The Art Of Not Being Governed

Author : James C. Scott
ISBN : 9780300156522
Genre : Political Science
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For two thousand years the disparate groups that now reside in Zomia (a mountainous region the size of Europe that consists of portions of seven Asian countries) have fled the projects of the organized state societies that surround them--slavery, conscription, taxes, corvee labor, epidemics, and warfare. This book, essentially an anarchist history, is the first-ever examination of the huge literature on state-making whose author evaluates why people would deliberately and reactively remain stateless. Among the strategies employed by the people of Zomia to remain stateless are physical dispersion in rugged terrain; agricultural practices that enhance mobility; pliable ethnic identities; devotion to prophetic, millenarian leaders; and maintenance of a largely oral culture that allows them to reinvent their histories and genealogies as they move between and around states. In accessible language, James Scott, recognized worldwide as an eminent authority in Southeast Asian, peasant, and agrarian studies, tells the story of the peoples of Zomia and their unlikely odyssey in search of self-determination. He redefines our views on Asian politics, history, demographics, and even our fundamental ideas about what constitutes civilization, and challenges us with a radically different approach to history that presents events from the perspective of stateless peoples and redefines state-making as a form of internal colonialism. This new perspective requires a radical reevaluation of the civilizational narratives of the lowland states. Scott's work on Zomia represents a new way to think of area studies that will be applicable to other runaway, fugitive, and marooned communities, be they Gypsies, Cossacks, tribes fleeing slave raiders, Marsh Arabs, or San-Bushmen.
Category: Political Science

Das Weltsozialforum

Author : Christian Schröder
ISBN : 9783839429679
Genre : Social Science
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Das Weltsozialforum (WSF) ist das Relikt globalisierungskritischer Bewegungen der Jahrtausendwende. Auch über ein Jahrzehnt nach dem ersten WSF 2001 in Porto Alegre (Brasilien) ziehen die Protest-Events zehntausende Gegner_innen neoliberaler Weltordnung an. Mit seiner umfassenden ethnografischen Forschung verfolgt Christian Schröder die Spuren des WSF vom Ursprung bis zum WSF 2013 in Tunesien. Im Mittelpunkt steht dabei die Frage, wie es dem WSF - anders als vielen anderen Bewegungen - gelingt, so lange fortzubestehen, ohne seinen Bewegungscharakter zu verlieren. Basierend auf umfangreichen Analysen wird das Prinzip der Transpoiesis herausgearbeitet, demzufolge Bewegungen dann überdauern, wenn sie zwischen Zerfall und Institutionalisierung oszillieren.
Category: Social Science

Everyday Life In Southeast Asia

Author : Kathleen M. Adams
ISBN : 9780253001054
Genre : History
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This lively survey of the peoples, cultures, and societies of Southeast Asia introduces a region of tremendous geographic, linguistic, historical, and religious diversity. Encompassing both mainland and island countries, these engaging essays describe personhood and identity, family and household organization, nation-states, religion, popular culture and the arts, the legacies of war and recovery, globalization, and the environment. Throughout, the focus is on the daily lives and experiences of ordinary people. Most of the essays are original to this volume, while a few are widely taught classics. All were chosen for their timeliness and interest, and are ideally suited for the classroom.
Category: History

New Religiosities Modern Capitalism And Moral Complexities In Southeast Asia

Author : Juliette Koning
ISBN : 9789811029691
Genre : Social Science
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As Southeast Asia experiences unprecedented economic modernization, religious and moral practices are being challenged as never before. From Thai casinos to Singaporean megachurches, from the practitioners of Islamic Finance in Jakarta to Pentecostal Christians in rural Cambodia, this volume discusses the moral complexities that arise when religious and economic developments converge. In the past few decades, Southeast Asia has seen growing religious pluralism and antagonisms as well as the penetration of a market economy and economic liberalism. Providing a multidisciplinary, cross-regional snapshot of a region in the midst of profound change, this text is a key read for scholars of religion, economists, non-governmental organization workers, and think-tankers across the region.
Category: Social Science

