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The Archaeology Of The Holy Land

Author : Jodi Magness
ISBN : 9780521124133
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"In the heart of the ancient Near East (modern Middle East) and at a crossroads between once mighty powers such as Assyria to the east and Egypt to the south is a tiny piece of land -- roughly the size of New Jersey -- that is as contested as it is sacred. One cannot even name this territory without sparking controversy. Originally called Canaan after its early inhabitants (the Canaanites), it has since been known by various names. To Jews this is Eretz-Israel (the Land of Israel), the Promised Land described by the Hebrew Bible as flowing with milk and honey. To Christians it is the Holy Land where Jesus Christ -- the messiah or anointed one -- was born, preached, and offered himself as the ultimate sacrifice. Under the Greeks and Romans, it was the province of Judea, a name which hearkened back to the biblical kingdom of Judah. After the Bar-Kokhba revolt ended in 135 C.E., Hadrian renamed the province Syria-Palestina, reviving the memory of the long-vanished kingdom of Philistia. Under early Islamic rule the military district (jund) of Filastin was part of the province of Greater Syria (Arabic Bilad al-Sham). In this book, the term Palestine is used to denote the area encompassing the modern state of Israel, the Hashemite kingdom of Jordan, and the Palestinian territories"--
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Arch Of Society

Author : Thomas Levy
ISBN : 0718513886
Genre : History
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This volume marks a departure from earlier descriptive archaeological summaries of the Holy Land. Taking an anthropological and socio-economic perspective, many of the leading archaeologists who work in Israel and Jordan today present timely and concise summaries of the archaeology of this region. Chronologically organized, each chapter outlines the major cultural transitions which occurred in a given archaeological period. To explain the processes which were responsible for culture change, a review is made of the most recent research concerning settlement patterns, innovations and technology, religion and ideology, and social organization. The material culture of every period of human history in the Holy Land is explored from the earliest prehistoric hominids, through the Biblical and historical periods and up to modern (20th century) times. Each chapter is accompanied by settlement pattern maps and a plate highlighting the major artifacts which archaeologists use to identify the material culture of the period. In addition, windows are presented which focus on major social issues and controversies such as "The Agricultural Revolution", the "Israelite Conquest of Canaan" and "Ancient Metal Working and Social Change". This volume should provide students and the general reader with a useful reference volume concerning the archaeology of societies which lived and live in the Holy Land.
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Archaeology In The Holy Land

Author : Kathleen M Kenyon
ISBN : 1138817961
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This classic book, extensively revised in 1979, includes the most important archaeological discoveries of that time made regarding both the pre-biblical and biblical history of Palestine. The earliest archaeological finds in Palestine reveal man s presence as early as 9000 B.C., about 6000 years before early biblical history is established. This early phase of human activity was first defined by remarkable discoveries in the Mount Carmel caves and later elucidated by the author s own excavations at Jericho. This book traces the development of man from hunter and food-gatherer to the earliest agricultural settlements that grew into towns and city states which were eventually incorporated into the Israelite Kingdom. It also discusses the post-Exilic period down to the early fourth century B.C. This book added considerable knowledge about early phases of Palestinian history, particularly due to the inclusion of Carbon-14 determinations and special study of animal and plant remains from Jericho. This is a detailed guide to twentieth-century archaeology in the Holy Land that remains fascinating, wonderfully illustrated, and a great aid in understanding life in Palestine as revealed by archaeological evidence."

Archaeological Encyclopedia Of The Holy Land

Author : Avraham Negev
ISBN : 0826485715
Genre : Religion
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Spanning ten millennia from earliest civilisation to the Arab conquest this book is the definitive one-volume reference to the ancient lands of the Bible, fusing scientific discovery and literary and religious tradition to produce a deeper understanding of the history of human culture. Here the settings of the world's three major religions are examined, incorporating the most up-to-date archaeological information with the biblical record of the Holy Land, the Encyclopaedia visits the ancient Near East site-by-site, with comprehensive descriptions of hundreds of discoveries as well as providing historical commentary and relevant biblical citations. General articles on subjects such as burial, warfare, cult objects and clothing provide further insight into the material culture and social systems of the biblical period. More than 20 distinguished archaeologists have contributed articles in their areas of expertise complete with details from their own excavations. >
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The Caucasian Archaeology Of The Holy Land

