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The Business Of Biodiversity

Author : Mark Everard
ISBN : 9781845642082
Genre : Business & Economics
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These days, the business and sustainabilityA agenda is fast-moving. Business finds itself absolutely on the front line of the battle being waged between humankind (as the dominant species on the planet) and the rest of the living systems and creatures with which we share the planet. This will be seen in retrospect as a collective aberration of monstrous proportions (we are, in effect, making war on ourselves), but it is taking us a very long time indeed to wake up to the consequences of this aberration. The Business of BiodiversityA nails that mis-prioritisation with splendid eloquence. Once business people come to see that biodiversity still represents the primary resource for all our business activitiesA, then the business case for embedding biodiversity right at the heart of corporate strategy grows stronger by the day. By the same token, the societal case for putting biodiversity at the top of the agendaA rather than treating it as an irritating afterthought becomes overwhelming.
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The Business Of Biodiversity

Author : Hugh Possingham
ISBN : 0858021633
Genre : Biodiversity
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Biodiversity is a fundamental part of Australia's natural wealth. It is part of the infrastructure that underpins industries like tourism and agriculture; it culturally defines the people of our island continent and enhances our quality of life. Given the importance of biodiversity and increasing alarm at the loss of this national asset, we have an enormous responsibility to use the resources allocated to biodiversity conservation wisely. This paper is about how we can make smart conservation decisions. Why is this paper called 2The business of biodiversity3 when it includes no explicit economics? It is a paper about applying business-like thinking to managing biodiversity. While the currency of business is dollars, the currency of nature conservation is biodiversity. I argue that maximising our long-term biodiversity should be dealt with in a business-like way, with the only difference being the currency. A business-like approach to managing biodiversity involves using clear decision-making tools to determine actions and welldesigned performance evaluation to measure the success of those actions. Both the decision-making and monitoring should be couched within the framework of active adaptive management.
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The Economics Of Ecosystems And Biodiversity In Business And Enterprise

Author : Joshua Bishop
ISBN : 9781136497124
Genre : Science
File Size : 84.69 MB
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This book is a product of the TEEB study (The Economics of Ecosystems and Biodiversity). It provides important evidence of growing corporate concern about biodiversity loss and offers examples of how leading companies are taking action to conserve biodiversity and to restore ecosystems. This book reviews indicators and drivers of biodiversity loss and ecosystem decline, and shows how these present both risks and opportunities to all businesses. It examines the changing preferences of consumers for nature-friendly products and services, and offers examples of how companies are responding. The book also describes recent initiatives to enable businesses to measure, value and report their impacts and dependencies on biodiversity and ecosystem services. The authors review a range of practical tools to manage biodiversity risks in business, with examples of how companies are using these tools to reduce costs, protect their brands and deliver real business value. The book also explores the emergence of new business models that deliver biodiversity benefits and ecosystem services on a commercial basis, the policy enabling frameworks needed to stimulate investment and entrepreneurship to realize such opportunities, and the obstacles that must be overcome. The book further examines how businesses can align their actions in relation to biodiversity and ecosystem services with other corporate responsibility initiatives, including community engagement and poverty reduction. Finally, the book concludes with a summary and recommendations for action.
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Business And Biodiversity

Author : Dr. David Stone
ISBN : STANFORD:36105023440279
Genre : Nature
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This guide explains how and why business should be involved in the biodiversity debate. It explains the main principles of the Convention on Biological Diversity and describes some of the Convention's potential implications. It also examines the many links between biodiversity and the private sector and highlights the need for a new, more rational approach to the manner in which biological resources are used and managed.
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Biodiversity Offsets

Author : Wolfgang Wende
ISBN : 9783319725819
Genre : Science
File Size : 24.35 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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This book deals with the new concept of biodiversity offsets. The aim of offsetting schemes is to achieve no let loss or even net gain of biodiversity. Offsets obey a mitigation hierarchy and reflect the precautionary and polluter-pays principle in regard to project impacts. Readers gain insights into current debates on biodiversity policies, with top experts outlining theoretical principles and the latest research findings. At the same time the focus is on practical application and case studies. Today there is a lively international discussion among practitioners and scientists on the optimal legal framework, metrics and design of habitat banks to ensure the success of biodiversity offsets and to minimise the risks of failure or misuse. Contributing to the debate, this volume presents the activities and practices of biodiversity offsetting already implemented in Europe in selected EU member states, and the lessons that can be learnt from them. Readers may be surprised at how much experience already exists in these countries. A further aim of the book is to offer grounded insights on the road ahead, and foster a more intensive and fruitful discussion on how offsetting can be extended and improved upon, so that it becomes a key and effective component of Europe’s biodiversity conservation policy framework.
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Economic Valuation Of Biodiversity

Author : Bartosz Bartkowski
ISBN : 9781351708173
Genre : Business & Economics
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While biodiversity loss is an ecological phenomenon, it also has further dimensions – political, social and, last but not least, economic. From the economic perspective, the rapid loss of biological diversity can be viewed in two ways. First, the consequence of this deterioration process is a loss of options and an increase in scarcity of the environmental ‘good’, biodiversity. Second, economic activity and the structure of global and local economic institutions have frequently been identified as the major drivers of biodiversity loss. In economic terms, this constitutes a market failure – market-based economic activities lead to processes which undermine the long-term stability of these very activities. This book provides an ecological economic perspective on the value of diversity in ecosystems. Combining insights from various sub-disciplines of ecology and environmental/ecological economics, the author constructs a conceptual framework which identifies the ways in which biodiversity influences human well-being and offers a novel, unifying perspective on the economic value of biodiversity.? This framework demonstrates that biodiversity’s economic value mainly results from uncertainty about the future, regarding both supply of and demand for ecosystem services, and interconnections between ecosystems. The book goes on to identify suitable methods for economic valuation of biodiversity and discusses the currently underdeveloped and underused approach of deliberative monetary valuation.? Combining a strong theoretical framework with practical examples, this book will be of great interest to students and researchers of ecological economics, ecosystem services, environmental values and environmental and resource economics.
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Biodiversity In The Green Economy

Author : Alexandros Gasparatos
ISBN : 9781317934691
Genre : Business & Economics
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In the past decade, the growing realization that biodiversity and human wellbeing are inextricably linked has led to the adoption of numerous environmental policies. The concept of the Green Economy has gained particular attention as an economic system where growth is possible within environmental limits. The preservation of ecosystem services and the halt of biodiversity loss are identified as key pillars of the Green Economy. Despite the concept’s momentum there is still no clear understanding of how biodiversity fits within a Green Economy. In the current debate, biodiversity is rarely acknowledged in economic sectors other than agriculture, forestry, fisheries and tourism, and when it is acknowledged biodiversity and its conservation feature more as buzzwords than as concrete and tangible components of the Green Economy. This book aims to identify, understand and offer pragmatic recommendations of how biodiversity conservation can become an agent of green economic development. This book establishes ways to assess biodiversity’s contributions to the economy and to meaningfully integrate biodiversity concerns in green-economy policies.
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Conservation And Biodiversity Banking

Author : Ricardo Bayon
ISBN : 9781849770842
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 20.78 MB
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The conservation of biodiversity is now big business. Whether called conservation banking, species banking, habitat banking, biodiversity banking, biodiversity offsets, compensatory mitigation or ecological footprint offsetting, the idea of financially valuing biodiversity and using the market and businesses to promote conservation is growing rapidly.
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