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The Emperors Needles

Author : Susan Sorek
ISBN : 1904675301
Genre : History
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Obelisks—the ubiquitous, four-sided monuments with pyramid tops that dotted the landscapes of ancient Egypt—reached their heyday between 2000 and 1500 BC, when they transformed from emblems of the sun cult to everyday objects proclaiming the splendor of the pharaohs. Today, only twenty-seven Egyptian obelisks remain standing, long ago dispersed to various locales throughout the world; Rome, with thirteen—each of which is in a different corner of the Eternal City—possesses more than anywhere else, including Egypt. This fascinating volume is a comprehensive guide to these remarkable objects, as well as the history of their construction and transmission. Aimed both at the scholar and culturally interested traveler, The Emperors’ Needles links two of our greatest ancient civilizations, for the first time, through an in-depth account of their standing monuments. Tracing the interest of Roman emperors in the obelisk as an object of prestige and power, as well as discussing each monument in detail, the individual histories and remarkable accounts presented in this highly illustrated volume are not to be missed by any enthusiast of Roman or Egyptian culture.
Category: History

Politische Ikonographie Und Differenzrepr Sentation

Author : Eva Marlene Hausteiner
ISBN : 9783845285405
Genre : Political Science
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Die visuelle Inszenierung von Herrschaft ist bislang durch Darstellungen von Macht und Einheit geprägt. Weniger erforscht als diese Identitätsrepräsentation ist die oft besonders produktive Seite von Differenzrepräsentation. Insbesondere in Demokratien ist die freie Artikulation von Andersheit, Verschiedenheit und Vielfalt unerlässlich für Integration, Kommunikation und politische Stabilisation. Kritik und Erneuerung demokratischer Ordnungen vollziehen sich daher auch in symbolstarken öffentlichen Auseinandersetzungen um die beiden Leitdimensionen der politischen Repräsentation, Identität und Differenz. Dieser Sonderband widmet sich darum Dimensionen der Brechung, Erweiterung und Repräsentationskämpfe kollektiver Identitäten. Die betrachteten Motive, Kampagnen und Materialien reichen von der Ikonographie demokratischer Hauptstadt- und Arbeiterwohnbauarchitektur über Obelisken, Street Art, Einbürgerungsfeiern bis zu Symbolen wie dem der Verfassung, der Transparenz und des Kreises. Mit Beiträgen von Vincent August, Lisa Bogerts, Anna Chwialkowska, Iris Därmann, Paula Diehl, Elisabeth Haas, Eva Marlene Hausteiner, Sebastian Huhnholz, Maria Jakob, Marcus Llanque, Philip Manow, Michael Minkenberg, Lena Sophia Schacht, Daniel Schulz, Felix Steilen, Siegfried Weichlein.
Category: Political Science

Cleopatra S Needles

Author : Bob Brier
ISBN : 9781474242943
Genre : History
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In the half-century between 1831 and 1881 three massive obelisks left Egypt for new lands. Prior to these journeys, the last large obelisk moved was the Vatican obelisk in 1586 – one of the great engineering achievements of the Renaissance. Roman emperors moved more than a dozen, but left no records of how they did it. The nineteenth-century engineers entrusted with transporting the obelisks across oceans had to invent new methods, and they were far from certain that they would work. As the three obelisks, bound for Paris, London and New York, sailed towards their new homes, the world held its breath. Newspapers reported the obelisks' daily progress, complete with dramatic illustrations of the heroic deeds of the engineers and crews struggling under nearly impossible conditions. When the obelisks finally arrived safely in their new homes, bands played Cleopatra's Needle Waltz and silver obelisk pencils dangled from fashionable ladies' necks. This turbulent era, caught up in obelisk mania, is recreated by Bob Brier in all its glory. Amid astounding tales of engineering dexterity and naval endurance, the individuals involved in transporting the obelisks and receiving them in their future homes are brought to life through their letters and diaries, newspaper articles and illustrations. Written by a renowned Egyptologist and author, this compelling book will fascinate all those interested in Egypt, its iconic monuments and the history of great endeavour.
Category: History

The Caesar Of Paris Napoleon Bonaparte Rome And The Artistic Obsession That Shaped An Empire

