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The City Of Akhenaten And Nefertiti

Author : Barry J. Kemp
ISBN : 0500291209
Genre : History
File Size : 21.77 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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“In the process of reconstituting a long-vanished city, the meticulously assembled book also brings to life the exotic, almost alien society once housed there.” —Publishers Weekly
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Author : Dominic Montserrat
ISBN : 9781134690343
Genre : Biography & Autobiography
File Size : 31.69 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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The pharaoh Akhenaten, who ruled Egypt in the mid-fourteenth century BCE, has been the subject of more speculation than any other character in Egyptian history. This provocative new biography examines both the real Akhenaten and the myths that have been created around him. It scrutinises the history of the pharaoh and his reign, which has been continually written in Eurocentric terms inapplicable to ancient Egypt, and the archaeology of Akhenaten's capital city, Amarna. It goes on to explore the pharaoh's extraordinary cultural afterlife, and the way he has been invoked to validate everything from psychoanalysis to racial equality to Fascism.
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Pharaohs Of The Sun

Author : Rita E. Freed
ISBN : 0500050996
Genre : Architecture, Egyptian
File Size : 37.14 MB
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This catalogue brings to life the extraordinary world of ancient Egypt through more than 250 beautiful works of art, while essays by leading Egyptologists describe the Amarna period, a time of unprecedented changes - in art and architecture, technology, the role of women in religion and government - and the dramatic break with polytheism. Sculpture, architectural elements, ceramics, jewelry, clothing, tools and furniture illustrate the culture of this period. More than 400 illustrations of these objects from renowned collections - such as the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Ägyptisches Museum in Berlin, the British Museum and the Louvre are reproduced in this handsome volume.
Category: Architecture, Egyptian

Akhenaten And The Origins Of Monotheism

Author : James K. Hoffmeier
ISBN : 9780190266790
Genre : Religion
File Size : 44.15 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Pharaoh Akhenaten, who reigned for seventeen years in the fourteenth century B.C.E, is one of the most intriguing rulers of ancient Egypt. His odd appearance and his preoccupation with worshiping the sun disc Aten have stimulated academic discussion and controversy for more than a century. Despite the numerous books and articles about this enigmatic figure, many questions about Akhenaten and the Atenism religion remain unanswered. In Akhenaten and the Origins of Monotheism, James K. Hoffmeier argues that Akhenaten was not, as is often said, a radical advocating a new religion, but rather a primitivist: that is, one who reaches back to a golden age and emulates it. Akhenaten's inspiration was the Old Kingdom (2650-2400 B.C.E.), when the sun-god Re/Atum ruled as the unrivaled head of the Egyptian pantheon. Hoffmeier finds that Akhenaten was a genuine convert to the worship of Aten, the sole creator God, based on the Pharoah's own testimony of a theophany, a divine encounter that launched his monotheistic religious odyssey. The book also explores the Atenist religion's possible relationship to Israel's religion, offering a close comparison of the hymn to the Aten to Psalm 104, which has been identified by scholars as influenced by the Egyptian hymn. Through a careful reading of key texts, artworks, and archaeological studies, Hoffmeier provides compelling new insights into a religion that predated Moses and Hebrew monotheism, the impact of Atenism on Egyptian religion and politics, and the aftermath of Akhenaten's reign.
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Author : Catharine H. Roehrig
ISBN : 9781588391735
Genre : Art, Egyptian
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A fascinating look at the artistically productive reign of Hatshepsut, a female pharaoh in ancient Egypt
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Author : Nicholas Reeves
ISBN : 0500285527
Genre : Biography & Autobiography
File Size : 90.44 MB
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A lavishly illustrated portrait of ancient Egypt's heretic pharaoh sheds new light on the turbulent events of Akhenaten's reign; his efforts to impose upon his kingdom the worship of a single god; the political, cultural, social, and artistic facets of the Amarna era; and the mysteries of Akhenaten, the fate of his wife Nefertiti, and the death of his heir, Tutankhamun. 12,000 first printing.
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In The Light Of Amarna

Author : Ägyptisches Museum und Papyrussammlung
ISBN : 3865688489
Genre : Art
File Size : 89.87 MB
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An accompaniment to the Egyptian Museum of Berlin’s special exhibition celebrating the discovery of the Nefertiti bust in 1912, this catalog presents never-before-seen artifacts and objects from the Amarna period of Egyptian history. The book also explores religion, craftsmanship, daily life, and sculpture in Amarna and the world famous Nefertiti bust.
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Gifts For The Gods

Author : Marsha Hill
ISBN : 9781588392312
Genre : Metal sculpture
File Size : 72.35 MB
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The Book Of Truth A New Perspective On The Hopi Creation Story

Author : Thomas Mills
ISBN : 9780557125838
Genre : History
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Thomas O. Mills befriended author Frank Waters, who in 1963 had written The Book of the Hopi with his Hopi informant Oswald White Bear Fredericks. Their book included the Hopi Creation Story. Mills listened, read and began to draw his own original and provocative conclusions. In his book, he seeks to track actual events and history that may be buried within it and how this could relate to our future. This book, drawing together a variety of ideas that are usually considered separately, makes stimulating reading and is good material for classroom discussions on history, race, Hopi culture, astronomy and "myth." Mills's intuitive vision should spur scientists to look more closely into what we like to call "myths" or "stories" for their possible basis in historical fact. And today, as we worry about climate change and what it means for the future, shouldn't we also be figuring out whether modern technology can prevent the earth's next rotational shake-up, and how we plan to survive it?
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Author : Joyce Tyldesley
ISBN : 9780141929347
Genre : Biography & Autobiography
File Size : 66.58 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Queen - or, as she would prefer to be remembered King - Hatchepsut was an astonishing woman. Brilliantly defying tradition she became the female embodiment of a male role, dressing in men's clothes and even wearing a false beard. Forgotten until Egptologists deciphered hieroglyphics in the 1820's, she has since been subject to intense speculation about her actions and motivations. Combining archaeological and historical evidence from a wide range of sources, Joyce Tyldesley's dazzling piece of detection strips away the myths and misconceptions and finally restores the female pharaoh to her rightful place.
Category: Biography & Autobiography