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The Duties Of Brotherhood In Islam

Author : Imam al-Ghazali
ISBN : 9780860375111
Genre : Religion
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Imam al-Ghazali explores the meaning and significance of fraternity in Islam in this brilliant essay from his seminal work, The Revival of the Religious Sciences, which covers material assistance, personal aid, holding one's tongue, speaking out, forgiveness, loyalty, sincerity, and informality. Table of Contents: Foreward Translator's Foreword Introduction: the Time and Place of al-Ghazali Al-Ghazali: On the Duties of Brotherhood The First Duty: Material Assistance The Second Duty: Personal Aid The Third Duty: Holding One's Tongue The Fourth Duty: Speaking Out The Fifth Duty: Forgiveness The Sixth Duty: Prayer The Seventh Duty: Loyalty and Sincerity The Eighth Duty: Informality Postscript Translator's Notes Imam al-Ghazali (1058–1111 CE) of Tus in Iran was one of the greatest scholars in the history of Islamic thought. He made outstanding contributions in logic, philosophy, jurisprudence, legal theory, and mysticism.
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On The Duties Of Brotherhood

Author : Imam Al-Ghazali
ISBN : 9781468312010
Genre : Philosophy
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The classic Islamic text and the central work by a great Arabic scholar. On the Duties of Brotherhood shows how brotherhood can be an aid to spiritual purification and the perfection of one's worship, as well as a source of help and comfort in the world. Readers will find the road to fellowship—by way of forgiveness, prayer, sincerity, loyalty, and consideration—and be enlightened by stories that illustrate the doctrine of brotherhood.
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Al Ghazzali On The Duties Of Brotherhood

Author : Muhammad Al-Ghazzali
ISBN : 1567446884
Genre : Religion
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General Description: Al-Ghazzali places great emphasis on the virtue and spiritual reward of having a good disposition. He also discusses how to recognize the sicknesses of the spiritual heart, the signs of a good character, the raising and training of children, and the prerequisites of becoming a disciple.
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Classical Spirituality In Contemporary America

Author : Michael S. Pittman
ISBN : 9781441131133
Genre : Religion
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G.I. Gurdjieff (d. 1949) remains an important, if controversial, figure in early 20th-century Western Esoteric thought. Born in the culturally diverse region of the Caucasus, Gurdjieff traveled in Asia, Africa, and elsewhere in search of practical spiritual knowledge. Though oftentimes allusive, references to Sufi teachings and characters take a prominent position in Gurdjieff's work and writings. Since his death, a discourse on Gurdjieff and Sufism has developed through the contributions as well as critiques of his students and interlocutors. J.G. Bennett began an experimental 'Fourth Way' school in England in the 1970s which included the introduction of Sufi practices and teachings. In America this discourse has further expanded through the collaboration and engagement of contemporary Sufi teachers. This work does not simply demonstrate the influence of Gurdjieff and his ideas, but approaches the specific discourse on and about Gurdjieff and Sufism in the context of contemporary religious and spiritual teachings, particularly in the United States, and highlights some of the adaptive, boundary-crossing, and hybrid features that have led to the continuing influence of Sufism.
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The Muslim Brotherhood In Contemporary Egypt

Author : Mariz Tadros
ISBN : 9781136296222
Genre : Political Science
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The Muslim Brotherhood is one of the oldest and most influential Islamist movements. As the party ascends to power in Egypt, it is poised to adopt a new system of governance and state–society relations, the effects of which are likely to extend well beyond Egypt’s national borders. This book examines the Brotherhood’s visions and practices, from its inception in 1928, up to its response to the 2011 uprising, as it moves to redefine democracy along Islamic lines. The book analyses the Muslim Brotherhood’s position on key issues such as gender, religious minorities, and political plurality, and critically analyses whether claims that the Brotherhood has abandoned extremism and should be engaged with as a moderate political force can be substantiated. It also considers the wider political context of the region, and assesses the extent to which the Brotherhood has the potential to transform politics in the Middle East.
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Muslim Ethics And Modernity

Author : Sheila McDonough
ISBN : 9781554587483
Genre : Religion
File Size : 30.73 MB
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A study of modern Muslim ethics, focussed upon the lives and writings of Sayyid Ahmad Khan and Mawlana Mawdudi, this monograph sheds light upon the modern ethical problems of contemporary Islam. Sayyid Ahmad Khan, often called a liberal, a modernist, or an acculturationist, represents the "liberal" trend of Sunni Muslim ethics. Khan's approach borrows much from reason, yet for Khanreason and revelation are not in conflict. Reason guides the interpretation of Islam when revelation is insufficient. In contrast, Mawlana Mawdudi's fundamentalism is, at least in part, anti-rational; it depends upon revelation (as it comes to one man in particular) and is very autocratic. McDonough is concerned with Khan and Mawdudi, both writers within the Indo-Pakistan Muslim tradition. Their conflicting views, their differing interpretations of ethics that suit Islam in the contemporary world, exemplify the difficulties and turmoil faced by Muslims the world over. For these men, modernity has not spelled the end of Islam; yet each has found a different way of relating Islam to the present and the future in faithfulness to traditional Islam. This monograph will be of interest to students of contemporary Islam, as well as to those interested in questions of comparative ethics, for the liberal/fundamentalist conflicts outlined in this monograph are analogous to manifestations of the same dichotomy in all world religions.
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Inside The Muslim Brotherhood

Author : Khalil Al-anani
ISBN : 9780190279738
Genre : Egypt
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Over the past three decades, through rises and falls in power, regime repression and exclusion, the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood has endured, proving more resilient than any other Islamist movement in the world. In this book Khalil al-Anani explores the factors that have enabled the Brotherhood to survive so long within an ever-changing political landscape. Inside the Muslim Brotherhood unpacks the principal factors that shape the movement's identity, organization, and activism. Investigating the processes of socialization, indoctrination, recruitment, identification, networking, and mobilization that characterize the movement, al-Anani argues that the Brotherhood is not merely a political actor seeking power but an identity-maker that aims to change societal values, norms, and morals to line up with its ideology and worldview. The Brotherhood is involved in an intensive process of meaning construction and symbolic production that shapes individuals' identity and gives sense to their lives. The result is a distinctive code of identity that binds members together, maintains their activism, and guides their behavior in everyday life. Al-Anani attributes the Brotherhood's longevity to its tight-knit structure coupled with a complex membership system that has helped them resist regime penetration. The book also explores the divisions and differences within the movement and how these affect its strategy and decisions. The culmination of over a decade of research and interviews with leaders and members of the movement, this book challenges the dominant narratives about Islamists and Islamism as a whole.
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Fwbo Newsletter

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ISBN : UVA:X030289589
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