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The Business Of Biodiversity

Author : Mark Everard
ISBN : 9781845642082
Genre : Business & Economics
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These days, the business and sustainabilityA agenda is fast-moving. Business finds itself absolutely on the front line of the battle being waged between humankind (as the dominant species on the planet) and the rest of the living systems and creatures with which we share the planet. This will be seen in retrospect as a collective aberration of monstrous proportions (we are, in effect, making war on ourselves), but it is taking us a very long time indeed to wake up to the consequences of this aberration. The Business of BiodiversityA nails that mis-prioritisation with splendid eloquence. Once business people come to see that biodiversity still represents the primary resource for all our business activitiesA, then the business case for embedding biodiversity right at the heart of corporate strategy grows stronger by the day. By the same token, the societal case for putting biodiversity at the top of the agendaA rather than treating it as an irritating afterthought becomes overwhelming.
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The Business Of Biodiversity

Author : Hugh Possingham
ISBN : 0858021633
Genre : Biodiversity
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Biodiversity is a fundamental part of Australia's natural wealth. It is part of the infrastructure that underpins industries like tourism and agriculture; it culturally defines the people of our island continent and enhances our quality of life. Given the importance of biodiversity and increasing alarm at the loss of this national asset, we have an enormous responsibility to use the resources allocated to biodiversity conservation wisely. This paper is about how we can make smart conservation decisions. Why is this paper called 2The business of biodiversity3 when it includes no explicit economics? It is a paper about applying business-like thinking to managing biodiversity. While the currency of business is dollars, the currency of nature conservation is biodiversity. I argue that maximising our long-term biodiversity should be dealt with in a business-like way, with the only difference being the currency. A business-like approach to managing biodiversity involves using clear decision-making tools to determine actions and welldesigned performance evaluation to measure the success of those actions. Both the decision-making and monitoring should be couched within the framework of active adaptive management.
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The Business Of Biodiversity

Author : Daniel Lunney
ISBN : STANFORD:36105110532160
Genre : Biodiversity
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The Economics Of Ecosystems And Biodiversity In Business And Enterprise

Author : Joshua Bishop
ISBN : 9781136497124
Genre : Science
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This book is a product of the TEEB study (The Economics of Ecosystems and Biodiversity). It provides important evidence of growing corporate concern about biodiversity loss and offers examples of how leading companies are taking action to conserve biodiversity and to restore ecosystems. This book reviews indicators and drivers of biodiversity loss and ecosystem decline, and shows how these present both risks and opportunities to all businesses. It examines the changing preferences of consumers for nature-friendly products and services, and offers examples of how companies are responding. The book also describes recent initiatives to enable businesses to measure, value and report their impacts and dependencies on biodiversity and ecosystem services. The authors review a range of practical tools to manage biodiversity risks in business, with examples of how companies are using these tools to reduce costs, protect their brands and deliver real business value. The book also explores the emergence of new business models that deliver biodiversity benefits and ecosystem services on a commercial basis, the policy enabling frameworks needed to stimulate investment and entrepreneurship to realize such opportunities, and the obstacles that must be overcome. The book further examines how businesses can align their actions in relation to biodiversity and ecosystem services with other corporate responsibility initiatives, including community engagement and poverty reduction. Finally, the book concludes with a summary and recommendations for action.
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Business And Biodiversity

Author : Dr. David Stone
ISBN : STANFORD:36105023440279
Genre : Nature
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This guide explains how and why business should be involved in the biodiversity debate. It explains the main principles of the Convention on Biological Diversity and describes some of the Convention's potential implications. It also examines the many links between biodiversity and the private sector and highlights the need for a new, more rational approach to the manner in which biological resources are used and managed.
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Conservation And Biodiversity Banking

Author : Ricardo Bayon
ISBN : 9781849770842
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 21.3 MB
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The conservation of biodiversity is now big business. Whether called conservation banking, species banking, habitat banking, biodiversity banking, biodiversity offsets, compensatory mitigation or ecological footprint offsetting, the idea of financially valuing biodiversity and using the market and businesses to promote conservation is growing rapidly.
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The Business Of Climate Change

Author : Kathryn Begg
ISBN : 9781351281669
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 26.65 MB
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In recent years climate change has become a leading issue on both the business and political agenda. With the Kyoto Protocol to the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change now ratified, business is bracing itself for the reality of serious regulation on the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.The Business of Climate Change presents a state-of-the-art analysis of corporate responses to the climate change issue. The book describes and assesses a number of recent business approaches that will help to identify effective strategies and promote the dissemination of proactive corporate practices on climate change worldwide. By identifying the factors that cause companies to pursue low-carbon strategies and support the Kyoto process, the book will also be helpful to governments in formulating policy.Business and industry have a crucial role to play in the implementation of the Kyoto Protocol. They are major emitters of greenhouse gases, and pressure is mounting for them to engage in a range of mitigation strategies, from emission inventorying and trading schemes to investments in low-carbon technologies. Behind the scenes a number of companies have started to develop strategies to curtail greenhouse gas emissions.These strategies can be very diverse in nature. At a political level, companies try to influence policy implementation and, more specifically, to test ideas in anticipation of possible regulation on the climate change issue. At a more practical level, there are a burgeoning number of initiatives to conserve energy use in production, transportation and buildings, to develop renewable sources of energy, to measure carbon emissions and sequestration at a detailed level, and to develop various markets for trading carbon credits among companies and countries. Some technologies, such as hybrid cars and compact fluorescent lighting, are now market realities.Common to all of these initiatives is that they operate in an environment of high complexity and uncertainty. The political implementation of the Kyoto Protocol remains uncertain and many details remain unspecified. Economic instruments such as emission trading are favoured, but their mechanisms are still hotly debated and the future price of credits is unknown. New markets for low-emission products and technologies are beginning to appear, but there are currently few regulatory drivers to assist their development. The impact of potential regulation on business will vary tremendously between companies and sectors. The fossil fuel and energy sectors fear the economics of action, while sectors such as insurance and agriculture fear the economics of inaction. Combined with the remaining uncertainties about what form climate change may take, corporate responses to reduce risks have to differentiate between sectors and have to be flexible. For individual companies, these big uncertainties demand new thinking and contingency planning.The Business of Climate Change is split into four sections: "Introduction and overview" presents a broad perspective on business and climate policies
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The Cbi Environmental Management Handbook

Author : Ruth Hillary
ISBN : 9781134194629
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 67.72 MB
Format : PDF
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A guide to all aspects of environmental management for businesses. The volume offers information on state-of-the-art techniques, trends and developments taking a user's perspective, capturing key viewpoints and drawing together best practice through the use of case studies. These display the practical implications of the topics under discussion and are set out to enable users to relate their information to their own experience.
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Science And Business Of Forestry Carbon Projects

Author : H S Gupta
ISBN : 9788179934623
Genre : Technology & Engineering
File Size : 40.69 MB
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Science and Business of Carbon Forestry is a comprehensive guide on biodiversity, conservation and development, and regulation-related issues relevant to forests. It gives detailed guidance on the development, marketing, and financials related to projects in the forestry sector, with a focus on addressing problems related to climate change and forestry. Drawing on a wealth of information from studies across the globe, this book has been authored by a multi-sectoral team of practitioners, academics, economists, and other social/technical experts experienced in carbon markets, climate protection, forestry, project development, and environmental law. The book will serve the needs of various departments and agencies of relevant forest, agriculture, and horticulture departments, and related governmental organizations and non-governmental organizations.
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