Breaking Free Of Bonkers

Author : George Binney
ISBN : 9781473670594
Genre : Business & Economics
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IS IT JUST ME OR IS EVERYTHING AROUND HERE BONKERS? Do you ever feel bewildered or even oppressed by what goes on in your organization? Does anything ever strike you as odd, ridiculous, inefficient or just plain bonkers? Chances are you are not alone. No matter what industry, sector or institution, the world of work can often seem bonkers. We can spend so much time ticking boxes, preparing plans and reports, sitting in unproductive meetings, replying to unhelpful emails and trying to deliver on misconceived, top-down initiatives that the time to do real work is squeezed out. Breaking Free of Bonkers shows you how it is possible to make progress despite the mad and messy world of today's organizations. Against the odds, it is possible to lead effectively. George Binney, Phil Glanfield and Gerhard Wilke are three organization consultants from Ashridge Business School. They have an unusual vantage point. Drawing on their long experience of working with people at levels - from chief executives to front line workers - they offer hope. They use a wealth of lively examples and illustrations to show you how to get connected with colleagues, get real about what you offer and get going on the things that matter.
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Paulus Then And Now

Author : John Jesse Carey
ISBN : 0865546819
Genre : Religion
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-- Is The Courage to Be still a viable analysis of the human situation? -- Does Tillich's positive sense of Eros illumine our intense discussions of human sexuality? -- Does Postmodernism really dissolve Tillich's major assumptions? -- Can Tillich contribute to the contemporary discussion of science and religion? -- How does his work stand when compared to other writers on creation, such as Langdon Gilkey and Sallie McFague? -- Given the paradoxes of Tillich's life, is his ethical theory still viable? In Paulus, Then and Now: A Study of Paul Tillich's Theological World and the Continuing Relevance of his Work, John J. Carey clarifies previously neglected foundational aspects of Tillich's thought. Carey places Tillich's theological work in political, social, economic, and scholarly context. He also explains Tillich's thinking on Luther, Marx, history, and politics, and his unique perspective on the Bible and on biblical authority. Having accomplished these things, Carey then moves to show how Tillich's thinking can be applied to contemporary problems.
Category: Religion

The Christian Tradition

Author : Ralph Keen
ISBN : 0742564592
Genre : Religion
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The Christian Tradition, formerly published by Pearson/Prentice Hall, introduces students at the beginning of the third millennium to a religion that has evolved over and shaped two previous millennia. With particular focus placed on the social and cultural background to this tradition, the text provides a stimulating survey of the history of Christianity from its Jewish roots to the challenges it faces in the twenty-first century. This innovative text weaves a consideration of the arts, spirituality, religious life and practice—especially among the laity, women, and others outside the dominant institutional tradition—into its rich historical narrative, and offers a comprehensive and diverse view of the course of Christian history
Category: Religion

You Will Be My Witnesses

Author : Allison A. Trites
ISBN : 0865546908
Genre : Religion
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"The publication of this volume celebrates thirty-seven extraordinary years of teaching at Acadia Divinity College and more years than that of dedicated service to the church. It is a joy to honor the lifetime service of Allison Trites for his ministry of teaching and service to the church. His commitment to the work of Christ has been an encouragement to all of his colleagues, fellow workers, and students, not to mention his fellow church members at the Wolfville United Baptist Church" (from the foreword). The two sections of this excellent collection of essays are "Biblical Studies" and "History and Theology, " and include contributions by the following. Timothy R. Ashley Manfred T. Brauch Daniel Goodwin Larry J. Kreitzer Richard N. Longenecker Tim McLay Andrew MacRae James R. C. Perkin Kevin Quast Alan P. F. Sell Robert S. Wilson John Tudno Williams Roy Williams R. Glenn Wooden
Category: Religion

Theological Writings

Author : Paul Tillich
ISBN : 3110115409
Genre : Foreign Language Study
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Learning lessons from having compiled a complete-works of the German- turned-American philosopher Tillich (1886-1965), the editors are producing a series only of his major works; presenting them only in the language (German or English) he originally published them in, with notes to changes in other versions; and prefacing each topical volume with a substantial essay in both languages characterizing Tillich's approach to the topic. Among the 24 works in the theology volume are "Systematische Theologie" (1913), "History as the Problem of our Period" (1939), and "The God above God" (1961). No index. Annotation c. by Book News, Inc., Portland, Or.
Category: Foreign Language Study

Dialectical Readings

Author : Stephen N. Dunning
ISBN : 9780271075877
Genre : Language Arts & Disciplines
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Interpretation pervades human thinking. Whether perception or experience, spoken word or written theory, whatever enters our consciousness must be interpreted in order to be understood. Every area of inquiry—art and literature, philosophy and religion, history and the social sciences, even many aspects of the natural sciences—involves countless opportunities to interpret the object of inquiry according to very different paradigms. These paradigms may derive from the language we speak, the nature of our education, or personal preferences. The abundance and diversity of paradigms make interpretation both fascinating in its complexity and often frustrating for the conflicts it generates. In Dialectical Readings, Dunning distinguishes three types of interpretation, each defined in terms of a distinctive dialectical way of thinking: theoretical interpretation, which assumes binary oppositions; transactional interpretation, which seeks reciprocal relations; and transformational interpretation, which discerns paradoxical meanings. Dunning offers new and insightful readings of familiar texts by B. F. Skinner, Claude Lévi-Strauss, Lee Benson, Roland Barthes, Friedrich Nietzsche, and Michel Foucault and sheds new light on works by Thomas Kuhn, Joseph Campbell, Reinhold Niebuhr, Søren Kierkegaard, Paul Tillich, and Paul Ricoeur. Dialectical Readings enables readers to recognize diverse dialectical approaches to understanding—their own as well as those of others—in a way that provides new and helpful insights into a wide variety of subjects in which conflicting interpretations abound.
Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Catalog Of Copyright Entries Third Series

Author : Library of Congress. Copyright Office
ISBN : STANFORD:36105006280965
Genre : American literature
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Includes Part 1, Number 1: Books and Pamphlets, Including Serials and Contributions to Periodicals (January - June)
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Author : Terry Hayes
ISBN : 9783641128654
Genre : Fiction
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Ein schäbiges Hotel in New York wird zum Schauplatz eines grausamen Verbrechens: In einer Badewanne voll Säure liegt die entsetzlich entstellte Leiche einer Frau. Es gibt keine Fingerabdrücke, keine DNA-Spuren, keine Hinweise auf den Täter. Da die Polizei im Dunkeln tappt, zieht der leitende Detective einen Spezialisten hinzu – einen Undercover-Agenten des US-Geheimdienstes, der unter dem Codenamen Pilgrim agiert. Und Pilgrim findet tatsächlich eine Spur, die ihn an die türkische Küste und zur toughen wie auch geheimnisvollen Polizistin Leyla führt. Doch nicht nur Leyla scheint etwas zu verbergen. Auch die Ermittlungen nehmen eine zutiefst beunruhigende Wendung, als Pilgrim auf eine terroristische Verschwörung stößt, die das Gesicht der westlichen Welt für immer auslöschen könnte. Um den unsichtbaren Feind hinter den Anschlagsplänen aufzuhalten, muss der Agent einen hochgefährlichen Kampf gegen die Zeit gewinnen – einen Kampf jenseits aller Grenzen von Gut und Böse ...
Category: Fiction