The Art Of The Picts

Author : George Henderson
ISBN : 0500289638
Genre : Art
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The Picts, who occupied north-eastern Scotland between the sixth and ninth centuries, are perhaps the least well-known of the Celtic peoples. The only real traces of their society are a large series of stone cross slabs, and some silverwork, all engraved with symbols which nobody has ever properly deciphered (despite many attempts). This book locates this work within the Insular style seen throughout the British Isles at this time and marvellously expressed in such works as the Book of Kells. Not only is it the most comprehensive survey of Pictish art in recent memory, it is the first scholarly book to address the art-historical aspects of work formerly only treated by archaeologists.
Category: Art

Fortified Settlements In Early Medieval Europe

Author : Neil Christie
ISBN : 9781785702389
Genre : History
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Twenty-three contributions by leading archaeologists from across Europe explore the varied forms, functions and significances of fortified settlements in the 8th to 10th centuries AD. These could be sites of strongly martial nature, upland retreats, monastic enclosures, rural seats, island bases, or urban nuclei. But they were all expressions of control - of states, frontiers, lands, materials, communities - and ones defined by walls, ramparts or enclosing banks. Papers run from Irish cashels to Welsh and Pictish strongholds, Saxon burhs, Viking fortresses, Byzantine castra, Carolingian creations, Venetian barricades, Slavic strongholds, and Bulgarian central places, and coverage extends fully from north-west Europe, to central Europe, the northern Mediterranean and the Black Sea. Strongly informed by recent fieldwork and excavations, but drawing also where available on the documentary record, this important collection provides fully up-to-date reviews and analyses of the archaeologies of the distinctive settlement forms that characterized Europe in the Early Middle Ages.
Category: History

Portmahomack Monastery Of The Picts

Author : Martin Carver
ISBN : 9780748630462
Genre : History
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During the 19th and 20th centuries a trail of chance finds on the outskirts of Portmahomack led to the first exposure in 1996 of a Pictish settlement in northern Scotland. The area became the subject of one of the largest research excavations ever to have taken place on the Scottish mainland. This book describes the discovery and excavation of an early monastery. Dating from the 6th to the 9th century AD Portmahomack is one of the earliest Christian sites to be revealed in Britain and the first in the land of the Picts. The monastery was destroyed between 780 and 830 AD and was then lost to history before being unearthed by one of the largest archaeological research projects ever seen in Scotland.
Category: History

Early Medieval Stone Monuments

Author : Howard Williams
ISBN : 9781783270743
Genre : Civilization, Medieval
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New insights into inscribed and stone monuments from across Europe in the early middle ages.
Category: Civilization, Medieval

Crossing Boundaries

Author : Eric Cambridge
ISBN : 9781785703102
Genre : History
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Interdisciplinary studies are increasingly widely recognised as being among the most fruitful approaches to generating original perspectives on the medieval past. In this major collection of 27 papers, contributors transcend traditional disciplinary boundaries to offer new approaches to a number of themes ranging in time from late antiquity to the high Middle Ages. The main focus is on material culture, but also includes insights into the compositional techniques of Bede and the Beowulf-poet, and the strategies adopted by anonymous scribes to record information in unfamiliar languages. Contributors offer fresh insights into some of the most iconic survivals from the period, from the wooden doors of Sta Sabina in Rome to the Ruthwell Cross, and from St Cuthbert’s coffin to the design of its final resting place, the Romanesque cathedral at Durham. Important thematic surveys reveal early medieval Welsh and Pictish carvers interacting with the political and intellectual concerns of the wider Insular and continental world. Other contributors consider what it is to be Viking, revealing how radically present perceptions shape our understanding of the past, how recent archaeological work reveals the inadequacy of the traditional categorisation of the Vikings as ‘incomers’, and how recontextualising Viking material culture can lead to unexpected insights into famous historical episodes such as King Edgar’s boat trip on the Dee. Recent landmark finds, notably the runic-inscribed Saltfleetby spindle whorl and the sword pommel from Beckley, are also published here for the first time in comprehensive analyses which will remain the fundamental discussions of these spectacular objects for many years to come.This book will be indispensable reading for everyone interested in medieval culture.
Category: History

The Grove Encyclopedia Of Medieval Art And Architecture

Author : Colum Hourihane
ISBN : 9780195395365
Genre : Art
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The Grove Encyclopedia of Medieval Art and Architecture (GEMAA) offers unparalleled coverage of all aspects of art and architecture from Medieval Western Europe, from the 6th century to the early 16th century. Drawing upon the expansive scholarship in the celebrated Grove Dictionary of Art and adding hundreds of new entries on topics not previously covered, as well as fully updated and expanded entries and bibliographies, GEMAA offers students, researchers, and the general public a reliable, up-to-date, and convenient resource covering this field of major importance in the development of Western history and international art and architecture. The Grove Encyclopedia of Medieval Art and Architecture offers scholarly material on Medieval art for library users, scholars, students, and the general reader in intelligent, well-written, and informative articles (each of which is followed by a bibliography to support further research). These include a mixture of shorter, more factual articles and larger, multi-section articles tracing the development of the arts in major regions. There are articles on all subject areas in Medieval art including: biographies of major artists, architects and patrons; countries, cities, and sites; cultures and styles (Anglo-Saxon art, Carolingian art, Coptic art, Early Christian art, Romanesque, Gothic, Insular art, Lombard art, Merovingian art, Ottonian art, and Viking art); ivories, books and illuminated manuscripts, metalwork, architecture, painting, tapestries, sculpture, mosaics, reliquaries, and more. GEMAA is lavishly illustrated with more than 460 halftones and 170 color plates. The 6 volumes are organized into a cohesive A-Z format, with a comprehensive index. This title is part of the acclaimed Grove Art family of print encyclopedias.
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The Lindisfarne Gospels

Author : Richard Gameson
ISBN : 9789004337848
Genre : History
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Twelve expert contributions examine the text, art, and Old English gloss of this masterpiece of Anglo-Saxon book culture in relation to its archaeological, historical, cultural, and art-historical contexts, Insular and Continental.
Category: History

A Corpus Of Early Medieval Inscribed Stones And Stone Sculpture In Wales

Author : Gifford Charles-Edwards
ISBN : UOM:39015074221717
Genre : History
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Inscribed stones and stone sculpture form the most prolific body of material evidence that survives for early medieval Wales. The inscribed memorial stones in Latin or Old Irish ogam commemmorate the lives the Welsh elite of the time and are crucial to understanding the continutity of early medival Welsh culture with the preceding Roman culture, Irish settlements, and early Welsh kingdoms.
Category: History

Able Minds And Practised Hands

Author : Sally M. Foster
ISBN : UOM:39015069201187
Genre : Architecture
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26 essays explore our current knowledge of this subject and look at what sculpture can tell us about early medieval society.
Category: Architecture

Agnes Martin

Author : Nancy Princenthal
ISBN : 3905799383
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