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The Business Of Waterways Management

Author : Lucidus Smith
ISBN : 9781496988409
Genre : Business & Economics
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The Australian company Kimberley Environmental Solutions Pty Ltd was formed in June 2006 for the purpose of harvesting the abundant water weed found in the northern waterways of Western Australia, and then turning it into cattle feed There was a serious shortage of cattle feed in the whole of Australia at this time, mainly due to the drought conditions that had existed for several years in the eastern states, and this shortage of feed also affected the north of Western Australia. This book covers all that was learnt during the six years that the company was operational in Kununurra (it being wound up in 2013), and the Case Histories Section looks in detail at the projects that the company was invited to bid for in China and Nigeria. Most of the major waterways in the world appear to have a weed or algae problem that will have to be dealt with if the world is to continue to enjoy clean fresh water. The author of this book and his fellow directors have all come to the conclusion that water weeds and algae are a valuable natural resource that we should find ways of utilizing for the benefit of mankind.
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Inland Waterway Transport

Author : Bart Wiegmans
ISBN : 9781317575665
Genre : Business & Economics
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Inland waterways are a host for a mode of transport that is not as visible to the general public or as used as it once was. It is, however, generally perceived to be very important to our freight transport system today, although a closer look into the inland waterway transport system rebuts this perception and reveals the strengths and opportunities of this mode of transportation. This book gives the reader a thorough understanding of the current role of inland waterway transport as a freight transport system and its conditions. Drawing on case studies from across Europe, this text explores the economic, logistic, and technological and policy issues related to inland waterway transport and the challenges that changes in these areas present to this transport mode. It also explores the strategies for the inland waterway transport sector to secure and then enlarge its role in the future of freight transport. Inland Waterway Transport will be an invaluable source for students and researchers of transport studies. In addition, the book will be useful to policymakers and practitioners involved in its development. It may also appeal to wider readers with an interest in the fascinating business of inland waterway transport.
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Revitalizing Urban Waterway Communities

Author : Richard Smardon
ISBN : 9781315474953
Genre : Nature
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The revitalizing and restoration of rivers, creeks and streams is a major focus of urban conservation activity throughout North America and Europe. This book presents models and examples for organizing multiple stakeholders for purposes of waterway revitalization—if not restoration—within a context of fairness and environmental justice. After decades of neglect and misuse the challenge of cleaning up urban rivers and streams is shown to be complex and truly daunting. Urban river cleanup typically involves multiple agendas and stakeholders, as well as complicated technical issues. It is also often the situation that the most affected have the least voice in what happens. The authors present social process models for maximum inclusion of various stakeholders in decision-making for urban waterway regeneration. A range of examples is presented, drawn principally from North America and Europe.
Category: Nature

Waterways And The Cultural Landscape

Author : Francesco Vallerani
ISBN : 9781315398440
Genre : Business & Economics
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Water control and management have been fundamental to the building of human civilisation. In Europe, the regulation of major rivers, the digging of canals and the wetland reclamation schemes from the sixteenth to nineteenth centuries, generated new typologies of waterscapes with significant implications for the people who resided within them. This book explores the role of waterways as a form of heritage, culture and sense of place and the potential of this to underpin the development of cultural tourism. With a multidisciplinary approach across the social sciences and humanities, chapters explore how the control and management of water flows are among some of the most significant human activities to transform the natural environment. Based upon a wealth and breadth of European case studies, the book uncovers the complex relationships we have with waterways, the ways that they have been represented over recent centuries and the ways in which they continue to be redefined in different cultural contexts. Contributions recognise not only valuable assets of hydrology that are at the core of landscape management, but also more intangible aspects that matter to people, such as their familiarity, affecting what is understood as the fluvial sense of place. This highly original collection will be of interest to those working in cultural tourism, cultural geography, heritage studies, cultural history, landscape studies and leisure studies.
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Applying Advanced Information Systems To Ports And Waterways Management

