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The Creature From Jekyll Island

Author : G. Edward Griffin
ISBN : 091298645X
Genre : Business & Economics
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Take a close look at the mirrors and smoke machines, the pulleys, cogs, and wheels that create the grand illusion called money.
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The Creature From Jekyll Island

Author : G. Edward Griffin
ISBN : 0912986468
Genre : Banks and banking
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Take a close look at the mirrors and smoke machines, the pulleys, cogs, and wheels that create the grand illusion called money.
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The Creature From Jekyll Island

Author : G. Edward Griffin
ISBN : 0912986409
Genre : Business & Economics
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Format : PDF
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Traces the history of the Federal Reserve, revealing how the American government has used the Reserve as a way to deceive taxpayers and control the global economy and explaining how the Reserve influences the flow of money between citizens, businesses, banks, and the government.
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The Origins History And Future Of The Federal Reserve

Author : Michael D. Bordo
ISBN : 9781107328402
Genre : Business & Economics
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This book contains essays presented at a conference held in November 2010 to mark the centenary of the famous 1910 Jekyll Island meeting of leading American financiers and the US Treasury. The 1910 meeting resulted in the Aldrich Plan, a precursor to the Federal Reserve Act that was enacted by Congress in 1913. The 2010 conference, sponsored by the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta and Rutgers University, featured assessments of the Fed's near 100-year track record by prominent economic historians and macroeconomists. The final chapter of the book records a panel discussion of Fed policy making by the current and former senior Federal Reserve officials.
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Secrets Of The Temple

Author : William Greider
ISBN : 9780671675561
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 41.47 MB
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Reveals how the Federal Reserve under Paul Volcker engineered changes in America's economy
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The Federal Reserve System

Author : Donald R. Wells
ISBN : 0786482192
Genre : Political Science
File Size : 44.23 MB
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The Federal Reserve banking system was created in 1913 in an effort to bring coherence to nationwide banking practices and prevent crises like the financial panic of 1907. Since it began operating in 1914, the Federal Reserve has played a crucial role in determining American financial policy and practice. It is largely an entity unto itself, operating independently, rarely subject to the political machinations of Congress or the presidency. Yet few Americans know how it works, and even fewer know anything of its history. This history of the Federal Reserve begins by giving an overview of American banking practices before the Federal Reserve's formation. The events leading to the Reserve's creation, and its early trials and tribulations, are then documented. Subsequent chapters track the Federal Reserve's history: its role during times of financial and military crisis, its relationship to each presidential administration, and the Fed's evolution as its leadership has changed over the years. The history wraps up with the Alan Greenspan era, explaining major changes in the institution's operating procedures since the 1980s. An appendix lists all members of the Federal Reserve Board of Governors, from its formation until 2003.
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A History Of Central Banking And The Enslavement Of Mankind

Author : Stephen Mitford Goodson
ISBN : 9781910881033
Genre : Business & Economics
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A History of Central Banking and the Enslavement of Mankind is Stephen Mitford Goodson’s companion volume to Inside the South African Reserve Bank Its Origins and Secrets Exposed. While the latter volume describes the mechanics of the fraudulent usury banking system, with a focus on Goodson’s experiences as a director of the SA Reserve Bank, this volume expands the focus to encompass the role of banking and money in history from ancient times to the present. The role of money-lenders in history was once aptly termed by many acute observers as the “Hidden Hand.” It is the power to create, lend and accumulate interest on “credit,” and then re-lend that interest for further interest, in perpetuity, that creates pervasive, worldwide debt, from the individual, to the family, to the entire state. The ability to operate a fraudulent credit and loan system has long been known, and through all the slickness of a snake-oil salesman, the money-lenders – the same types Jesus whipped from the Temple – have persuaded governments that banking is best left to private interests. Many wars, revolutions, depressions, recessions, and other social upheavals, have been directly related to the determination of these money-lenders to retain and extend their power and profits. When any state, individual or idea has threatened their scam they have often responded with wars and revolutions. The cultural and material progress of a civilization will often relate to the degree by which it is free from the influence of debt, and the degradation that results when the money-lenders are permitted to regain power. Hence, Goodson shows that both World Wars, the Napoleonic wars, the American Revolution, the rise and fall of Julius Caesar, the overthrow of Qathafi in Libya and the revolution against Tsar Nicholas, among much else relate to this “Hidden Hand” in history. This is the key to understanding the past, present and future.
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Ten Days At Jekyll Island

Author : Patrea Patrick
ISBN : 1530939208
Genre :
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In November of 1910, the heads of the most powerful banking institutions in America boarded a private railroad car in New Jersey for a thousand-mile journey to Jekyll Island in Georgia. The bankers were told to come to the station separately and not to acknowledge each other in public. Even after boarding the private car, they were told to address each other by first-names only. It was important that no one - not even the servants on board the train - be allowed to know their last names. The destination was Jekyll Island, a private retreat for multi-millionaires, away from reporters and prying eyes. The purpose was to participate in one of the most clandestine meetings in all history.Secrecy was so important that the regular staff had been replaced by temporary servants who would be unlikely to recognize the faces of these men. Now at last TEN DAYS AT JEKYLL ISLAND reveals what went on at that secret meeting and how it changed America - forever. TEN DAYS AT JEKYLL ISLAND literally were ten days that shook the world!

The Silver Bomb

Author : Michael MacDonald
ISBN : 9781624883224
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 63.18 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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The Silver Bomb is not a book about some predictive financial philosophy, but rather a frank, no-excuses glimpse at the current state of things, and an honest, candid, look at logical outcomes. The prestidigitations of central banking, which have until recently been shielded from scrutiny by a cloak of pro-banking cultural bias, are laid bare within these pages. Intimidating and complex financial and historical connections, no matter how deep down the rabbit hole they first may seem to be, are plainly exposed by the application of good strong light and close inspection. Formerly unquestioned fiat currency (money backed by nothing) and fractional reserve banking policies and their inevitable and historical results are brought out in the open and revealed. The truth-is-stranger-than-fiction world of manipulation of the precious metals markets is opened up so that all may see inside. The focus of this book is not to persuade anyone that all of this has happened, or that it continues to happen. What is revealed here is that it is occurring in conjunction with other events of human history to create a never seen before event—the inevitable explosion of The Silver Bomb. And most importantly, practical actions and solutions are offered which will help the reader prepare for what is already upon the horizon, the end of paper money backed by nothing, and the return to metal as money. In these fiscally turbulent days, many investment direction seekers are looking precisely for the information contained in this book to help them in their understanding of what happened to the dollar, what is currently happening to silver and to gold, and how to hedge the smart way.
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End The Fed

Author : Ron Paul
ISBN : 9780446568180
Genre : Biography & Autobiography
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In the post-meltdown world, it is irresponsible, ineffective, and ultimately useless to have a serious economic debate without considering and challenging the role of the Federal Reserve. Most people think of the Fed as an indispensable institution without which the country's economy could not properly function. But in END THE FED, Ron Paul draws on American history, economics, and fascinating stories from his own long political life to argue that the Fed is both corrupt and unconstitutional. It is inflating currency today at nearly a Weimar or Zimbabwe level, a practice that threatens to put us into an inflationary depression where $100 bills are worthless. What most people don't realize is that the Fed -- created by the Morgans and Rockefellers at a private club off the coast of Georgia -- is actually working against their own personal interests. Congressman Paul's urgent appeal to all citizens and officials tells us where we went wrong and what we need to do fix America's economic policy for future generations.
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