The Archaeology Of Hindu Ritual

Author : Michael Willis
ISBN : 1107460166
Genre : Social Science
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In this groundbreaking study, Michael Willis examines how the gods of early Hinduism came to be established in temples, how their cults were organized, and how the ruling elite supported their worship. Examining the emergence of these key historical developments in the fourth and fifth centuries, Willis combines Sanskrit textual evidence with archaeological data from inscriptions, sculptures, temples, and sacred sites. The centre-piece of this study is Udayagiri in central India, the only surviving imperial site of the Gupta dynasty. Through a judicious use of landscape archaeology and archaeo-astronomy, Willis reconstructs how Udayagiri was connected to the Festival of the Rainy Season and the Royal Consecration. Under Gupta patronage, these rituals were integrated into the cult of Vishnu, a deity regarded as the source of creation and of cosmic time. As special devotees of Vishnu, the Gupta kings used Udayagiri to advertise their unique devotional relationship with him. Through his meticulous study of the site, its sculptures and its inscriptions, Willis shows how the Guptas presented themselves as universal sovereigns and how they advanced new systems of religious patronage that shaped the world of medieval India.
Category: Social Science

Krishna In History Thought And Culture An Encyclopedia Of The Hindu Lord Of Many Names

Author : Lavanya Vemsani Ph.D.
ISBN : 9781610692113
Genre : Religion
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Krishna is a central figure in Hinduism, a religion that has been a fundamental force for thousands of years. This accessible encyclopedia covers texts, practices, scholarship, and arts related to Krishna from the earliest known sources on. • Overviews the importance of Krishna to world history • Offers topical and thematic entries illuminating classical texts and practice and modern developments inside and outside India • Covers philosophical traditions such as Advaita and vegetarianism as well as spiritual and yoga traditions and their contemporary adaptations • Includes extensive studies of followers and founders of Krishna in India and around the world • Shares geographical information regarding sacred places and places of pilgrimage
Category: Religion

Hinduism In India

Author : Greg Bailey
ISBN : 9789351505730
Genre : Social Science
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A major contribution toward the ongoing debates on the nature and history of Hinduism in India Hinduism in India: The Early Period covers the major thematic and historical aspects of Hinduism in ancient and medieval India, emphasising primarily on belief structures, rituals, theology, art, and myths. Although the book focuses on the period from 200 BCE to 1200 ACE, the chapters make several references to ideas and practices preceding and following this period. This is a reflection of the fact that the cultural entity named “Hinduism” has been in a process of constant change and evolution, and continues to demonstrate many recognizably ancient elements even today.
Category: Social Science

Political Violence In Ancient India

Author : Upinder Singh
ISBN : 9780674975279
Genre : India
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Foundation -- Transition -- Maturity -- War -- The wilderness
Category: India

Of Gods And Books

Author : Florinda De Simini
ISBN : 9783110477764
Genre : Literary Criticism
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The author provides a comprehensive inquiry into pivotal aspects of Indian manuscript cultures, on the basis of a first-hand analysis of textual sources. The topic of the ritualistic use of manuscripts as objects of worship and ritual donation, a transversal one in Indian texts, is analyzed through the lens of history and seen in its connections with the ideology of power and the vital quest for monarchical patronage in early medieval India.
Category: Literary Criticism

The Archaeology Of Sacred Spaces

Author : Susan Verma Mishra
ISBN : 9781317193746
Genre : History
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This volume focuses on the religious shrine in western India as an institution of cultural integration in the period spanning 200 BCE to 800 CE. It presents an analysis of religious architecture at multiple levels, both temporal and spatial, and distinguishes it as a ritual instrument that integrates individuals and communities into a cultural fabric. The work shows how these structures emphasise on communication with a host of audiences such as the lay worshipper, the ritual specialist, the royalty and the elite as well as the artisan and the sculptor. It also examines religious imagery, inscriptions, traditional lore and Sanskrit literature. The book will be of special interest to researchers and scholars of ancient Indian history, Hinduism, religious studies, architecture and South Asian studies.
Category: History

Playing With Nature

Author : Sajal Nag
ISBN : 9781351986403
Genre : Social Science
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North East India is called nature’s gift to India. It is mountainous, thickly forested, nourished by massive rainfall, has massive rivers, has a diverse wildlife, inhabited a number of forest dwellers called tribes who cherished environmentalist ethos. The region has been experiencing environmental depletion which was a result of colonial policies, exploitation of its ecological and mineral resources, large scale trans-border immigration and settlement of people, establishment of the plantation industry through deforestation and the dependence of the dairy industry on grazing and other factors. This books depicts the precariousness of the environmental situation and traces the history and politics of such degeneration with a view to raise the consciousness of the people of the region towards their environment and save it from further aggravation.
Category: Social Science

Crossing The Lines Of Caste

Author : Adheesh A. Sathaye
ISBN : 9780190273125
Genre : History
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What does it mean to be a Brahmin, and what could it mean to become one? Over the years, intellectuals and dogmatists have offered plenty of answers to the first question, but the latter presents a cultural puzzle, since normative Brahminical ideology deems it impossible for an ordinary individual to change caste without first undergoing death and rebirth. There is, however, one notable figure in the Hindu mythological tradition who is said to have transformed himself from a king into a Brahmin by amassing great ascetic power, or tapas: the ornery sage Visvamitra. Through texts composed in Sanskrit and vernacular languages, oral performances, and visual media, Crossing the Lines of Caste examines the rich mosaic of legends about Visvamitra found across the Hindu mythological tradition. It offers a comprehensive historical analysis of how the "storyworlds" conjured up through these various tellings have served to adapt, upgrade, and reinforce the social identity of real-world Brahmin communities, from the ancient Vedic past up to the hypermodern present. Using a performance-centered approach to situate the production of the Visvamitra legends within specific historical contexts, Crossing the Lines of Caste reveals how and why mythological culture has played an active, dialogical role in the construction of Brahmin social power over the last three thousand years.
Category: History

The Idea Of Ancient India

Author : Upinder Singh
ISBN : 9789351506454
Genre : History
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A major contribution towards the different perspectives and issues central to understanding ancient India This book engages with some of the most important issues, debates, and methodologies in the writing of ancient Indian history. Thematically structured, the first section discusses religious and regional processes through a meticulous analysis of inscriptions and material remains. The second—based extensively on archival sources—connects ancient and modern India through a discussion of the beginnings of Indian archaeology and the discovery, interpretation, and reinvention of ancient sites in colonial and post-colonial times. The third underlines the importance of reconstructing the intellectual landscape of ancient India through a sensitive, yet, critical historicization of political ideas in texts and inscriptions. The final section makes a strong case for situating ancient India within a broader, Asian, frame.
Category: History

Death Rituals And Social Order In The Ancient World

Author : Colin Renfrew
ISBN : 9781107082731
Genre : History
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This volume, with essays by leading archaeologists and prehistorians, considers how prehistoric humans attempted to recognise, understand and conceptualise death.
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