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Nobody S Angels

Author : Elizabeth Langland
ISBN : 0801482208
Genre : History
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Langland argues that the middle-class wife had a more complex and important function than has previously been recognized: she mastered skills that enabled her to support a rigid class system while unknowingly setting the stage for a feminist revolution.
Category: History

The Invention Of Racism In Classical Antiquity

Author : Benjamin Isaac
ISBN : 9781400849567
Genre : History
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There was racism in the ancient world, after all. This groundbreaking book refutes the common belief that the ancient Greeks and Romans harbored "ethnic and cultural," but not racial, prejudice. It does so by comprehensively tracing the intellectual origins of racism back to classical antiquity. Benjamin Isaac's systematic analysis of ancient social prejudices and stereotypes reveals that some of those represent prototypes of racism--or proto-racism--which in turn inspired the early modern authors who developed the more familiar racist ideas. He considers the literature from classical Greece to late antiquity in a quest for the various forms of the discriminatory stereotypes and social hatred that have played such an important role in recent history and continue to do so in modern society. Magisterial in scope and scholarship, and engagingly written, The Invention of Racism in Classical Antiquity further suggests that an understanding of ancient attitudes toward other peoples sheds light not only on Greco-Roman imperialism and the ideology of enslavement (and the concomitant integration or non-integration) of foreigners in those societies, but also on the disintegration of the Roman Empire and on more recent imperialism as well. The first part considers general themes in the history of discrimination; the second provides a detailed analysis of proto-racism and prejudices toward particular groups of foreigners in the Greco-Roman world. The last chapter concerns Jews in the ancient world, thus placing anti-Semitism in a broader context.
Category: History

Peasant Citizen And Slave

Author : Ellen Meiksins Wood
ISBN : 9781784781972
Genre : Political Science
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The controversial thesis at the center of this study is that, despite the importance of slavery in Athenian society, the most distinctive characteristic of Athenian democracy was the unprecedented prominence it gave to free labor. Wood argues that the emergence of the peasant as citizen, juridically and politically independent, accounts for much that is remarkable in Athenian political institutions and culture. From a survey of historical writings of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, the focus of which distorted later debates, Wood goes on to take issue with influential arguments, such as those of G.E.M. de Ste Croix, about the importance of slavery in agricultural production. The social, political and cultural influence of the peasant-citizen is explored in a way which questions some of the most cherished conventions of Marxist and non-Marxist historiography. From the Trade Paperback edition.
Category: Political Science

The Ancient Economy

Author : Moses I. Finley
ISBN : 0520025644
Genre : Economic history
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Category: Economic history

Origins Of The Peloponnesian War

Author : G.E.M.De Ste.Croix
ISBN : 0715617281
Genre : History
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In this provocative and wide-ranging examination of the causes of the Peloponnesian war, first published in 1972, Geoffrey de Ste Croix argued against most previous historiography (which tended to blame Athens), that the Spartans and their allies must bear the immediate and ultimate responsibility for the war. The book includes a strong argument for the fundamental credibility of Thucydides' narrative, background on Corcyraean and Potidaean affairs, a lengthy re-examination of the Athenian decree excluding Megarians from the civic centre of Athens and the ports of the empire, and three chapters on Spartan and Corinthian foreign policy and relations with Athens from earliest times till the outbreak of was in 431 BC. Forty-seven appendices treat questions of detail.
Category: History

Romans Barbarians And The Transformation Of The Roman World

Author : Professor Danuta Shanzer
ISBN : 9781409482093
Genre : History
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One of the most significant transformations of the Roman world in Late Antiquity was the integration of barbarian peoples into the social, cultural, religious, and political milieu of the Mediterranean world. The nature of these transformations was considered at the sixth biennial Shifting Frontiers in Late Antiquity Conference, at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign in March of 2005, and this volume presents an updated selection of the papers given on that occasion, complemented with a few others,. These 25 studies do much to break down old stereotypes about the cultural and social segregation of Roman and barbarian populations, and demonstrate that, contrary to the past orthodoxy, Romans and barbarians interacted in a multitude of ways, and it was not just barbarians who experienced "ethnogenesis" or cultural assimilation. The same Romans who disparaged barbarian behavior also adopted aspects of it in their everyday lives, providing graphic examples of the ambiguity and negotiation that characterized the integration of Romans and barbarians, a process that altered the concepts of identity of both populations. The resultant late antique polyethnic cultural world, with cultural frontiers between Romans and barbarians that became increasingly permeable in both directions, does much to help explain how the barbarian settlement of the west was accomplished with much less disruption than there might have been, and how barbarian populations were integrated seamlessly into the old Roman world.
Category: History

The Art And Culture Of Early Greece 1100 480 B C

Author : Jeffrey M. Hurwit
ISBN : 080149401X
Genre : Art
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A history of the early development of the Greek civilization includes discussions of poetry, sculpture, democracy and vase painting
Category: Art

Hawkmoths Of The World

Author : Ian J. Kitching
ISBN : 0801437342
Genre : Nature
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"The checklist contains all the nominal taxa of the Sphingidae, as well as the names of aberrations and individual forms. The author of each taxon description is given along with its original date of publication. Two species and subspecies are described as new. Comprehensive notes clearly explain these and other taxonomic changes, lectotype designations, and related matters. Color plates with 64 photographs further enhance the book."--Jacket.
Category: Nature