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The City Of The Moon God

Author : Tamara M. Green
ISBN : 9004095136
Genre : History
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The City of the Moon God treats the religious and intellectual history of the city of Harran (Eastern Turkey) from Biblical times down to the establishment of Islam. The author starts from the well-known reference in the Quran and the early Islamic histories to the people of Harran as Sabians, one of the 'peoples of the book'. But what was the Sabian 'book'? Why was their belief seen by the early Muslims as being so akin to Christianity and Judaism? More importantly, what does information about the religion of Harran reveal to us about the intellectual origins of Islam, and does this support later attempts to see in early Islam a pure, monolithic belief? The author unravels strands of religious tradition in Harran that run from the old Semitic planetary cults through Hellenistic hermeticism, gnosticism and Neo-Pythagoreanism and Christian cults to esoteric Islamic sects such as the Sufis and Shia, showing the city to be a collection point for Near Eastern and Hellenistic ideas and as such a microcosm of the later world of Islam. She also points to the process by which a multiconfessional world was gradually given Muslim garb and integrated into an Islamic community.
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Author : Harriet Crawford
ISBN : 9781472522191
Genre : Religion
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The ancient Mesoptamian city of Ur was a Sumerian city state which flourished as a centre of trade and civilisation between 2800–2000 BCE. However, in the recent past it suffered from the disastrous Gulf war and from neglect. It still remains a potent symbol for people of all faiths and will have an important role to play in the future. This account of Ur's past looks at both the ancient city and its evolution over centuries, and its archaeological interpretation in more recent times. From the 19th century explorers and their identification of the site of Mukayyar as the Biblical city of Ur, the study proceeds to look in detail at the archaeologist Leonard Woolley and his key discoveries during the 1920s and 30s. Using the findings as a framework and utilising the latest evidence from environmental, historical and archaeological studies, the volume explores the site's past in chronological order from the Ubaid period in the 5th millennium to the death of Alexander. It looks in detail at the architectural remains: the sacred buildings, royal graves and also the private housing which provides a unique record of life 4000 years ago. The volume also describes the part played by Ur in the Gulf war and discusses the problems raised for archaeologists in the war's aftermath.
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Das Spiel Der G Tter 1

Author : Steven Erikson
ISBN : 9783641089771
Genre : Fiction
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Das malazanische Imperium ist ein Moloch, der sich mit Hilfe seiner Magier und Soldaten unerbittlich ausbreitet. Jetzt soll die letzte freie Stadt fallen. Doch eine ominöse Macht verweigert den Truppen der Kaiserin den letzten Sieg: Über Darujhistan schwebt aus heiterem Himmel eine riesige Festung und versetzt alle Welt in helle Aufregung ...
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The Moon God Kings Of Akkad And Sumer

Author : Keith L. Eldridge
ISBN : 9781481740647
Genre : Fiction
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After An had created the sky, stars moon and Sun and the oceans and filled them with fish and other creatures, and the forests and uplands and mountains and peopled them with every kind of animal, He sat back for a rest and admired His effort. But He decided that perfect as it was it was very boring. The Gods needed someone or something to serve them. So, with river mud He created Man and Woman and all was turned to turmoil as these creatures went their own way, for it seemed that selfishness and violence were bred in the bone! Crime and violence, theft, murder, lies and graft proliferated. But in spite of this it was found that even in a garbage dump a beautiful plant may grow. It is called love. And that is the tenor of this story. An knew perfectly well that He had not created a perfect creature, but he had created a being capable of perfection. And this is the story of mankind. It tells us of such great ones as Inanna and Dumuzi, and as people matured, of Buddha, Jesus, Mohammad, on toward an age of maturity and out of the present strife and confusion.
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The Cult Of The Moon God

Author : Brian Wilson
ISBN : 9781414119977
Genre : Religion
File Size : 46.2 MB
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Islam poses a greater threat to freedom and stability than any force in the world today. The Cult of the Moon God exposes the myths of Islam, and clearly shows how they run counter to the truths of the Judeo-Christian Scriptures. Informative personal or group study. Read an excerpt at
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Moon O Theism Volume Ii Of Ii