Author : Susan Jaques
ISBN : 9781681779409
Genre : History
File Size : 58.83 MB
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A monumental cultural history of Napoleon Bonaparte’s fascination with antiquity and how it shaped Paris’ artistic landscape. Napoleon is one of history’s most fascinating figures. But his complex relationship with Rome—both with antiquity and his contemporary conflicts with the Pope and Holy See—have undergone little examination. In The Caesar of Paris, Susan Jaques reveals how Napoleon’s dueling fascination and rivalry informed his effort to turn Paris into “the new Rome”— Europe’s cultural capital—through architectural and artistic commissions around the city. His initiatives and his aggressive pursuit of antiquities and classical treasures from Italy gave Paris much of the classical beauty we know and adore today. Napoleon had a tradition of appropriating from past military greats to legitimize his regime—Alexander the Great during his invasion of Egypt, Charlemagne during his coronation as emperor, even Frederick the Great when he occupied Berlin. But it was ancient Rome and the Caesars that held the most artistic and political influence and would remain his lodestars. Whether it was the Arc de Triopmhe, the Venus de Medici in the Louvre, or the gorgeous works of Antonio Canova, Susan Jaques brings Napoleon to life as never before.
Category: History

Washington S Monument

Author : John Steele Gordon
ISBN : 9781620406526
Genre : Architecture
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The colorful story behind one of America's greatest monuments and of the ancient obelisks of Egypt, now scattered around the world. Conceived soon after the American Revolution ended, the great monument to George Washington was not finally completed until almost a century later; the great obelisk was finished in 1884, and remains the tallest stone structure in the world at 555 feet. The story behind its construction is a largely untold and intriguing piece of American history, which acclaimed historian John Steele Gordon relates with verve, connecting it to the colorful saga of the ancient obelisks of Egypt. Nobody knows how many obelisks were crafted in ancient Egypt, or even exactly how they were created and erected since they are made out of hard granite and few known tools of the time were strong enough to work granite. Generally placed in pairs at the entrances to temples, they have in modern times been ingeniously transported around the world to Istanbul, Paris, London, New York, and many other locations. Their stories illuminate that of the Washington Monument, once again open to the public following earthquake damage, and offer a new appreciation for perhaps the most iconic memorial in the country.
Category: Architecture

Archaeology And The Letters Of Paul

Author : Laura Salah Nasrallah
ISBN : 9780199699674
Genre : Religion
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Archaeology and the Letters of Paul illuminates the social, political, economic, and religious lives of those to whom the apostle Paul wrote. Roman Ephesos provides evidence of slave traders and the regulation of slaves; it is a likely setting for household of Philemon, to whom a letter about the slave Onesimus is addressed. In Galatia, an inscription seeks to restrain the demands of travelling Roman officials, illuminating how the apostolic travels of Paul, Cephas, and others disrupted communities. At Philippi, a list of donations from the cult of Silvanus demonstrates the benefactions of a community that, like those in Christ, sought to share abundance in the midst of economic limitations. In Corinth, a landscape of grief extends from monuments to the bones of the dead, and provides a context in which to understand Corinthian practices of baptism on behalf of the dead and the provocative idea that one could live"as if not" mourning or rejoicing. Rome and the Letter to the Romans are the grounds for an investigation of ideas of time and race not only in the first century, when we find an Egyptian obelisk inserted as a timepiece into the mausoleum complex of Augustus, but also of a new Rome under Mussolini that claimed the continuity of Roman racial identity from antiquity to his time and sought to excise Jews. Thessalonikē and the early Christian literature associated with the city demonstrates what is done out of love for Paul-invention of letters, legends, and cult in his name. The book articulates a method for bringing together biblical texts with archaeological remains. This method reconstructs the lives of the many adelphoi--brothers and sisters--whom Paul and his co-writers address. Its project is informed by feminist historiography and gains inspiration from thinkers such as Claudia Rankine, Judith Butler, Giorgio Agamben, Wendy Brown, and Katie Lofton.
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Cleopatra S Needle

Author : Sir Erasmus Wilson
ISBN : OXFORD:302078589
Genre : Ancient Egypt
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