Understanding Southeast Asia

Author : Lindsay Falvey
ISBN : 9780980787580
Genre : Southeast Asia
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Understanding Southeast Asia points to the wisdom of seeking common factors that unite regional worldviews. This fresh and possibly more Asian perspective complements other Western-style empirical analyses that rely on differences to explain traits of the region and its peoples. In various ways, this book provides a context for scholarly works on specific places, technological studies and the nation-building stories of the new countries that make up the region. Beginning with the common origins of Southeast Asia’s peoples and languages, their shared heritage is emphasized through agricultural, archeological, cultural, geographical, historical, linguistic, religious and technological fields. Perennially defined by rice, stability and commerce, Southeast Asia has evolved a common trading ethic and morality influenced by China and India long before a short European colonial interlude. Historically known as a Golden Land, the region exudes a resilience founded in millennium-long traditions that are today expressed through local adaptations of world religions. In acknowledging the region’s integrated worldviews and tolerance of opposing approaches, this work will inform a new generation of Western understanding about Southeast Asian politics, decision-making and ASEAN. It will also support the young educated elite of the region to see themselves in a new and proud light.
Category: Southeast Asia

Faith In The Future

Author :
ISBN : 9789004233669
Genre : Religion
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Revitalization of religious and cultural traditions is taking place in nearly all contemporary Asian societies and beyond. Faith in the Future: Understanding the Revitalization of Religions and Cultural Traditions in Asia provides a comparative analysis of the key features and aspirations of revitalization movements and assesses their scope for shaping the future trajectories of societies in all parts of the world.
Category: Religion

Parties And Parliaments In Southeast Asia

Author : Roland Rich
ISBN : 9781317605515
Genre : Political Science
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Political parties are an essential ingredient in a modern democracy. They are also seen as the least trusted and most problematic institution in most democratic systems. While there have been attempts to strengthen parties through institutional design and capacity building, a new strategy has been to quarantine them from parts of parliament. Within the space of a few years the Philippines, Thailand and Indonesia implemented designs for parliamentary representation that proscribed the established political parties from a parliamentary chamber or part thereof. Using these three countries as case studies, this book traces the historical context for institutional designs, the intentions behind them and their implementation through at least one full parliamentary term. It investigates the conceptual architecture of the non-partisan designs, identifying corporatism as one (discredited) alternative and "championship" as another. While there is a yearning for exemplary people as representatives, the designers have struggled to find a successful means of having these champions elected to office. The book concludes that non-partisan chambers, based on the evidence to date, are not viable. This book is of interest to scholars of Southeast Asian Politics, Party Politics, Governance Institutions and Democracy.
Category: Political Science

Land Reform In Russia

Author : Stephen K. Wegren
ISBN : 9780300156409
Genre : History
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This ambitious work is the definitive account of Russia's land reform initiatives from the late 1980s to today. In Russia, a country controlling more land than any other nation, land ownership is central to structures of power, class division, and agricultural production. The aim of Russian land reform for the past thirty years--to undo the collectivization of the Soviet era and encourage public ownership--has been largely unsuccessful. To understand this failure, Stephen Wegren examines contemporary land reform policies in terms of legislation, institutional structure, and human behavior. Using extensive survey data, he analyzes household behaviors in regard to land ownership and usage based on socioeconomic status, family size, demographic distribution, and regional differences. Wegren's study is important and timely, as Russian land reform will have a profound effect on Russia's ability to compete in an era of globalization.
Category: History

Notes From The Ground

Author : Benjamin R. Cohen
ISBN : 9780300154924
Genre : History
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This text examines the cultural conditions that brought agriculture and science together in 19th-century America. Integrating the history of science, environmental history and science studies, this text shows how and why agrarian Americans accepted, resisted and shaped scientific ways of knowing the land.
Category: History

The Yaquis And The Empire

Author : Raphael Brewster Folsom
ISBN : 9780300210767
Genre : History
File Size : 68.31 MB
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This important new book on the Yaqui people of the north Mexican state of Sonora examines the history of Yaqui-Spanish interactions from first contact in 1533 through Mexican independence in 1821. The Yaquis and the Empire is the first major publication to deal with the colonial history of the Yaqui people in more than thirty years and presents a finely wrought portrait of the colonial experience of the indigenous peoples of Mexico's Yaqui River Valley. In examining native engagement with the forces of the Spanish empire, Raphael Brewster Folsom identifies three ironies that emerged from the dynamic and ambiguous relationship of the Yaquis and their conquerors: the strategic use by the Yaquis of both resistance and collaboration; the intertwined roles of violence and negotiation in the colonial pact; and the surprising ability of the imperial power to remain effective despite its general weakness. Published in Cooperation with the William P. Clements Center for Southwest Studies, Southern Methodist University
Category: History