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Author : Larry Richards
ISBN : 9781606048313
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 56.41 MB
Format : PDF
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"Earthbound" chronicles the tangled relationships that develop between three species: angels, demons, and humans, who are engaged in an invisible war between good and evil. In this first of six novels about the Invisible War, Dr. Larry Richards reveals the origins of the war and the roots of the continuing struggle involving spirit beings and humans. While this warfare is invisible to mortal eyes, it has a deadly impact on human history as well as on our lives today. Led by the powerful angel Lucifer a third of the angels rebel against the Creator. Satan and his followers are transformed into demons and given control of Earth. Eons later the Creator decimates the planet and the living creatures Satan has corrupted. The Creator reshapes Earth and places the first humans in Eden, where Satan's throne had once pierced the heavens. Convinced that the Creator intends to use the humans against him in the war, Satan sets events in motion that have a deadly impact on the human race. But when demons mate with human women and produce giants called Nephelim, they cross a line established by the Creator. The guilty demons are hunted down, and a corrupt human society rushes toward a devastating judgment.
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The Day Of The Others

Author : Larry Richards
ISBN : 9781606048306
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 43.75 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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"It was far too large for a newborn. Its head was covered with coarse black hair, and its body was red and blotchy. And on each hand there were six perfectly formed fingers. The baby peered down at her with cruel, intelligent eyes, and when it smiled she saw two rows of tiny teeth." So this was how the god had answered my prayers, "Myrfel thought. This child he had given her was to be the instrument of her revenge." The second book in the Invisible War series, "The Day of the Others" chronicles the in-between years of the Creation account and the Flood. When Tubal Cain discovers metalworking, human society begins to change, creating new opportunities for the ranks of demons who masquerade as humankind's gods to prey on humanity's growing depravity. Through the stories of Tubal Cain, Enoch, and other fascinating characters, "The Day of the Others" describes the societal advances that lead to the evolution of a unique civilization marked by material progress and spiritual decline. But when demons mate with human women and produce giants known as Nephilim, angels intervene, and the whole world rushes toward a cataclysmic judgment that will change the face of the planet.
Category: Fiction

The 69th Week

Author : Larry Richards
ISBN : 9781607997085
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 50.14 MB
Format : PDF
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According to the Blind Prophet, the end of the Invisible War is drawing near. The demon Myrdebaal, assigned by Satan to search the Scriptures for clues as to how the war between the Dark Lord and the Creator will end, has found evidence that the Creator's plan hinges on the appearance of a Messiah during the 'seventieth week' prophecy. In the Old Testament book of Daniel, apparently each 'week' is actually a block of seven years. In Larry Richards's fourth novel, "The 69th Week," demons on a tight time schedule infest the Holy Land, searching for possible candidates. Their plan is to intercept this Messiah before he can defeat them. In the human realm, a group of builders from Nazareth, a backwater town in the disparaged province of Galilee, find themselves drawn to different sides of a growing conflict. Brothers Simeon and Shm'ul and their neighbor Yeshua discover they all have critical roles to play in "The 69th Week." Simeon is intent on going to Jerusalem to reclaim a heritage abandoned by their father, Yakov. Shm'ul won't abandon his family. Neither has any idea that their friend and neighbor, Yeshua, is anything other than an ordinary Jew of Galilee. But years later when that neighbor begins to preach and perform miracles, Simeon-now a rabbi and confidant of the High Priest-is sent to investigate the trouble. Enemies collide when Satan discovers that no demon is able to attack this Yeshua, and he determines to manipulate the Jewish leaders into killing Yeshua before the decisive seventieth week begins. When Simeon is humiliated in an honor contest with Yeshua, his hostility provides Myrdebaal with the opportunity he and Satan have been seeking.
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The Third Temple

Author : Larry Richards
ISBN : 9781613461143
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 88.32 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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What had gone wrong? Why had everyone run? They could at least have tried. And what would God think of them, setting out to cleanse the Temple Mount of the defiling mosques of the Muslim, and then running at the first sign of discovery? Ari was filled with an overwhelming sense of shame. He had failed God. Years after Ari Horowitz's failed childhood attempt to blow up the mosque resting on the Temple, Ari now an archaeologist finds himself contacting the beautiful reporter Hannah Netanya a woman that shakes his ultra-Orthodox Jewish roots. Together, the unlikely duo work on a series of articles that throws Israel into near upheaval. Their claim? No Jewish temple ever rested on the Temple Mount but at a location a third of a mile north. Convinced, the Israelis begin construction of the Third Temple in attempt to bring back the Messiah. In a story as fresh as tomorrow's headlines, Israeli-Arab conflict comes to a head. The Third Temple of prophecy is completed. But at the last moment it's not the Messiah who appears there. The Third Temple is the sixth and final novel in Dr. Larry Richard's Invisible War series, which chronicles the struggle between good and evil from Creation to the final book history's end. In this fast-paced, shocking vision of the future, follow Ari and Hannah as they endure Satan's final effort to block the return of Christ and to win the Invisible War.
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10 001

Author : Ralph Dickson Yaney
ISBN : 9780982499788
Genre : Body, Mind & Spirit
File Size : 33.76 MB
Format : PDF
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Esoteric tradition and modern prophecy tell us we are at a turning of ages. Many believe that the final battle of light and darkness will soon be upon us. Some know it as the Battle of Armageddon. But the war is here-now. Many times it is silent, unseen. The beasts and armies of Revelation are often visible only to those with inner sight-even though they are no less real than the armies of this world. And on the outcome of this physical/spiritual battle hangs the fate of worlds. 10,001 blows the cover on the forces of darkness. Their strategies are revealed. They have a plan. At last, what we read in the news each day makes sense. Find out what is really happening on planet Earth. Knowledge is power. Chart your course. Fulfill your mission.
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Jesus Christ Is Lord And Is Worshipped In Infinite Multiple Universes Throughout Infinity

Author : Stanley Lotegeluaki
ISBN : 9781452098913
Genre : Political Science
File Size : 73.35 MB
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When Jesus comes back at the Second Coming, He will provide us with Antigravity vehicles, teleportation, Super intelligent Robots, Memory Absorption machines that will allow us to put memory from computers directly into our brain (no more school), He will provide us with Spaceships, some 7000 miles long or just one mile long. Jesus will provide the medical cure for aging or wrinkles (women take note). Also He will give us Transmutation capability to change dirt or any substance to any other substance. We can take dirt and rearrange it into- food, tomatoes, bananas, meat or a one ton car.- Anything you want- Just ask Him. Jesus will give the nations universes to live in. United African Continent has already petitioned Him for 10 billion galaxies in this universe and a trillion universes in the Mega, Mega, universe. What will China, Russia, Vietnam, Iran, Japan etc petition Jesus when He comes back ? The Parallel futures of the White race , the Black race and the Asian race. They will all be given universes to live in by The God of Israel. Jesus was Melchizedec ( Heb 7). So He must have been King of Salem in Genesis. Jesus was also King over the Canaanites ! Satan has never been to hell and when he does go there at the Second coming it is to be beaten and thrown out of hell by the inhabitants thereof. (Is 14). The Bible says it took God Generations (Gen 2:4)- not just Seven days to create the earth. That means Evolutionists are right about the time span and method. Theologians misunderstood. God designed and guided Evolutionary process is correct. Generations is to be noted. Where is Jesus? Whatever happened to the end time war between Christians and the U.S.S.R.? Did you know during Moses plagues the God of Israel turned Satans nation to look like frogs, bugs and lice etc. What did you think real demons looked like? Read this book for more.
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Six Major Prophets

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