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The Economy Of The Greek Cities

Author : Léopold Migeotte
ISBN : 9780520253650
Genre : History
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"Eschewing the anachronistic oversimplification of modernist and formalist theory, Migeotte deftly marshals primary sources in the service of nuanced description. Migeotte's accessible text restores the ancient economy--embedded, as the sources show, in a political, social, and cultural context--to its proper place in Greek civilization. A triumph of scholarly yet readable exposition!"--Nicholas F. Jones, author of Rural Athens Under the Democracy "Migeotte's work, firmly anchored in ancient evidence and balanced in judgment, is undoubtedly the best compact survey of the ancient Greek economy currently available."--Walter Scheidel, lead editor of The Cambridge Economic History of the Greco-Roman World
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The Economy Of The Greek Cities

Author : Léopold Migeotte
ISBN : 9780520253667
Genre : History
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The Greek cities and the economy. Constants and constraints -- Economy and oikonomia -- The economic space of the cities -- Primary text -- The world of agriculture. Agricultural labor and products -- Foodstuffs and how they were used -- Cultivating the soil -- Self-sufficiency and markets -- Primary texts -- Craft industries and business ventures. Private crafts -- Public works -- Primary texts -- Trade. Trading conditions -- Different levels of trading -- The business world -- Public interventions -- Primary texts.
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The Economy Of The Greek Cities

Author : Léopold Migeotte
ISBN : 0520253663
Genre : History
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The Economy of the Greek Cities offers readers a clear and concise overview of ancient Greek economies from the archaic to the Roman period. Léopold Migeotte approaches Greek economic activities from the perspective of the ancient sources, situating them within the context of the city-state (polis). He illuminates the ways citizens intervened in the economy and considers such important sectors as agriculture, craft industries, public works, and trade. Focusing on how the private and public spheres impinged on each other, this book provides a broad understanding of the political and economic changes affecting life in the Greek city-states over a thousand-year period.
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Wirtschaftsgeschichte Der Antike

Author : Michael Sommer
ISBN : 9783406654817
Genre : Business & Economics
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Rund 10.000 Jahre Wirtschaftsgeschichte werden in diesem schlanken Buch konzise zusammengefasst – von der Sesshaftwerdung des Menschen und den Anfängen des Ackerbaus bis in die Spätantike. Je komplexer die Gesellschaftsformen wurden, die der Mensch hervorbrachte, umso wichtiger wurde die Sicherstellung der Versorgung der Gemeinschaft, aber umso reizvoller auch die Beschaffung von Gütern, die der sozialen Distinktion dienten. Handel und Handwerk erfuhren im Laufe der Jahrtausende neue Impulse, und es entstand der Typ des Entrepreneurs, der bereit war, hohe Risiken in Kauf zu nehmen, wenn er seine Waren mit Karawanen über Land oder mit Schiffen zur See transportiere, um sie am Bestimmungsort mit großem Gewinn zu verkaufen.
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Egypt Greece And Rome

Author : Charles Freeman
ISBN : 9780191509704
Genre : History
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Egypt, Greece, and Rome is regarded as one of the best general histories of the ancient world, having sold more than 80,000 copies in its first two editions. It is written for the general reader and the student coming to the subject for the first time and provides a reliable and highly accessible point of entry to the period. Beginning with the early Middle Eastern civilizations of Sumer, and continuing right through to the Islamic invasions and the birth of modern Europe after the collapse of the Roman empire, the book ranges beyond political history to cover art and architecture, philosophy, literature, society, and economy. A wide range of maps, illustrations, and photographs complements the text. This third edition has been extensively revised to appeal to the general reader with several chapters completely rewritten and a great deal of new material added, including a new selection of images.
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Economic Analysis Of Institutional Change In Ancient Greece

Author : Carl Hampus-Lyttkens
ISBN : 9780415630160
Genre : Business & Economics
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This book presents an economic analysis of the causes and consequences of institutional change in ancient Athens. Focusing on the period 800-300 BCE, it looks in particular at the development of political institutions and taxation, including a new look at the activities of individuals like Solon, Kleisthenes and Perikles and on the changes in political rules and taxation after the Peloponnesian War.
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The Monetary Systems Of The Greeks And Romans

Author : W. V. Harris
ISBN : 9780191615177
Genre : History
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Most people have some idea what Greeks and Romans coins looked like, but few know how complex Greek and Roman monetary systems eventually became. The contributors to this volume are numismatists, ancient historians, and economists intent on investigating how these systems worked and how they both did and did not resemble a modern monetary system. Why did people first start using coins? How did Greeks and Romans make payments, large or small? What does money mean in Greek tragedy? Was the Roman Empire an integrated economic system? This volume can serve as an introduction to such questions, but it also offers the specialist the results of original research.
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The Making Of The Ancient Greek Economy

Author : Alain Bresson
ISBN : 9781400852451
Genre : History
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This comprehensive introduction to the ancient Greek economy revolutionizes our understanding of the subject and its possibilities. Alain Bresson is one of the world's leading authorities in the field, and he is helping to redefine it. Here he combines a thorough knowledge of ancient sources with innovative new approaches grounded in recent economic historiography to provide a detailed picture of the Greek economy between the last century of the Archaic Age and the closing of the Hellenistic period. Focusing on the city-state, which he sees as the most important economic institution in the Greek world, Bresson addresses all of the city-states rather than only Athens. An expanded and updated English edition of an acclaimed work originally published in French, the book offers a groundbreaking new theoretical framework for studying the economy of ancient Greece; presents a masterful survey and analysis of the most important economic institutions, resources, and other factors; and addresses some major historiographical debates. Among the many topics covered are climate, demography, transportation, agricultural production, market institutions, money and credit, taxes, exchange, long-distance trade, and economic growth. The result is an unparalleled demonstration that, unlike just a generation ago, it is possible today to study the ancient Greek economy as an economy and not merely as a secondary aspect of social or political history. This is essential reading for students, historians of antiquity, and economic historians of all periods.
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