The Culture Industry

Author : Theodor W. Adorno
ISBN : 9780415255349
Genre : Philosophy
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The creation of the Frankfurt School of critical theory in the 1920s saw the birth of some of the most exciting and challenging writings of the twentieth century. It is out of this background that the great critic Theodor Adorno emerged. His finest essays are collected here, offering the reader unparalleled insights into Adorno's thoughts on culture. He argued that the culture industry commodified and standardized all art. In turn this suffocated individuality and destroyed critical thinking. At the time, Adorno was accused of everything from overreaction to deranged hysteria by his many detractors. In today's world, where even the least cynical of consumers is aware of the influence of the media, Adorno's work takes on a more immediate significance. The Culture Industry is an unrivalled indictment of the banality of mass culture.
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Author : Gabriele Lieselotte Ewenz
ISBN : 3518583778
Genre : Philosophers
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The Consumption Of Inequality

Author : K. Halnon
ISBN : 9781137352491
Genre : Social Science
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The fads, fashions, and media in popular consumer culture frequently make recreational and ideological "fun" of poverty and lower class living. In this book, Halnon delineates how incarceration, segregation, stigmatization, cultural and social consecration, and carnivalization work in the production and consumption of inequality.
Category: Social Science

Loading The Silence Australian Sound Art In The Post Digital Age

Author : Dr Linda Ioanna Kouvaras
ISBN : 9781472400352
Genre : Music
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The experimentalist phenomenon of 'noise' as constituting 'art' in much twentieth-century music (paradoxically) reached its zenith in Cage’s (‘silent’ piece) 4’33”. But much post-1970s musical endeavour with an experimentalist telos, collectively known as 'sound art', has displayed a postmodern need to ‘load’ modernism’s ‘degree zero’. After contextualizing experimentalism from its inception in the early twentieth century, Dr Linda Kouvaras’s Loading the Silence: Australian Sound Art in the Post-Digital Age explores the ways in which selected sound art works demonstrate creatively how sound is embedded within local, national, gendered and historical environments. Taking Australian music as its primary - but not sole - focus, the book not only covers discussions of technological advancement, but also engages with aesthetic standpoints, through numerous interviews, theoretical developments, analysis and cultural milieux for a contemporary Australian, and wider postmodern, context. Developing new methodologies for synergies between musicology and cultural studies, the book uncovers a new post-postmodern aesthetic trajectory, which Kouvaras locates as developing over the past two decades - the altermodern. Australian sound art is here put firmly on the map of international debates about contemporary music, providing a standard reference and valuable resource for practitioners in the artform, music critics, scholars and educators.
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Author : Joanne Jakovich
ISBN : 9781920898557
Genre : Landscape architecture
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Shifting economies have left the world's post-industrial cities with isolated zones of abandonment - iconic yet dormant sites that are both physically and culturally vacant. These sites are typically dislocated, contaminated, and often construed as a danger to be made safe or an economic burden to be made profitable. They exist within the urban fabric, though through disuse or disconnection, they exist distinct from that fabric. They are Urban Islands.
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Adorno And Art

Author : J. Hellings
ISBN : 9781137315717
Genre : Philosophy
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A comprehensive, critical and accessible account of Theodor W. Adorno's materialist-dialectical aesthetic theory of art from a contemporary perspective, this volume shows how Adorno's critical theory is awash with images crystallising thoughts to such a degree that it has every reason to be described as aesthetic.
Category: Philosophy

The Cultural Study Of Music

Author : Martin Clayton
ISBN : 9781136754326
Genre : Music
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First Published in 2003. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.
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Kant S Kritik Der Reinen Vernunft

Author : Theodor W. Adorno
ISBN : 074562183X
Genre : Philosophy
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Kant is a pivotal thinker in Adorno′s intellectual world. Yet although he wrote monographs on Hegel, Husserl and Kierkegaard, the closest he came to an extended discussion of Kant are two lecture courses, one concentrating on the Critique of Pure Reason and the other on the Critique of Practical Reason. This new volume by Adorno comprises his lectures on the former. Adorno attempts to make Kant′s thought comprehensible to students by focusing on what he regards as problematic aspects of Kant′s philosophy. Adorno examines his dualism and what he calls the Kantian ′block′: the contradictions arising from Kant′s resistance to the idealism that his successors, Fichte, Schelling and Hegel, saw as the inevitable outcome of his ideas. But these lectures also provide an accessible introduction to and rationale for Adorno′s own philosophy as expounded in Negative Dialectics and his other major writings. Adorno′s view of Kant forms an integral part of his own philosophy, since he argues that the way out of the Kantian contradictions is to show the necessity of the dialectical thinking that Kant himself spurned. This in turn enables Adorno to criticize Anglo–Saxon scientistic or positivist thought, as well as the philosophy of existentialism. This book will be of great interest to those working in philosophy and in social and political thought, and it will be essential reading for anyone interested in the foundations of Adorno′s own work.
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