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The Church Society And Hegemony

Author : Carlos Alberto Torres
ISBN : 0275937739
Genre : Education
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This book provides a critical sociology of religion in Latin America. Its purpose is to discuss the notion of religion as part of social, cultural, and political processes in capitalist societies, drawing on the classics of sociological thought (Marx, Durkheim, Weber, and Gramsci). Thus, churches are analyzed as organized institutions of religious mediation intimately linked to the production of social, cultural, and political hegemony in Latin America. The Catholic Church, the dominant church in the region, is analyzed in terms of its different faces, changes, and transformations from conquest and colonization through the changing winds of Vatican II to the revolutionary experiences of the popular church in the 1970s and 1980s. This work will be of interest to scholars of Latin American studies, politics, religion, culture, and sociology. It also speaks to theologians and philosophers working in Latin America.
Category: Education

Religious Diversity In Post Soviet Society

Author : Milda Ališauskiene
ISBN : 9781317066965
Genre : Religion
File Size : 47.80 MB
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Since the end of state repression against religion, two major processes have taken place in the formerly socialist countries: historically dominant churches strive to reassert their position in society, while new religious groups and ideas from various parts of the world are proliferating. This generates pluralism of religious communities and individual religious attitudes. Religious Diversity in Post-Soviet Society presents the first collection of ethnographies of this new religious diversity for Lithuania, a country that has a long history of a dominant Catholic Church. The authors reveal how Catholicism has become increasingly diversified and other religions (Charismatic Protestantism, Baltic Paganism, Eastern religions and other alternative spiritualities) are claiming their space in the religious field.
Category: Religion

Hegemony And Power

Author : Mark Haugaard
ISBN : 0739115030
Genre : Political Science
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This book provides the first systematic examination of the relationship of hegemony and power. Nine essays delve into the diverse analytical aspects of the two concepts, and an introduction and conclusion by the editors, respectively, forge a synthesis of their theoretical coherence. Hegemony has long existed as a term in political science, international relations, and social theory, but its meaning varies across these fields. While each has developed its own 'local' language games for treating the idea, they all conceptualize hegemony as a form of power. Building on the recent rigorous exposition of power, this book subjects hegemony to a clarifying debate. In doing so, it advances the power debate. Components of the literature assume a relationship between power and hegemony, but no previous work has performed a concentrated and consistent analytical examination of them until now.
Category: Political Science

Cadences Of Home

Author : Walter Brueggemann
ISBN : 0664257496
Genre : Religion
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A powerful perspective about preaching, "Cadences of Home" suggests that sermons must speak to those who are lost and searching for their rightful home. Brueggemann argues for a dynamic transformation of preaching to proclaim to the world that there is a home for all people.
Category: Religion

The Elusive Dream

Author : Korie L. Edwards
ISBN : 9780199886173
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 37.62 MB
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It is communion Sunday at a mixed-race church. A black pastor and white head elder stand before the sanctuary as lay leaders pass out the host. An African-American woman sings a gospel song as a woman of Asian descent plays the piano. Then a black woman in the congregation throws her hands up and yells, over and over, "Thank you Lawd!" A few other African-Americans in the pews say "Amen," while white parishioners sit stone-faced. The befuddled white head elder reads aloud from the Bible, his soft voice drowned out by the shouts of praise. Even in this proudly interracial church, America's racial divide is a constant presence. In The Elusive Dream, Korie L. Edwards presents the surprising results of an in-depth study of interracial churches: they help perpetuate the very racial inequality they aim to abolish. To arrive at this conclusion, she combines a nuanced analysis of national survey data with an in-depth examination of one particular church. She shows that mixed-race churches adhere strongly to white norms. African Americans in multiracial settings adapt their behavior to make white congregants comfortable. Behavior that white worshipers perceive as out of bounds is felt by blacks as too limiting. Yet to make interracial churches work, blacks must adjust their behavior to accommodate the predilections of whites. They conform to white expectations in church just as they do elsewhere. Thorough, incisive, and surprising, The Elusive Dream raises provocative questions about the ongoing problem of race in the national culture.
Category: Social Science

Hegemony And Culture

Author : David D. Laitin
ISBN : 0226467902
Genre : History
File Size : 33.12 MB
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In this ambitious work, David D. Laitin explores the politics of religious change among the Yoruba of Nigeria, then uses his findings to expand leading theories of ethnic and religious politics.
Category: History

Rethinking Hegemony

Author : Thomas Clayton
ISBN : 9781875408351
Genre : Comparative education
File Size : 73.29 MB
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Category: Comparative education

Revaluations And Transvaluations

Author : John O'Loughlin
ISBN : 9781446682609
Genre : Religion
File Size : 26.47 MB
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REVALUATIONS AND TRANSVALUATIONS has something of a Nietzschean ring to it, but is really quite distinct from anything Nietzsche wrote, as it revaluates certain prior contentions of John O'Loughlin's philosophy in the light of new insights, and couples this to an extension of his habitual transvaluating of traditional - not least Christian - positions, with remarkably original conclusions and suggestions about the desirability of transcending the axial relativity that currently divides societies and peoples, precluding the possibility of brotherly redemption.
Category: Religion