The Art Of The Picts

Author : George Henderson
ISBN : 0500289638
Genre : Art
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The Picts, who occupied north-eastern Scotland between the sixth and ninth centuries, are perhaps the least well-known of the Celtic peoples. The only real traces of their society are a large series of stone cross slabs, and some silverwork, all engraved with symbols which nobody has ever properly deciphered (despite many attempts). This book locates this work within the Insular style seen throughout the British Isles at this time and marvellously expressed in such works as the Book of Kells. Not only is it the most comprehensive survey of Pictish art in recent memory, it is the first scholarly book to address the art-historical aspects of work formerly only treated by archaeologists.
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A New History Of The Picts

Author : Stuart McHardy
ISBN : 1906817707
Genre : History
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The Picts hold a special place in the Scottish mindset - a mysterious race of painted warriors, leaving behind imposing standing stones and not much more.Stuart McHardy goes beyond these popular preconceptions and long held historical assumptions. He aims to get to the truth of who the Picts really were, and what their influence has been on Scotland's past and present. Far from being wild barbarians, the Picts had a complex society. They fought off continuous threats of invasion from imposing adversaries: Romans, Vikings, Angles. Although Roman texts claim a major victory against the Picts, McHardy reveals that the Roman retreat from Scotland shows that the opposite may well be true. The Picts were not wiped out in battle, but gradually integrated with the Scots to form Alba. McHardy demonstrates that rather than being some historical group of outsiders, or mysterious invaders, the Picts were in fact the indigenous people of Scotland and the most significant of our tribal ancestors. Their descendants walk our streets today.
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A Guide To The Pictish Stones

Author : Elizabeth Sutherland
ISBN : UOM:39015039881159
Genre : History
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This guide to the Picts covers all known Pictish stones. It incorporates the latest discoveries, along with a full listing of symbols and their possible meaning, a complete gazetteer, and location maps with ordnance survey grid references.
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The Pictish Symbol Stones Of Scotland

Author : Iain Fraser
ISBN : UOM:39015079291350
Genre : Art
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This is a revised and expanded version of the RCAHMS publication originally entitled Pictish Symbol Stones - a Handlist . It publishes the complete known corpus of Pictish symbol stones, including descriptions, photos and professional archaeological drawings of each. An introduction gives an overview of work on the stones, and analyses the latest thinking as to their function and meaning.
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Fortified Settlements In Early Medieval Europe

Author : Neil Christie
ISBN : 9781785702389
Genre : History
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Twenty-three contributions by leading archaeologists from across Europe explore the varied forms, functions and significances of fortified settlements in the 8th to 10th centuries AD. These could be sites of strongly martial nature, upland retreats, monastic enclosures, rural seats, island bases, or urban nuclei. But they were all expressions of control - of states, frontiers, lands, materials, communities - and ones defined by walls, ramparts or enclosing banks. Papers run from Irish cashels to Welsh and Pictish strongholds, Saxon burhs, Viking fortresses, Byzantine castra, Carolingian creations, Venetian barricades, Slavic strongholds, and Bulgarian central places, and coverage extends fully from north-west Europe, to central Europe, the northern Mediterranean and the Black Sea. Strongly informed by recent fieldwork and excavations, but drawing also where available on the documentary record, this important collection provides fully up-to-date reviews and analyses of the archaeologies of the distinctive settlement forms that characterized Europe in the Early Middle Ages.
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Portmahomack Monastery Of The Picts

Author : Martin Carver
ISBN : 9780748630462
Genre : History
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During the 19th and 20th centuries a trail of chance finds on the outskirts of Portmahomack led to the first exposure in 1996 of a Pictish settlement in northern Scotland. The area became the subject of one of the largest research excavations ever to have taken place on the Scottish mainland. This book describes the discovery and excavation of an early monastery. Dating from the 6th to the 9th century AD Portmahomack is one of the earliest Christian sites to be revealed in Britain and the first in the land of the Picts. The monastery was destroyed between 780 and 830 AD and was then lost to history before being unearthed by one of the largest archaeological research projects ever seen in Scotland.
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Early Medieval Stone Monuments

Author : Howard Williams
ISBN : 9781783270743
Genre : Civilization, Medieval
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New insights into inscribed and stone monuments from across Europe in the early middle ages.
Category: Civilization, Medieval

Decoding The Pictish Symbols

Author : Walter Arthur Cummins
ISBN : 0752452398
Genre : History
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This book is a must-have for anyone interested in the Picts and fascinated by the perennial mysteries of the Dark Ages.
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The Insular Tradition

Author : Catherine E. Karkov
ISBN : 0791434567
Genre : Art
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"A breadth of interdisciplinary voices" discuss how geographical insularity - specifically that of Britain and Ireland - has affected artistic tradition.
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The Picts

Author : Benjamin Hudson
ISBN : 9781118598320
Genre : History
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The Picts is a survey of the historical and cultural developments in northern Britain between AD 300 and AD 900. Discarding the popular view of the Picts as savages, they are revealed to have been politically successful and culturally adaptive members of the medieval European world. Re-interprets our definition of ‘Pict’ and provides a vivid depiction of their political and military organization Offers an up-to-date overview of Pictish life within the environment of northern Britain Explains how art such as the ‘symbol stones’ are historical records as well as evidence of creative inspiration. Draws on a range of transnational and comparative scholarship to place the Picts in their European context
Category: History