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The Conspiracy Against The Human Race

Author : Thomas Ligotti
ISBN : 9780525504917
Genre : Literary Criticism
File Size : 35.16 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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In Thomas Ligotti's first nonfiction outing, an examination of the meaning (or meaninglessness) of life through an insightful, unsparing argument that proves the greatest horrors are not the products of our imagination but instead are found in reality. "There is a signature motif discernible in both works of philosophical pessimism and supernatural horror. It may be stated thus: Behind the scenes of life lurks something pernicious that makes a nightmare of our world." His fiction is known to be some of the most terrifying in the genre of supernatural horror, but Thomas Ligotti's first nonfiction book may be even scarier. Drawing on philosophy, literature, neuroscience, and other fields of study, Ligotti takes the penetrating lens of his imagination and turns it on his audience, causing them to grapple with the brutal reality that they are living a meaningless nightmare, and anyone who feels otherwise is simply acting out an optimistic fallacy. At once a guidebook to pessimistic thought and a relentless critique of humanity's employment of self-deception to cope with the pervasive suffering of their existence, The Conspiracy against the Human Race may just convince readers that there is more than a measure of truth in the despairing yet unexpectedly liberating negativity that is widely considered a hallmark of Ligotti's work.
Category: Literary Criticism

Teatro Grottesco

Author : Thomas Ligotti
ISBN : 9780753525173
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 33.31 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Thomas Ligotti is often cited as the most curious and remarkable figure in horror literature since H. P. Lovecraft. His work is noted by critics for its display of an exceptionally grotesque imagination and accomplished prose style. In his stories, Ligotti has followed a literary tradition that began with Edgar Allan Poe, portraying characters that are outside of anything that might be called normal life, depicting strange locales far off the beaten track, and rendering a grim vision of human existence as a perpetual nightmare. The horror stories collected in Teatro Grottesco feature tormented individuals who play out their doom in various odd little towns, as well as in dark sectors frequented by sinister and often blackly comical eccentrics. The cycle of narratives introduce readers to a freakish community of artists who encounter demonic perils that ultimately engulf their lives.
Category: Fiction

My Work Is Not Yet Done

Author : Thomas Ligotti
ISBN : 9780753547182
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 83.34 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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When junior manager Frank Dominio is suddenly demoted and then sacked it seems there was more than a grain of truth to his persecution fantasies. But as he prepares to even the score with those responsible for his demise, he unwittingly finds an ally in a dark and malevolent force that grants him supernatural powers. Frank takes his revenge in the most ghastly ways imaginable - but there will be a terrible price to pay once his work is done. Destined to be a cult classic, this tale of corporate horror and demonic retribution will strike a chord with anyone who has ever been disgruntled at work.
Category: Fiction


Author : Thomas Ligotti
ISBN : 1596064099
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 22.79 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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The second volume in a series of revised editions of the horror story collections of Thomas Ligotti.
Category: Fiction

In The Dust Of This Planet

Author : Eugene Thacker
ISBN : 9781780990101
Genre : Philosophy
File Size : 22.91 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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The world is increasingly unthinkable, a world of planetary disasters, emerging pandemics, and the looming threat of extinction. In this book Eugene Thacker suggests that we look to the genre of horror as offering a way of thinking about the unthinkable world. To confront this idea is to confront the limit of our ability to understand the world in which we live - a central motif of the horror genre. In the Dust of This Planet explores these relationships between philosophy and horror. In Thacker's hands, philosophy is not academic logic-chopping; instead, it is the thought of the limit of all thought, especially as it dovetails into occultism, demonology, and mysticism. Likewise, Thacker takes horror to mean something beyond the focus on gore and scare tactics, but as the under-appreciated genre of supernatural horror in fiction, film, comics, and music.
Category: Philosophy

The Thomas Ligotti Reader

Author : Darrell Schweitzer
ISBN : 9781592241309
Genre : Biography & Autobiography
File Size : 64.52 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Ever since the first edition of Ligotti's "Songs of a Dead Dreamer" appeared in 1985, it was clear that here was an author of extraordinary brilliance. Now here is a book about him, a symposium of explorations and examinations of the Ligottian universe by leading critics.
Category: Biography & Autobiography


Author : Thomas Ligotti
ISBN : 1596064706
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 54.65 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Category: Fiction

The Nightmare Factory

Author : Thomas Ligotti
ISBN : 9780061243530
Genre : Comics & Graphic Novels
File Size : 78.30 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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"A fractured mind is often the way into a world not suspected by those of an innocent normality." Enter the universe of renowned horror master Thomas Ligotti—a universe where clowns take part in a sinister winter festival, a scheming girlfriend makes reality itself come unraveled, a crumbling asylum's destruction unleashes a greater horror, and a mysterious Teatro comes and goes, leaving only shattered dreams in its wake. In the tradition of Edgar Allan Poe and H. P. Lovecraft, Ligotti's sophisticated tales of terror take us to places few would suspect exist, where madness is only a thought away. The Nightmare Factory adapts four of Ligotti's most chilling tales into fine graphic literature by famed writers and artists Stuart Moore, Joe Harris, Colleen Doran (The Sandman), Ben Templesmith (30 Days of Night), Ted McKeever (Batman), and Michael Gaydos (Alias). Featuring all-new introductions to each story by Thomas Ligotti.
Category: Comics & Graphic Novels

Songs Of A Dead Dreamer And Grimscribe

Author : Thomas Ligotti
ISBN : 9780143107767
Genre : Horror tales
File Size : 43.12 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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The two story collections that established a master of supernatural horror, combined for the first time in one volume. Thomas Ligotti's debut collection, Songs of a Dead Dreamer, and his second, Grimscribe, permanently inscribed a new name in the pantheon of horror fiction. Influenced by the strange terrors of Lovecraft and Poe and by the brutal absurdity of Kafka, Ligotti crafted his own brand of existential horrors, which shocks at the deepest levels. In decaying cities and lurid dreamscapes tormented by the lunatic pageantry of masks, puppets, and obscure ritual, Ligotti's works lay bare the sickening madness of the human condition. From his dark imagination emerge stories like 'The Frolic' and 'The Last Feast of Harlequin,' waking nightmares that splinter the schemes validating our existence. In these collections, Ligotti bends reality until it cracks, opening fissures through which he invites us to gaze on the unsettling darkness below - an ordeal from which one may perhaps return, but never to be the same. 'The best kept secret in contemporary horror fiction.' The Washington Post'Thomas Ligotti has had one of the most quietly extraordinary career in the history of horror fiction. He is a dense, witty, and enormously inventive writer.' The Philadelphia Inquirer
Category: Horror tales

Better Never To Have Been

Author : David Benatar
ISBN : 9780199549269
Genre : Philosophy
File Size : 52.41 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Better Never to Have Been argues for a number of related, highly provocative, views: (1) Coming into existence is always a serious harm. (2) It is always wrong to have children. (3) It is wrong not to abort foetuses at the earlier stages of gestation. (4) It would be better if, as a result of there being no new people, humanity became extinct. These views may sound unbelievable - but anyone who reads Benatar will be obliged to take them seriously.
Category: Philosophy