Power Of Development

Author : Jonathan Crush
ISBN : 9781134832965
Genre : Science
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Post-colonial, post-modern and feminist critiques have challenged the ways we theorise and practice development. Development is not just the conclusion of economic logic; its histories reveal a legacy of contested power, illuminating the contemporary battlefields of knowledge. These essays explore the language of development, its rhetoric and meaning within different political and institutional contexts. The contested ideas behind world development are explained, with illustrative material, sensitive to place and time, chiefly drawn from Asia, Africa and Latin America. This book examines the power of development to imagine new worlds and to constantly reinvent itself as the solution to problems of national and global disorder.
Category: Science

Discourses Of Development

Author : R. D. Grillo
ISBN : UOM:39015040077664
Genre : Social Science
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'Development' is clearly a contentious concept. It is common knowledge that there is frequently a troubling divide between what Western developers think development entails and how those people affected understand the ensuing processes. By treating development as problematic, this book seeks to generate new insights into the relationships between the various parties involved and to enhance understanding of the ways in which particular 'discourses of development' are generated. Authors raise provocative questions about the relationship of politics, power, ideology and rhetoric to the institutional practice of development. These hegemonic considerations are shown to have a profound effect on the 'culture of aid' and the interface between development personnel and those whom development is supposed to benefit.
Category: Social Science

Development Of The Syntax Discourse Interface

Author : S. Avrutin
ISBN : 9789401712392
Genre : Language Arts & Disciplines
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In this book, I address several issues of child linguistic development from the perspective of the syntax -discourse interface. Traditionally, language acquisition research has focused on the development of one of the linguistic modules, e.g. acquisition of syntax, morphology or phonology. While this approach can be viewed as fruitful in some cases, there is a number of linguistic phenomena whose explanation depends on the interaction of different modules and, therefore, different domains of linguistic knowledge. A typical example is pronominal anaphora: It can be shown that to correctly use pronominal elements, normal adult speakers must possess both syntactic and pragmatic knowledge, and that these kinds of knowledge must interact with each other. With regard to the language acquisition process, such phenomena suggest a somewhat different approach to the language acquisition research. Indeed, if some experimental studies show that children make errors in the construction under investigation, it will be necessary to consider these results from the point of view of the interaction of the different domains of linguistic knowledge involved in their interpretation. In other words, if this particular construction requires the integration of, for example, syntactic and discourse-based knowledge, children's errors may, in principle, be due to their lack of the former, the latter, or both kinds of knowledge, and cannot be taken as direct evidence for the "underdeveloped" status of just one of them.
Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Development Discourse And Global History

Author : Aram Ziai
ISBN : 9781317622154
Genre : Business & Economics
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The manner in which people have been talking and writing about ‘development’ and the rules according to which they have done so have evolved over time. Development Discourse and Global History uses the archaeological and genealogical methods of Michel Foucault to trace the origins of development discourse back to late colonialism and notes the significant discontinuities that led to the establishment of a new discourse and its accompanying industry. This book goes on to describe the contestations, appropriations and transformations of the concept. It shows how some of the trends in development discourse since the crisis of the 1980s – the emphasis on participation and ownership, sustainable development and free markets – are incompatible with the original rules and thus lead to serious contradictions. The Eurocentric, authoritarian and depoliticizing elements in development discourse are uncovered, whilst still recognizing its progressive appropriations. The author concludes by analysing the old and new features of development discourse which can be found in the debate on Sustainable Development Goals and discussing the contribution of discourse analysis to development studies. This book is aimed at researchers and students in development studies, global history and discourse analysis as well as an interdisciplinary audience from international relations, political science, sociology, geography, anthropology, language and literary studies.
Category: Business & Economics

Bangladesh At 25

Author : Abdul Bayes
ISBN : UOM:39015042000334
Genre : Bangladesh
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Papers presented at a seminar organized by the Jahangirnagar University in 1995 to observe 25 years of Bangladesh.
Category: Bangladesh

Discourses Of Development

Author : Peter Wallace Preston
ISBN : 1859720269
Genre : Business & Economics
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This book offers a hermeneutic-critical discussion of different strategies for the analysis of complex change in the Third World, and is ordered around development discourses centred on state, market and polity. Preston argues against both the technocratic-paternalist schemes of the development orthodoxy which are a variant of the wider post-Second World War Keynesian approach to policy making, and against the atavistic celebrations of the market recently offered by the neo-liberal theorists project of the pursuit of progress. In this way development theorists and practitioners can begin to move forward from the gloom and pessimism of the post-1980s period and reaffirm a modest confidence in the power of collective action to solve pressing human development problems.
Category: Business & Economics

Interrogating Development

Author : Biswajit Ghosh
ISBN : 8131604764
Genre : Social Science
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The book brings together a collection of writings that examine the processes of development in India from theoretical and practical points of view. The treatment of 'development as a discourse' can be helpful for cross-examining the possibilities, as well as the consequences, of development from multiple, contextual, and synoptic points of view - and also for locating changes in the meaning of development over time and space. The essays focus on five vital areas: the discourse of development * state, market, and civil society * gender and development * science, environment, and development * society, community, and development. The discussion not only raises certain critical issues on the subject with particular reference to the Indian experience, it also suggests certain viable alternatives to resolve the impasse. Thought-provoking and comprehensive, this book will appeal to a vast readership, including scholars of development studies, sociology, gender studies, political science, social work, social anthropology, and cultural studies.
Category: Social Science

Discourse Development

Author : S. A. Kuczaj
ISBN : 9781461395089
Genre : Psychology
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For some time now, the study of cognitive development has been far and away the most active discipline within developmental psychology. Although there would be much disagreement as to the exact proportion of papers published in develop mental journals that could be considered cognitive, 50% seems like a conservative estimate. Hence, a series of scholarly books devoted to work in cognitive devel opment is especially appropriate at this time. The Springer Series in Cognitive Development contains two basic types of books, namely, edited collections of original chapters by several authors, and original volumes written by one author or a small group of authors. The flagship for the Springer Series is a serial publication of the "advances" type, carrying the subtitle Progress in Cognitive Development Research. Each volume in the Progress sequence is strongly thematic, in that it is limited to some well-defined domain of cognitive developmental research (e.g., logical and mathematical development, development of learning). All Progress volumes will be edited collections. Editors of such collections, upon consultation with the Series Editor, may elect to have their books published either as contributions to the Progress sequence or as separate volumes. All books written by one author or a small group of authors are being published as separate volumes within the series.
Category: Psychology