The Art Of Shaolin Kung Fu

Author : Wong Kiew Kit
ISBN : 0804834393
Genre : History
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This unique book offers a comprehensive and practical introduction to kung fu and all the other aspects of Shaolin wisdom. An inspirational read, it shows how kung fu and other Shaolin arts can bring you health, vitality, and spiritual joy. It includes many practical exercises and meditation techniques and provides a fascinating history of various styles of kung fu, how kung fu patterns and sets are constructed, and the strategies for victory developed. This is a seminal guide which will be invaluable to everyone interested in martial arts, meditation, stress management, healing, and spiritual development.
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Shaolin Kung Fu The Lost Art

Author : Peter Love
ISBN : 1845491777
Genre : Sports & Recreation
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This is an essential guide for any person studying any martial art. With over 130 photographs to help guide you through your study of this amazing art! It is an excellent reference guide for those in particular who are studying or wish to study the White Crane Art. A form originally taught at the Shaolin Temple in the Fukien district of South China. The main intention of this book is to preserve two of the ancient forms passed down over the centuries by the Shaolin Masters. It contains a "reference guide" to the "Shuang Yang Hang Pei Ho" a form from the Shaolin soft art. Plus learn the techniques of the famous Shaolin Form the "Sum Chien." A series of techniques to help develop the legendary "iron-shirt" The ability to with stand heavy blows and strikes to both the body and even the vital organs. Bending spears on the throat and washing in broken glass are just some of the amazing feats achieved by those who study and develop this art. * Kung Fu * Tai Chi * Soft & Hard Qi-Gong * Breathing * Relaxation
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Shaolin Lohan Kung Fu

Author : P'ng Chye Khim
ISBN : 9781462903450
Genre : Sports & Recreation
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Master the ancient Chinese martial art of Shaolin Kung Fu with this illustrated martial arts guide. The style of marital arts described in this book is believed to have developed from a form devised at the Shaolin Temple by the Indian monk Bodhidharma. Called Shih-pa lohan shou (Eighteen Arhat Hands), it was the original Lohan form. Its purpose was to provide monks with exercises that would not only strengthen their bodies and minds, but also arm them with a formidable system of self-defense. The authors present the Lohan techniques of south China (as taught by the Hood Khar Pai) in both solo—and partner— practice forms. Intended as a supplement to actual training, Shaolin Lohan Kung-Fu gives the history of the Shaolin arts and then continues with a detailed explanation of the Lohan form. Accompanied by almost 30 sketches and over 400 black-and-white photographs, this straightforward introduction to the Lohan system is a must for any serious student of Shaolin techniques. Chapters include: Background of Shaolin Kung Fu; Fundamentals of Shaolin; The Lohan Pattern; Shaolin Training Methods; and more!
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Secrets Of Northern Shaolin Kung Fu

Author : Brian Klingborg
ISBN : 9781462916979
Genre : Sports & Recreation
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Master the northern style of Chinese Shaolin Kung Fu with this illustrated martial arts guide The Secrets of Northern Shaolin Kung-Fu: Pek Sil Lum is a comprehensive guide to the theory and practice of the traditional Chinese art known to the West as Northern Shaolin Kung-Fu. It includes a historical overview, basic positions, and authentic forms and techniques. Pek Sil Lum is especially renowned for its repertoire of kicking techniques, ranging from simple front kicks to jumping twirling crescent kicks to the dreaded tornado kick, and includes open- and closed-hand strikes and a number of weapons forms.
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Secrets Of Phoenix Eye Fist Kung Fu

Author : Cheong Cheng Leong
ISBN : 9781462917013
Genre : Sports & Recreation
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Master the terrifyingly effective Phoenix Eye Fist style of Chinese Kung Fu with this illustrated martial arts guide. The Secrets of Phoenix-Eye Fist Kung-Fu depicts an enormously potent art, also known as Chuka Shaolin, that does not depend on strength or size. Instead, it utilizes a special striking technique, the phoenix-eye fist, aimed at vital points on the opponent's body. Phoenix-Eye Fist Kung-Fu excels at close-range fighting—an area neglected in many other martial arts—and employs a variety of lightning-fast strikes and kicks. Due to its deadly efficacy, there is no sparring in Chuka Shaolin, but instead complex two-person practice forms are employed—both for empty-handed fighting and for fighting with weapons—in which the practitioners fight all-out, and are protected only by a precise knowledge of the form. With hundreds of clear photographs, The Secrets of Phoenix-Eye Fist Kung-Fu reveals: The fundamental techniques of the empty-handed art A complete breakdown of the two-person empty-hand practice forms Detailed instruction in Chuka Shaolin pole fighting, including the practice forms An overview of the other weapons used in Chuka Shaolin, including the sai, the twin knives, the spear, and the farmer's hoe Special forms of Chi Kung designed to increase striking power, increase vitality, and aid in resisting and healing injuries
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Barefoot Zen

