The Archaeology Of Early China

Author : Gideon Shelach-Lavi
ISBN : 9781316194010
Genre : Social Science
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This volume aims to satisfy a pressing need for an updated account of Chinese archaeology. It covers an extended time period from the earliest peopling of China to the unification of the Chinese Empire some two thousand years ago. The geographical coverage includes the traditional focus on the Yellow River basin but also covers China's many other regions. Among the topics covered are the emergence of agricultural communities; the establishment of a sedentary way of life; the development of sociopolitical complexity; advances in lithic technology, ceramics, and metallurgy; and the appearance of writing, large-scale public works, cities, and states. Particular emphasis is placed on the great cultural variations that existed among the different regions and the development of interregional contacts among those societies.
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The Archaeology Of China

Author : Li Liu
ISBN : 9780521643108
Genre : History
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"Past, present and future "The archaeological materials recovered from the Anyang excavations ... in the period between 1928 and 1937...have laid a new foundation for the study of ancient China (Li, C. 1977: ix)." When inscribed oracle bones and enormousmaterial remains were found through scientific excavation in Anyang in 1928, the historicity of the Shang dynasty was confirmed beyond dispute for the first time (Li, C. 1977: ix-xi). This excavation thus marked the beginning of a modern Chinese archaeology endowed with great potential to reveal much of China's ancient history.. Half a century later, Chinese archaeology had made many unprecedented discoveries which surprised the world, leading Glyn Daniel to believe that "a new awareness of the importance of China will be a key development in archaeology in the decades ahead (Daniel 1981: 211). This enthusiasm was soon shared by the Chinese archaeologists when Su Bingqi announced that "the Golden Age of Chinese archaeology is arriving (Su, B. 1994: 139--140)". In recent decades, archaeology has continuously prospered, becoming one of the most rapidly developing fields in social science in China"--
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Early China

Author : Li Feng
ISBN : 9780521895521
Genre : History
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A critical new interpretation of the early history of Chinese civilization based on the most recent scholarship and archaeological discoveries.
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Ancient Sichuan And The Unification Of China

Author : Steven F. Sage
ISBN : 0791410374
Genre : Social Science
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Recent archaeological finds in China have made possible a reconstruction of the ancient history of Sichauan, the country's most populous province. Excavated artifacts and newly recovered texts can now supplement traditional textual materials. Combing these materials, Sage shows how Sichauan matured from peripheral obscurity to attain central importance in the formation of the Chinese empire during the first millennium B.C.
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The Oxford Companion To Archaeology

Author : Brian M. Fagan
ISBN : 9780195076189
Genre : Religion
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Features articles written by archaeology scholars on such topics as bog bodies, underwater archaeology, the Pyramids of Giza, and the Valley of the Kings
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Ancient China And The Yue

Author : Erica Fox Brindley
ISBN : 9781107084780
Genre : History
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A richly empirical discussion of ethnic identity formation in the ancient world, presenting the peoples of China's southern frontier.
Category: History

The Archaeology Of Mainland Southeast Asia

Author : Charles Higham
ISBN : 0521275253
Genre : History
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This important new synthesis focuses on the social world of early mainland Southeast Asia.
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Ancient Central China

Author : Rowan K. Flad
ISBN : 9780521899000
Genre : History
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An up-to-date synthesis of archaeological discoveries in the upper and middle Yangzi River region of China, including the Three Gorges Dam reservoir zone.
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The Ancient Highlands Of Southwest China

Author : Alice Yao
ISBN : 9780190493790
Genre : History
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Although long considered to be a barren region on the periphery of ancient Chinese civilization, the southwest massif was once the political heartland of numerous Bronze Age polities. Their distinctive material tradition--intricately cast bronze kettle drums and cowrie shell containers--has given archaeologists and historians a glimpse of the extraordinary wealth, artistry, and power exercised by highland leaders over the course of the first millennium BC. In the first century BC, Han imperial conquest reduced local power and began a process of cultural assimilation. Instead of a clash between center and periphery or barbarism and civilization, this book examines the classic study of imperial rule as a confrontation between different political temporalities. The author provides an archaeological account of the southwest where Bronze Age landscape formations and funerary traditions bring to light a history of competing warrior cultures and kingly genealogies. In particular, the book illustrates how mourners used funerals and cemetery mounds to transmit social biographies and tribal affiliations across successive generations. Han incorporation thus entangled the orders of state time with the generational cycles of local factions, foregrounding the role of time in the production of power relations in imperial frontiers. The book extends approaches to empires to show how prehistoric time frames continue to shape the futures of frontier subjects despite imperial efforts to unify space and histories.
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Ancient China

Author : John S. Major
ISBN : 9781317503651
Genre : History
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Ancient China: A History surveys the East Asian Heartland Region – the geographical area that eventually became known as China – from the Neolithic period through the Bronze Age, to the early imperial era of Qin and Han, up to the threshold of the medieval period in the third century CE. For most of that long span of time there was no such place as "China"; the vast and varied territory of the Heartland Region was home to many diverse cultures that only slowly coalesced, culturally, linguistically, and politically, to form the first recognizably Chinese empires. The field of Early China Studies is being revolutionized in our time by a wealth of archaeologically recovered texts and artefacts. Major and Cook draw on this exciting new evidence and a rich harvest of contemporary scholarship to present a leading-edge account of ancient China and its antecedents. With handy pedagogical features such as maps and illustrations, as well as an extensive list of recommendations for further reading, Ancient China: A History is an important resource for undergraduate and postgraduate courses on Chinese History, and those studuing Chinese Culture and Society more generally.
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