Author : Yana Tchekhanovets
ISBN : 9789004365551
Genre : Religion
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The Caucasian Archaeology of the Holy Land investigates the complete corpus of available literary, epigraphic and archaeological evidence of the Armenian, Georgian and Caucasian Albanian Christian communities’ activity in the Holy Land during the Byzantine and the Early Islamic periods.
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The Holy Land

Author : Jerome Murphy-O'Connor
ISBN : 9780191528675
Genre : Travel
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Of immense significance to Judaism, Christianity, and Islam, the Holy Land has been attracting visitors since the fifth century BC. Covering all the main sites both in the city of Jerusalem and throughout the Holy Land and including over 150 high quality site plans, maps, diagrams, and photographs, this book provides the ultimate visitor guide to the rich archaeological heritage of the region. Fully updated with all the latest information, this new edition includes updates on the crucial recent developments at the Holy Sepulchre and on six completely new sites, including a Middle Bronze Age water system in Jerusalem and what may be the original Pool of Siloam.
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Palestine Twilight

Author : Edward L. Fox
ISBN : 9781783012596
Genre : Biography & Autobiography
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On 19 January 1992, Dr Albert Glock - an American archaeologist - was murdered by an unidentified gunman in the Israeli-occupied West Bank town of Bir Zeit. Who had killed him? And why? Part history, part true-crime, Palestine Twilight weaves the facts of Glock's murder with the brutal, febrile politics of the intifada. Edward L. Fox's pursuit of the truth leads him deep into the dangerous, edgy society of the Occupied West Bank, and his book is a work of stark originality that conveys an intense portrait of the Palestinian dilemma. It is essential reading for anyone wishing to understand the Arab-Israeli conflict. 'I heartily recommend this book. Fox's assured delving has laid bare many usually obscure strata in the complex structure of the Arab-Israeli conflict. With his command of detail and pithy style, he strikes the right note in a politically sensitive field.' - Andrew Lycett, Sunday Times 'The investigation into the murder of a single individual has served Fox an Ariadne's thread that takes him and his readers deep into the maze of Israeli and Palestinian society. His narrative, which is eloquent, empathetic and balanced, gives the reader a vivid sense of what it is like to be a Palestinian in the twenty-first century. Palestine Twilight should be read by anyone interested in the Middle East today.' - Robert Irwin, Evening Standard 'The book is, from start to finish, intensely readable, fresh, informative and illuminating.' - Charles Thomas, Sunday Telegraph 'An intriguing thriller, part history and part true crime story... a pacy mystery tale as well.' - Michael Binyon, The Times Palestine Twilight was published in the United States as Sacred Geography: A Tale of Archeology and Murder in the Holy Land. Edward L. Fox is also the author of Obscure Kingdoms: Journeys to Distant Royal Courts; The Hungarian Who Walked to Heaven: Alexander Csoma de Koros, 1784 - 1842; and River Spirits: An Amazonian Fantasy (a novel).
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Encyclopedia Of Archaeological Excavations In The Holy Land

Author : Michael Avi-Yonah
ISBN : UOM:39015002172834
Genre : Religion
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Photographs, maps, and diagrams complement scholarly articles treating the geography of Palestinian excavation sites of the past century, archaeological methods and the biblical significance of the artifacts discovered. Bibliogs
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Dame Kathleen Kenyon

Author : Miriam C Davis
ISBN : 9781315430676
Genre : Social Science
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Dame Kathleen Kenyon has always been a larger-than-life figure, likely the most influential woman archaeologist of the 20th century. In the first full-length biography of Kenyon, Miriam Davis recounts not only her many achievements in the field but also her personal side, known to very few of her contemporaries. Her public side is a catalog of major successes: discovering the oldest city at Jericho with its amazing collection of plastered skulls; untangling the archaeological complexities of ancient Jerusalem and identifying the original City of David; participating in the discipline’s most famous all-woman excavation at Great Zimbabwe. Her development (with Sir Mortimer Wheeler) of stratigraphic trenching methods has been universally emulated by archaeologists for over half a century. Her private life—her childhood as daughter of the director of the British Museum, her accidental choice of a career in archaeology, her working at bombed sites in London during the blitz, and her solitary retirement to Wales—are generally unknown. Davis provides a balanced and illuminating picture of both the public Dame Kenyon and the private person.
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