The Body And The Screen

Author : Michele White
ISBN : 9780262232494
Genre : Computers
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"White shows that despite the onscreen promise of empowerment and coherence (through depictions of materiality that structure the experience), fragmentation and confusion are constant aspects of Internet spectatorship.--BOOK JACKET.
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The Body And The Screen

Author : Kate Ince
ISBN : 9781623566265
Genre : Performing Arts
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Since the 1980s the number of women regularly directing films has increased significantly in most Western countries; in France, Claire Denis and Catherine Breillat have joined Agnès Varda in gaining international renown, while British directors Lynne Ramsay and Andrea Arnold have forged award-winning careers in feature film. This new volume in the "Thinking Cinema†? series draws on feminist philosophers and theorists from Simone de Beauvoir on to offer readings of a range of the most important and memorable of these films from the 1990s and 2000s, focusing as it does so on how the films convey women's lives and identities. Mainstream entertainment cinema traditionally distorts the representation of women, objectifying their bodies, minimizing their agency, and avoiding the most important questions about how cinema can "do justice" to female subjectivity. Kate Ince suggests that the films of independent women directors are progressively redressing the balance, reinvigorating both the narratives and the formal ambitions of European cinema. Ince uses feminist philosophers to interpret such films as Sex Is Comedy, Morvern Callar, White Material, and Fish Tank anew, suggesting that a philosophical understanding of female subjectivity as embodied and ethical should underpin future feminist film study.
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Bringing The Body To The Stage And Screen

Author : Annette Lust
ISBN : 9780810882126
Genre : Performing Arts
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"In 'Bringing the Body to the Stage and Screen, ' Annette Lust provides stage and screen artists with a program of physical and related expressive exercises that can empower their art with more creativity. In this book, Lust provides a general introduction to movement, including definitions and differences between movement on the stage and screen, how to conduct a class or learn on one's own, and choosing a movement style. Throughout the book and in the appendixes, Lust incorporates learning programs that cover the use of basic physical and expressive exercises for the entire body. In addition, she provides original solo and group pantomimes; improvisational exercises; examples of plays, fiction, poetry, and songs that may be interpreted with movement; a list of training centers in America and Europe; and an extensive bibliography and videography."--Publisher description.
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The Body As A Screen

Author : Lena Fritsch
ISBN : 3487146797
Genre : Photography
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This book examines the human body as a motif in Japanese photographic art of the 1990s, with particular reference to socio-cultural issues. Lena Fritsch analyses photographs by Ishiuchi Miyako, Izima Kaoru, Mori Mariko, Morimura Yasumasa, Yamanaka Manabu and Yanagi Miwa, focussing on problems of social and national identity, gender and religion. 00.
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The War Body On Screen

Author : Karen Randell
ISBN : 0826428223
Genre : Performing Arts
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This collection of essays examines the war body on screen by drawing upon multiple and diverging view points, differing academic backgrounds and methodological approaches.
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Behind The Screens

Author : Jocalyn Lawler
ISBN : 9781920898250
Genre : Body language
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Behind the screens is a book about nursing. It sheds light on the fundamental aspects of basic nursing that have previously been hidden, or taken for granted. The essence of these practices has not been regarded as formal knowledge, partly because there has been no formal language to describe them. Experienced and beginning practitioners will identify with many aspects of this discussion.Professor Jocalyn Lawler argues that the body is a problem in our society and she examines the intellectual background to the problem. She describes the pattern of relationships between the theoretical concepts of the body, body care, privacy, dirty work, women's work, and sexuality. The invisibility of nursing is linked with these concepts and with the lack of an academic discourse on the body as a whole.Drawing on the words of nurses themselves, Lawler describes how they deal with the problem of the body. From the interviews, she articulates the complexity and sophistication at the heart of the way nurses manage the bodies of others. And she coins a term, somology, that provides nursing with a language to describe the crucial social components of skilled nursing care.Readable and important, Behind the screens adds to knowledge about knowledge and to knowledge about nursing. The work was first published in 1991. It has since been translated into Norwegian as Bak skjermbrettene: sykepleie, og kroppslige problemer, and French as La Face Cachée des Soins: Soins au corps, intimité et pratique soignante.
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Somatic Cinema