Author : Yoel Natan
ISBN : 9781439297179
Genre : Cults
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This is volume two of a two-volume study of a war and moon god religion that was based on the Mideast moon god religion of Sin.
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American Gods

Author : Neil Gaiman
ISBN : 9783732507443
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 79.50 MB
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Ein Meisterwerk der Gegenwartsliteratur Als Shadow aus dem Gefängnis entlassen wird, ist nichts mehr wie zuvor. Seine Frau wurde getötet, und ein mysteriöser Fremder bietet ihm einen Job an. Er nennt sich Mr. Wednesday und weiß ungewöhnlich viel über Shadow. Er behauptet, ein Sturm ziehe auf, eine gewaltige Schlacht um die Seele Amerikas. Eine Schlacht, in der Shadow eine wichtige Rolle spielen wird ... Eines der meistbeachteten Bücher des letzten Jahrzehnts: eine kaleidoskopische Reise durch die Mythologie und durch ein Amerika, das zugleich unheimlich vertraut und völlig fremd wirkt. Erstmals ungekürzt auf Deutsch und komplett neu übersetzt. Neil Gaimans American Gods ist die literarische Grundlage für die erfolgreiche, gleichnamige Serie. Die deutschsprachige Fassung ist seit 2017 bei Amazon zu sehen. "Originell, fesselnd und unendlich einfallsreich." George R. R. Martin
Category: Fiction

Time At Emar

Author : Daniel E. Fleming
ISBN : 9781575060446
Genre : History
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The recent large-scale watershed projects in northern Syria, where the ancient city of Emar was located, have brought this area to light, thanks to salvage operation excavations before the area was submerged. Excavations at Meskeneh-Qadimeh on the great bend of the Euphrates River revealed this large town, which had been built in the late 14th century and then destroyed violently at the beginning of the 12th, at the end of the Bronze Age. In the town of Emar, ritual tablets were discovered in a temple that are demonstrated to have been recorded by the supervisor of the local cult, who was called the "diviner." This religious leader also operated a significant writing center, which focused on both administering local ritual and fostering competence in Mesopotamian lore. An archaic local calendar can be distinguished from other calendars in use at Emar, both foreign and local. A second, overlapping calendar emanated from the palace and represented a rising political force in some tension with rooted local institutions. The archaic local calendar can be partially reconstructed from one ritual text that outlines the rites performed during a period of six months. The main public rite of Emar's religious calendar was the zukru festival. This event was celebrated in a simplified annual ritual and in a more elaborate version of the ritual for seven days during every seventh year, probably serving as a pledge of loyalty to the chief god, Dagan. The Emar ritual calendar was native, in spite of various levels of outside influence, and thus offers important evidence for ancient Syrian culture. These texts are thus important for ancient Near Eastern cultic and ritual studies. Fleming's comprehensive study lays the basic groundwork for all future study of the ritual and makes a major contribution to the study of ancient Syria.
Category: History

The Biblical Aspect Of Abraham S Life

Author : Ike & Queen Ozuome
ISBN : 9781479786282
Genre : Religion
File Size : 41.72 MB
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ALL THESE THINGS WERE WRITTEN DOWN FOR OUR LEARNING AND FOR OUR ADMONITION.¡ ̈ Romans 15:4; 1 Corinthians 10:6, 11 _____________________________ The Biblical Aspect of Abraham¡¦s Life is a detailed study of the life of a wealthy and powerful Old Testament believer who is just like today Christians in many aspects, but was used by God to accomplish His plan and purpose. Written by pastors Ike and Queen Ozuome, this book offers some helpful insights into Abraham¡¦s wise and unwise actions within the biblical context and in terms of a contemporary understanding of Christian life. „« It is designed to help the Christian who is struggling in his or her walk with Christ to have a better understanding of how God interacts with His people. „« It is also a useful resource material for understanding your strengths and weaknesses and for identifying both the opportunities open to you and threats you face in your Christian walk with Christ. „« It can serve as a flashlight for anyone who is walking a dark path or who wants to learn from the mistakes of someone in the past as to avoid the same mistakes or pitfalls. „« It is a book that will help you link the things that have happened in the past with experiences that you have in the present.
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