Author : Division on Engineering and Physical Sciences
ISBN : 9780309173179
Genre : Technology & Engineering
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The future safety of maritime transportation in the United States-a major factor in the nation's international trade and economic well-being-will depend heavily on the quality of port and waterways information systems. Many U.S. ports and waterways lack adequate information services, although certain elements of advanced systems are now available in some locations. Barriers to improvements in information systems include the division of responsibilities for waterways management among multiple agencies at all levels of government, a lack of coordination among the federal agencies responsible for waterways management, inadequate budgets for some critical maritime programs, the high costs of some specialized technologies, stakeholder opposition to user fees, limited access to certain key data, the incompatibility of many independently developed systems, and the absence of standards for some attractive technologies. In this report, the second phase of a three-year study by the Committee on Maritime Advanced Information Systems of the National Research Council, a strategy is presented for overcoming the major barriers and deficiencies and providing a minimum level of maritime safety information nationwide. In this phase of the study, the committee concentrated on maritime information systems that promote safety, which is the area of greatest need. The committee did not examine in detail the relationship between navigation safety and maritime transportation efficiency or evaluate information systems that promote efficiency; the committee believes, however, that these issues deserve further attention.
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Catchment And River Basin Management

Author : Laurence Smith
ISBN : 9781136472411
Genre : Science
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The central focus of this volume is a critical comparative analysis of the key drivers for water resource management and the provision of clean water – governance systems and institutional and legal arrangements. The authors present a systematic analysis of case study river systems drawn from Australia, Denmark, Germany, the Netherlands, UK and USA to provide an integrated global assessment of the scale and key features of catchment management. A key premise explored is that despite the diversity of jurisdictions and catchments there are commonalities to a successful approach. The authors show that environmental and public health water quality criteria must be integrated with the economic and social goals of those affected, necessitating a 'twin-track' and holistic (cross-sector and discipline) approach of stakeholder engagement and sound scientific research. A final synthesis presents a set of principles for adaptive catchment management. These principles demonstrate how to integrate the best scientific and technical knowledge with policy, governance and legal provisions. It is shown how decision-making and implementation at the appropriate geographic and governmental scales can resolve conflicts and share best sustainable practices.
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The Water Kingdom

Author : Philip Ball
ISBN : 9780226470924
Genre : History
File Size : 40.27 MB
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From the Yangtze to the Yellow River, China is traversed by great waterways, which have defined its politics and ways of life for centuries. Water has been so integral to China’s culture, economy, and growth and development that it provides a window on the whole sweep of Chinese history. In The Water Kingdom, renowned writer Philip Ball opens that window to offer an epic and powerful new way of thinking about Chinese civilization. Water, Ball shows, is a key that unlocks much of Chinese culture. In The Water Kingdom, he takes us on a grand journey through China’s past and present, showing how the complexity and energy of the country and its history repeatedly come back to the challenges, opportunities, and inspiration provided by the waterways. Drawing on stories from travelers and explorers, poets and painters, bureaucrats and activists, all of whom have been influenced by an environment shaped and permeated by water, Ball explores how the ubiquitous relationship of the Chinese people to water has made it an enduring metaphor for philosophical thought and artistic expression. From the Han emperors to Mao, the ability to manage the waters ― to provide irrigation and defend against floods ― was a barometer of political legitimacy, often resulting in engineering works on a gigantic scale. It is a struggle that continues today, as the strain of economic growth on water resources may be the greatest threat to China’s future. The Water Kingdom offers an unusual and fascinating history, uncovering just how much of China’s art, politics, and outlook have been defined by the links between humanity and nature.
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River Republic

Author : Daniel McCool
ISBN : 9780231161305
Genre : Nature
File Size : 27.15 MB
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Chronicles the history of water development agencies in America and the way in which special interests have abused rather than preserved the country's rivers. Also narrates the second, brighter act in this ongoing story: the surging, grass roots movement to bring these rivers back to life and ensure they remain pristine for future generations.
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