Author : Luke Hockley
ISBN : 9781134745593
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Films can hold personal psychological meanings that are often at odds with their narratives. Examining the intersections between mental health and the cinema, Somatic Cinema represents the cutting edge of film theory, evaluating the significance of this phenomenon both in therapy and in the everyday world. Luke Hockley draws on the insights of phenomenological and Jungian film theory and applies them alongside more established psychoanalytic approaches. The result is to combine the idea of affective bodily experience with unconscious processes as a means to explore a new ontology of the cinema. The emphasis is therefore shifted from pure intellectual insight to greater inclusion of personally constructed meanings and experiences. Several key concepts are developed and explored throughout the book. These include: The idea of the ‘Third Image’, occupying the intersubjective space between viewer and screen, and therapist and client The concept of the Cinematic Frame (as opposed to the Film Frame), the container of the psychological relationship between viewer and screen The use of the Cinematic Experience to encapsulate the somatic expression of unconscious effects that develop while a film is viewed and which are central to the creation of personal psychological meanings. With a focus on examining why we develop a personal relationship with films, Somatic Cinema is ideal for academics and students of film studies, media studies and analytical psychology.

Embodying The Screen

Author : Anthony Ochuko Adah
ISBN : 0494526289
Genre :
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This dissertation explores how concepts of the body serve as a framework for examining questions of representation and identity in selected films by Aboriginal directors from three settler countries: Australia, Canada, and New Zealand. It argues that these filmmakers' thematic concerns and stylistic choices offer insight into cultural debates concerning the relationship between the body and questions of ethnic, cultural and national identities. Most importantly, the dissertation asks: why and how do these Aboriginal directors animate the body as a site for articulating and recuperating Aboriginal identities while simultaneously contesting the field of their mainstream national cinemas? To answer these questions, the first chapter provides a historical and theoretical overview of pertinent theoretical reflections about the body in relation to alterity and the construction of identity. Chapter Two looks at the films of Aboriginal Australian directors Tracey Moffatt and Rachel Perkins. Chapter Three examines Maori filmmaking from New Zealand by analyzing the works of Merata Mita, Barry Barclay and Lee Tamahori. The spotlight of Chapter Four is Native Canadian cinema and it analyzes the films of Alanis Obomsawin, Christine Welsh, Loretta Todd, Shelley Niro and Zacharias Kunuk. Chapter Five is a reflection on the salient narrative and cinematic conventions in what might be considered a pan-Aboriginal cinematic practice.

Descended From Hercules

Author : Robert A. Rushing
ISBN : 9780253022585
Genre : Performing Arts
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Muscles, six-pack abs, skin, and sweat fill the screen in the tawdry and tantalizing peplum films associated with epic Italian cinema of the 1950s and 1960s.Using techniques like slow motion and stopped time, these films instill the hero’s vitality with timeless admiration and immerse the hero’s body in a world that is lavishly eroticized but without sexual desire. These"sword and sandal" films represent a century-long cinematic biopolitical intervention that offers the spectator an imagined form of the male body—one free of illness, degeneracy, and the burdens of poverty—that defends goodness with brute strength and perseverance, and serves as a model of ideal citizenry.Robert A. Rushing traces these epic heroes from Maciste in Cabiria in the early silent era to contemporary transnational figures like Arnold Schwarzenegger in Conan the Barbarian, and to films such as Zach Snyder’s 300.Rushing explores how the very tactile modes of representation cement the genre’s ideological grip on the viewer.
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Live Flesh

Author : Santiago Fouz-Hernandez
ISBN : 9780857714435
Genre : Performing Arts
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In post-Franco Spain, a re-shaping of notions of the masculine has been under way for some time. The authors of Live Flesh demonstrate how contemporary Spanish films, during this modern period, have contributed to this process. They do so by visualizing the ways in which Spanish men have been abandoning old self images and adopting new ones, and they explain and explore the complexity and diversity of these fresh cinematic creations of masculine identities. _x000D_ _x000D_ The book's point of focus is Spanish films of the democratic period, both popular and auteur, made by directors of national and international prominence, such as Pedro Almodóvar, Alejandro Amenábar, Bigas Luna or Julio Medem, as well as films featuring acclaimed actors who have contributed to the construction of contemporary ideas of the masculine in their country, including Antonio Banderas and Javier Bardem. Using a fresh theoretical framework, embracing queer and feminist theory and concepts of nation, race and class, each chapter examines key films that represent the male body, highlighting notable elements - young, muscular, homosexual, (dis)abled, foreign and so on - and goes on to focus on recent case studies from the early 1990s to the present. _x000D_ _x000D_ An increasingly transnational Spanish cinema is a most promising field in which to explore questions of how male bodies are represented - and mediated - in film. Live Flesh more than fulfils this promise and goes further, to reveal how these representations have intervened in the Spanish cultural imagination.
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