducible cuspidal representations of \mathrm{GL}_{n}(F) and set \widehat {\mathrm{GL}}_{F} = \bigcup _{n\ge 1} \mathcal{A}^{0}_{n}(F). If \sigma \in \widehat {\mathcal{W}}_{F}, let ^{L}{\sigma }\in \widehat {\mathrm{GL}}_{F} be the cuspidal representation matched with \sigma by the Langlands Correspondence. If \sigma is totally wildly ramified, in that its restriction to \mathcal{P}_{F} is irreducible, the authors treat ^{L}{\sigma} as known. From that starting point, the authors construct an explicit bijection \mathbb{N}:\widehat {\mathcal{W}}_{F} \to \widehat {\mathrm{GL}}_{F}, sending \sigma to ^{N}{\sigma}. The authors compare this "naïve correspondence" with the Langlands correspondence and so achieve an effective description of the latter, modulo the totally wildly ramified case. A key tool is a novel operation of "internal twisting" of a suitable representation \pi (of \mathcal{W}_{F} or \mathrm{GL}_{n}(F)) by tame characters of a tamely ramified field extension of F, canonically associated to \pi. The authors show this operation is preserved by the Langlands correspondence.
Category: Mathematics

Glass Irony And God

Author : Anne Carson
ISBN : 0811213021
Genre : Poetry
File Size : 57.58 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Anne Carson's poetry - characterized by various reviewers as "short talks", "essays", or "verse narratives" - combines the confessional and the critical in a voice all her own. Known as a remarkable classicist, Anne Carson in Glass, Irony and God weaves contemporary and ancient poetic strands with stunning style. This collection includes: "The Glass Essay", a powerful poem about the end of a love affair, told in the context of Carson's reading of the Bronte sisters; "Book of Isaiah", a poem evoking the deeply primitive feel of ancient Judaism; and "The Fall of Rome", about her trip to "find" Rome and her struggle to overcome feelings of a terrible alienation there.
Category: Poetry