Author : Nathan J Johnson
ISBN : 1578631424
Genre : Philosophy
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Most books about Kung Fu or Karate deal with techniques or history. Few examine the underlying purpose of these arts, or approach them as a tool for spiritual, rather than physical, development. Barefoot Zen is a brave new approach to the martial arts, which clearly demonstrates that the traditional movements of both Kung Fu and Karate, contained in the solo choreographed sequences of movements known as forms (or kata), grew out of the spiritual practices of the Shaolin order of Buddhist monks and nuns. Nathan Johnson explains that this mystical and non-violent teaching is a profound and beautiful expression of Chan (Zen) Buddhism and its pur-suit of wisdom, peace, and enlightenment. Contrary to popular assumption, he contends that it was never intended to be an actual means of self-defense. Barefoot Zen bridges the gap between Kung Fu and Karate, and reveals their common origin through the disclosure of vital research material on three of the world's most important Karate kata. Part I explains the spiritual disciplines that contributed to what we know as the martial arts. Part II explains the creation of the art along with practical instruction for performing kata. Part III explains the formation of many of the world's Kung Fu styles. We learn that the original "empty hand art" was used as a method of kinetic meditation between pairs and was designed as a practical tool to assist practitioners in transcending the fear and insecurity of everyday living. Barefoot Zen makes the legacy of the Shaolin way accessible to all, releasing the art from the clutches of popular images and painful concerns about self-defense. The legendary courage of the Shaolin (Chan/Zen) order was not developed by fighting with enemies, but by not fighting! The Shaolin teaching was designed to free us from fear, the only true enemy.
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Shaolin Kung Fu Shaolin Little Arhat Boxing

Author : Shao Lin
ISBN : 9781304407146
Genre : Sports & Recreation
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Shaolin Little Arhat is one of the Shaolin five famous boxing. Also, it is an integral part of traditional Chinese martial arts. The boxing routine is compact, flexible, changeful and powerful. Shaolin Little Arhat Boxing is Shaolin martial arts enthusiasts’ collection of the essential choice. This valuable ebook demonstrates step by step the full set of demo.
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Secrets Of Shaolin Temple Boxing

Author : Robert W. Smith
ISBN : 9781462903276
Genre : Sports & Recreation
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Learn the secrets of Shaolin Temple boxing also known as Shaolin Kung Fu with this illustrated matrtial arts guide. Shaolin Temple boxing is the father of all boxing forms in China and is a close ancestor of Japanese karate. Despite the widespread study of Shaolin kung fu, however, the true origins and history of this exciting martial art have been obscured by wildly fanciful myths and legends that have arisen over the centuries, leading martial-arts authority Robert W. Smith to remark, "There are no good books on Shaolin Temple boxing. There are only varying degrees of poor." In Taiwan, however, Smith had the good fortune to discover a short, anonymous work in Chinese that he believed revealed the essence of Shaolin. This kung fu book is the English version of that text. Abundantly and attractively illustrated, it is a fascinating account of the history of an ancient martial art, as well as a concise martial arts manual explaining the fundamental philosophy and techniques of Shaolin Temple boxing.
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Shaolin Kung Fu

Author : Jong Hoon Jeon
ISBN : 1490323554
Genre : Sports & Recreation
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We can see that the content of the Jingang-Chan is extremely rich. But up to the present, only three set series of the Snake Boxing (altogether seven series) have been made public by Zhiji, a disciple of Monk Jingwu. This is the first book about the combat art of the Jingang-Chan of Shaolin martial arts written by Zhiji.Master Jeon Translated and adopted . This book is his “volume2”. Master Jeon teaches traditional Northern Style Kung Fu, including Shaolin, Jin Woo, Chen Style Tai Chi Quan, and Qi Gong. He also knows many Southern Style forms and principles, such as Wing Chun and Hung Gar. He focuses on traditional training – energy cultivation, perfection of forms, strength building, application, and intensive sparring.
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Martial Arts Coloring Book

Author : Arkady Roytman
ISBN : 9780486490236
Genre : Juvenile Nonfiction
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Dynamic images to color, accompanied by informative captions, depict 30 international martial arts disciplines. Styles include Jiu-Jitsu, Judo, Sambo, Krav Maga, Muay Thai Boxing, Tae Bo, Kung Fu, and many others.
Category: Juvenile Nonfiction