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The Armed Forces Officer

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Initiated in 1950, this 2007 edition is the latest in a classic series of books of the same title. Journalist-historian S. L. A. Marshall wrote the first at the behest of Gen. George C. Marshall, who formed the great citizen army of World War II. The general believed officers of all services needed to base their professional commitment on a common moral-ethical grounding, which S. L. A. Marshall set out to explain. Ever since, these books have provided a foundation of thought, conduct, standards, and duty for American commissioned officers. Available now to the general public, this new edition takes the series’ inspirational premise into the new century. It educates officers of all services, as well as civilians, about the fundamental moral-ethical requirements of being a commissioned officer in the armed forces of the United States. Understanding the common foundation of commissioned leadership and command of U.S. military forces is essential for achieving excellence in the joint operations of today’s combat environment. This philosophy unites the officers of the uniformed services in the common calling of supporting, defending, and upholding the Constitution in service to their country.
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The Armed Forces Officer

Author : Department of Defense
ISBN : 9781597971669
Genre : History
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An ethics handbook for a profession unlike any other
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The Armed Forces Officer

Author : United States. Department of Defense
ISBN : 098836963X
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"The Armed Forces Officer" is much more than a how-to guide for military officers. It is a series of candid, timeless essays on the nature of the people who occupy the ranks of the military services. "The Armed Forces Officer" highlights that our military is not just a collection of machines, processes, and regulations, but a very human endeavor whose proper understanding requires acknowledging that humans are what make our military the complex, potent, and wonderful organization that it is--a truth that can be applied to any organization, military or civilian, composed of people and all their mysterious complexities. This is a republication of the 1950 edition of "The Armed Forces Officer."
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The Armed Forces Officer

Author : Department of Defense
Genre : United States
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The original 1950 edition of this leadership classic includes the following chapters: 1. The Meaning of Your Commission 2. Forming Military Ideals 3. Responsibility and Privilege 4. Planning Your Career 5. Rank and Precedence 6. Customs and Courtesies 7. Keeping Your House in Order 8. Getting Along With People 9. Leaders and Leadership 10. Mainsprings of Leadership 11. Human Nature 12. Group Nature 13. Environment 14. The Mission 15. Discipline 16. Morale 17. Esprit 18. Knowing Your Job 19. Knowledge of Your Men 20. Writing and Speaking 21. The Art of Instruction 22. Your Relationships With Your Men 23. Your Men’s Moral and Physical Welfare 24. Keeping Your Men Informed 25. Counseling Your Men 26. Using Reward and Punishment 27. Fitting Men to Jobs 28. Americans in Combat Appendix: Recommended Reading
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Air Force Officer S Guide

Author : Stephen E. Wright
ISBN : 9780811760157
Genre : Reference
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Air Force officers of all ranks, from cadets to generals, both active duty and reserves, will find this revised edition essential reading for a successful career.
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Maurice S Strategikon

Author : Maurice (Emperor of the East)
ISBN : 0812217721
Genre : History
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As a veteran campaigner, the Byzantine emperor Maurice (582-602) compiled a unique and influential handbook intended for the field commander. In this first complete English translation, the Strategikon is an invaluable source not only for early Byzantine history but for the general history of the art of war. Describing in detail weaponry and armor, daily life on the march or in camp, clothing, food, medical care, military law, and titles of the Byzantine army of the seventh century, the Strategikon offers insights into the Byzantine military ethos. In language contemporary, down-to-earth, and practical, the text also provides important data for the historian, and even the ethnologist, including eyewitness accounts of the Persians, Slavs, Lombards, and Avars at the frontier of the Empire.
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Serve To Lead

Author : IndieBooks
ISBN : 1908041021
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The original British Army anthology on leadership, used to train generations of officers, brings together the collected wisdom of great military leaders, tacticians and historians with the authentic voices of unknown soldiers. Moving, inspiring, amusing and thought-provoking, it teaches lessons about motivation, leadership and morale that are every bit as valuable to today's leaders and managers. Complete with a new introduction by Robin Matthews, who commanded the Light Dragoons in Iraq, on the background to 'Serve to Lead' and its relevance to his own career and experiences from Sierra Leone to Afghanistan.

An Officer S Story

Author : Steve Kime
ISBN : 9781504949743
Genre : Biography & Autobiography
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This book is an intellectual journey. It is based in the fundamental Middle-American values and opinions, good and bad, of the happy days of the fifties. These values and opinions are dragged kicking and screaming through a rich and varied set of experiences as a young man, amazingly, is nurtured and tolerated by a usually hidebound navy. The journey ends with summaries about Russia, US Military policy and strategy, and the prospects for the social and political turmoil in America.
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East Of Chosin

Author : Roy Edgar Appleman
ISBN : 0890964653
Genre : History
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In November, 1950, with the highly successful Inchon Landing behind him, Gen. Douglas MacArthur planned the last major offensive of what was to be a brief "conflict": the drive that would push the North Koreans across the Yalu River into Manchuria. In northern Korea, US forces assembled at Chosin Reservoir to cut behind the North Korean forces blocking the planned march to Manchuria. Roy E. Appleman, noted historian of the Korean conflict, describes the tragic fate of the troops of the 31st Regimental Combat Team which fought this engagement and presents a thorough analysis of the physical conditions, attitudes, and command decisions that doomed them.
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