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The Axial Age And Its Consequences

Author : Robert N. Bellah
ISBN : 9780674070448
Genre : Religion
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This book makes the bold claim that intellectual sophistication was born worldwide during the middle centuries of the first millennium bce. From Axial Age thinkers we inherited a sense of the world as a place not just to experience but to investigate, envision, and alter. A variety of utopian visions emerged and led to both reform and repression.
Category: Religion

Religion In Human Evolution

Author : Robert N. Bellah
ISBN : 9780674063099
Genre : Religion
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This ambitious book probes our biological past to discover the kinds of lives that human beings have imagined were worth living. Bellah’s theory goes deep into cultural and genetic evolution to identify a range of capacities (communal dancing, storytelling, theorizing) whose emergence made religious development possible in the first millennium BCE.
Category: Religion

Origins And Diversity Of Axial Age Civilizations The

Author : Shmuel N. Eisenstadt
ISBN : 9781438401942
Genre : History
File Size : 88.45 MB
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This book presents a new and original analysis of the great ancient civilizations, focusing on the breakthroughs and their institutionalization in Greece, Israel, China, and India. The conditions under which these civilizations developed are systematically explored. For comparative purposes, the civilization of Assyria, where such a breakthrough did not take place is analyzed.
Category: History

Confucian Ethics Of The Axial Age

Author : Heiner Roetz
ISBN : 0791416496
Genre : Philosophy
File Size : 23.60 MB
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Confucian Ethics of the Axial Age describes the formative period of Chinese culture the last centuries of the Zhou dynasty as an early epoch of enlightenment. It comprehensively reconstructs the ethical discourse as thought gradually became emancipated from tradition and institutions. Rather than presenting a chronology of different thinkers and works, this book discusses the systematic aspects of moral philosophies. Based on original texts, Roetz focuses on filial piety; the conflict between the family and the state; the legitimating of the political order; the virtues of loyalty, friendship, and harmony; concepts of justice; the principle of humaneness and its different readings; the Golden Rule; the moral person; the autonomous self, motivation, decision and conscience; and various attempts to ground morality in religion, human nature, or reason. These topics are arranged in such a way that the genetic structure and the logical development of the moral reasoning becomes apparent. From this detached perspective, conventional morality is either rejected or critically reestablished under the restraint of new abstract and universal norms. This makes the Chinese developments part of the ancient worldwide movement of enlightenment of the axial age."
Category: Philosophy

The Origin And Goal Of History Routledge Revivals

Author : Karl Jaspers
ISBN : 9781317832614
Genre : Philosophy
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First published in English in 1953, this important book from eminent philosopher Karl Jaspers deals with the philsophy of the history of mankind. More specifically, its avowed aim is to assist in heightening our awareness of the present by placing it within the framework of the long obscurity of prehistory and the boundless realm of possibilities which lie within the undecided future.This analysis is split into 3 parts: World history The present and the future The meaning of history
Category: Philosophy

Convenient Myths

Author : Iain William Provan
ISBN : 1602589968
Genre : History
File Size : 49.65 MB
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A world rooted in undisturbed myths
Category: History

Spectacles Of Truth In Classical Greek Philosophy

Author : Andrea Wilson Nightingale
ISBN : 1139454641
Genre : Philosophy
File Size : 51.17 MB
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In fourth-century Greece (BCE), the debate over the nature of philosophy generated a novel claim: that the highest form of wisdom is theoria, the rational 'vision' of metaphysical truths (the 'spectator theory of knowledge'). This 2004 book offers an original analysis of the construction of 'theoretical' philosophy in fourth-century Greece. In the effort to conceptualise and legitimise theoretical philosophy, the philosophers turned to a venerable cultural practice: theoria (state pilgrimage). In this practice, an individual journeyed abroad as an official witness of sacralized spectacles. This book examines the philosophic appropriation and transformation of theoria, and analyses the competing conceptions of theoretical wisdom in fourth-century philosophy. By tracing the link between traditional and philosophic theoria, this book locates the creation of theoretical philosophy in its historical context, analysing theoria as a cultural and an intellectual practice. It develops a new, interdisciplinary approach, drawing on philosophy, history and literary studies.
Category: Philosophy

Axial Civilizations And World History

Author : J©đhann P©Łll © rnason
ISBN : 9789004139558
Genre : Religion
File Size : 56.71 MB
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A collection of essays by social theorists, historical sociologists and area specialists in classical, biblical and Asian studies. The contributions deal with cultural transformations in major civilizational centres during the "Axial Age," the middle centuries of the last millennium BCE, and their long-term consequences.
Category: Religion

The Religion Of The Future

Author : Roberto Mangabeira Unger
ISBN : 9780674729070
Genre : Philosophy
File Size : 37.65 MB
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"A book about religion and a religious work in its own right, it proposes the content of a religion that can survive faith in a transcendent God and in life after death. According to this religion - the religion of the future - human beings can be more human by becoming more godlike, not just later, in another life or another time, but right now, on Earth and in their own lives."--Publishers website
Category: Philosophy

The Fifth Dimension

Author : John Hick
ISBN : 9781780741826
Genre : Religion
File Size : 70.19 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Drawing on mystical and religious traditions ancient and modern, and spiritual thinkers as diverse as Julian of Norwich and Mahatma Gandhi, The Fifth Dimension is John Hick’s eloquent argument for a more complete reality, in which a fifth, spiritual dimension plays a central role. Taking into account recent global crises - including the 9/11 attacks and war in Iraq - Hick addresses a variety of timeless issues, from the validity of religious experience to the science versus religion debate.
Category: Religion