The Clitoral Truth

Author : Rebecca Chalker
ISBN : 9781609800109
Genre : Health & Fitness
File Size : 58.16 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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The clitoris has been dismissed, undervalued, unexplored, and misunderstood for hundreds of years, but the truth is out there, and internationally celebrated sex educator Rebecca Chalker has found it. In The Clitoral Truth, Chalker offers the only mainstream, in-depth exploration devoted solely to women's genital anatomy and sexual response. Women readers everywhere--be they straight, gay, or bisexual--will learn about the countless sexual sensations and discover how to enhance their sexual responses in a more concrete way than ever before. Enhanced with personal accounts, comprehensive illustrations, and a thorough appendix of female sexuality resources, this book helps women and their partners understand and expand their sexual potential and work toward becoming independent sexual beings.
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The Clitoral Truth

Author : Rebecca Chalker
ISBN : 1583220593
Genre : Clitoris
File Size : 30.97 MB
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Specially produced in paperback format for the UK market, this is the first and only mainstream, in-depth exploration devoted to the clitoris. Not only does it reveal the truth about this misunderstood, undervalued and frequently dismissed part of women's anatomy, but it investigates every aspect of this magnificent organ and provides detailed explanations about the countless sexual sensations it can trigger and its role in enhancing sexual response. With a UK market of 20 million plus female readers, the sales potential is clearly enormous. Illustrated.
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A Woman S Book Of Choices

Author : Rebecca Chalker
ISBN : 1888363282
Genre : Health & Fitness
File Size : 35.26 MB
Format : PDF
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A guide for women choosing abortion covers all the available methods, from conventional clinical abortions to herbal and vitamin-induced abortions to RU-486
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Handbook Of Health Psychology And Aging

Author : Carolyn M. Aldwin
ISBN : 9781593850579
Genre : Psychology
File Size : 52.43 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Offering a fresh, authoritative take on a topic of increasing relevance, this book is comprehensive in scope, yet concise and accessible. Key contributors from health psychology, gerontology, and related fields pool their knowledge.
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A Dictionary Of Psychology

Author : Andrew M. Colman
ISBN : 9780199657681
Genre : Psychology
File Size : 44.29 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Including more than 11,000 definitions, this authoritative and up-to-date dictionary covers all branches of psychology. Clear, concise descriptions for each entry offer extensive coverage of key areas including cognition, sensation and perception, emotion and motivation, learning and skills, language, mental disorder, and research methods. The range of entries extends to related disciplines including psychoanalysis, psychiatry, the neurosciences, and statistics. Entries are extensively cross-referenced for ease of use, and cover word origins and derivations as well as definitions. More than 100 illustrations complement the text. This fourth edition has incorporated a large number of significant revisions and additions, many in response to the 2013 publication of the American Psychiatric Association's latest edition of Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, bringing the Dictionary fully up to date with the most recent literature of the subject. In addition to the alphabetical entries, the dictionary also includes appendices covering over 800 commonly used abbreviations and symbols, as well as a list of phobias and phobic stimuli, with definitions. Comprehensive and clearly written, this dictionary is an invaluable work of reference for students, lecturers, and the general reader with an interest in psychology.
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The Act Of Marriage After 40

Author : Tim F. LaHaye
ISBN : 9780310231141
Genre : Family & Relationships
File Size : 65.80 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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The founder of Tim LaHaye Ministries discusses marriage after forty, honestly confronting the physical and psychological issues surrounded sexuality during the passage through mid-life.
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She Ology

Author : Sherry A. Ross
ISBN : 9781682612408
Genre : Health & Fitness
File Size : 53.63 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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She-ology shines a light on the vagina, answering our most embarrassing questions with the goal of healthier and happier vaginas for women of all ages. Many women still suffer a long-ingrained dissociation with their own vaginas and a misunderstanding of what goes on “down there.” With expertise and a dose of humor, leading ob-gyn, educator and women’s health advocate Dr. Sherry Ross addresses every urgent, confounding, culturally taboo or embarrassing question women have about vaginas, with the goal of healthier, happier lives for all. She-ology describes the state of the vagina at every age and stage of a woman’s life. From first periods to postpartum to menopause, from the serious to the celebratory to the surprising, this book will make you feel a part of the vagina dialogue. Dr. Sherry is equal parts your best girlfriend, confidant and skilled practitioner with over 25 years’ experience in gynecology and obstetrics. With the help of many famous contributors she answers your questions and concerns such as: • Where the heck is my G-spot? • Since the vagina is self-cleaning, do I even need soap? • Can I get HPV if I don’t have actual intercourse? • Is it too late, at 45, to have an orgasm? • How can I be depressed after giving birth if I’ve always wanted a baby? • Is there such a thing as a perfect vagina? • I enjoy swinging or S & M, does that make me a pervert? • What does safe sex even mean? • What could possibly go wrong down there, and what do I do about it? Dr. Sherry’s goal is that of healthier and happier women through a revolution of vagina information. This book will help you form, mend or strengthen your relationship with that most commanding and complex of female organs—the vagina. Includes contributions from: Reese Witherspoon Brooke Shields Christina Applegate Jane Seymour LisaGay Hamilton Katherine McPhee Ashley Benson Meredith Baxter …and many more.
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Author : James B. Nelson
ISBN : 1451410239
Genre : Religion
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Few would doubt that this is a time of transition in our understanding of human sexuality. The confusion about sexual morals and mores is the more obvious evidence of this. But there is something else. For too long the bulk of Christian reflection about sexuality has asked an essentially one-directional question: what does Christian faith have to say about our lives as sexual beings?
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A New View Of A Woman S Body

Author : Federation of Feminist Women's Health Centers (U.S.)
ISBN : 0962994502
Genre : Health & Fitness
File Size : 33.86 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Male Sexuality

Author : Michael Bader
ISBN : 0742560694
Genre : Psychology
File Size : 68.89 MB
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At first glance the sexual male seems easy to understand, but beneath the surface lie complexities that disrupt lives and relationships. Respected psychologist Michael Bader takes an honest look at the nuances of male sexuality, addressing issues such as sexual boredom, internet sex, and sexual fantasies that can leave women bewildered and men ashamed. Illustrated with engaging examples from his practice, Male Sexuality gives readers, both women and men, deeper understanding of male behavior. Through increased awareness of the psychology behind the sex, Bader aims to enhance individual self-esteem and improve communication in relationships.
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