Birth And Death Of Meaning

Author : Ernest Becker
ISBN : 9781439118429
Genre : Psychology
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Uses the disciplines of psychology, anthropology, sociology and psychiatry to explain what makes people act the way they do.
Category: Psychology

Death Attitudes And The Older Adult

Author : Adrian Tomer
ISBN : 0876309880
Genre : Family & Relationships
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This innovative and informative new text bridges the fields of gerontology and thanatology.
Category: Family & Relationships

Decomposing Modernity

Author : Stephen W. Martin
ISBN : 0761805370
Genre : Philosophy
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This book reads Ernest Becker both as a prophet of modernity and as a sensitive observer of its decline. Situated within the disciplinary approach of 'theology of culture,' the book discerns in dialogue with Becker the contours of modern vision in its depth-dimension. Taking note of Becker's works as a whole, it identifies the two master images of human existence—homo poeta and homo heroica—which articulate this dimension, situating them in scholarly debate and comparing and relating them to the contemporary situation.
Category: Philosophy

Who S Who Of Pulitzer Prize Winners

Author : Elizabeth A. Brennan
ISBN : 1573561118
Genre : Reference
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List Pulitzer Prize winners in thirty-nine different categories, arranged chronologically, with biographical and career information, selected works, other awards, and a brief commentary, along with material on Pulitzer.
Category: Reference

Self Narratives

Author : Hubert J. M. Hermans
ISBN : 1572307137
Genre : Psychology
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Chapters describe how clinicians can work with what is openly discussed, and how to ascertain less conscious events and motives. A powerful clinical tool that enhances cooperation between the client and therapist, the model delineated in this volume can be used in a wide variety of settings and is easily integrated with a range of orientations. Providing complete guidelines for its clinical use, Self-Narratives is an ideal resource for psychotherapists and counselors alike. Teachers or trainers who want to educate students in self-knowledge and self-reflection will find here an ideal method for stimulating these processes.
Category: Psychology

The Ernest Becker Reader

Author : Daniel Liechty
ISBN : 9780295801841
Genre : Social Science
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Ernest Becker (1924-1974) was an astute observer of society and human behavior during America�s turbulent 1960s and 1970s. Trained in social anthropology and driven by a transcending curiosity about human motivations, Becker doggedly pursued his basic research question, "What makes people act the way they do?" Dissatisfied with what he saw as narrowly fragmented methods in the contemporary social sciences and impelled by a belief that humankind more than ever needed a disciplined, rational, and empirically based understanding of itself, Becker slowly created a powerful interdisciplinary vision of the human sciences, one in which each discipline is rooted in a basic truth concerning the human condition. That truth became an integral part of Becker's emerging social science. Almost inadvertently, he outlined a perspective on human motivations that is perhaps the most broadly interdisciplinary to date. His perspective traverses not only the biological, psychological, and social sciences but also the humanities and educational, political, and religious studies. Ernest Becker is best known for the books written in the last few years before his death from cancer, including the highly praised Pulitzer Prize-winning volume The Denial of Death (1974) and Escape from Evil (1975). These late works, however, were built on a distinguished body of earlier books, essays, and reviews. The power and strength of Becker�s ideas are fully present in his early works, which underlie his later contributions and give direction for interpreting the development of his ideas. Although Ernest Becker's life and career were cut short, his major writings have remained continually in print and have captured the interest of subsequent generations of readers. The Ernest Becker Reader makes available for the first time in one volume much of Becker�s early work and thus places his later work in proper context. It is a major contribution to the ongoing interest in Becker's ideas.
Category: Social Science

The Psychology Of Death In Fantasy And History

Author : Jerry S. Piven
ISBN : 0275981789
Genre : Psychology
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Delves into the psychology of death, not just in terms of bereavement and loss, but also in terms of the role it plays in fantasies, ghastly images and imaginations of death that are pivotal to much religion, violence, poetry and history. Articles include the relationship of death psychology to eroticism and the morbid fantasies of suicide bombers.
Category: Psychology

Volume 13 Kierkegaard S Influence On The Social Sciences

Author : Jon Stewart
ISBN : 9781351875110
Genre : Philosophy
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Kierkegaard has long been known as a philosopher and theologian, but his contributions to psychology, anthropology and sociology have also made an important impact on these fields. In many of the works of his complex authorship, Kierkegaard presents his intriguing and unique vision of the nature and mental life of human beings individually and collectively. The articles featured in the present volume explore the reception of Kierkegaard's thought in the social sciences. Of these fields Kierkegaard is perhaps best known in psychology, where The Concept of Anxiety and The Sickness unto Death have been the two most influential texts. With regard to the field of sociology, social criticism, or social theory, Kierkegaard's Literary Review of Two Ages has also been regarded as offering valuable insights about some important dynamics of modern society..
Category: Philosophy