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The Archaeology Of American Cemeteries And Gravemarkers

Author : Sherene Baugher
ISBN : 0813049717
Genre : Social Science
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"A masterful overview of archaeological work on American gravestones and cemeteries that should be on the shelf of every student and scholar of mortuary studies."--Lynn Rainville, author of "Hidden History: African-American Cemeteries in Virginia" "A landmark publication that synthesizes for the first time the massive amount of research on historic mortuary archaeology, especially monuments, across America. An essential text for many archaeologists, art historians, and cultural anthropolgists."--Harold Mytum, coeditor of "Prisoners of War: Archaeology, Memory, and Heritage of 19th- and 20th-Century Mass Internment" Gravestones, cemeteries, and memorial markers offer fixed points in time to examine Americans' changing attitudes toward death and dying. In tracing the evolution of commemorative practices from the seventeenth century to the present, Sherene Baugher and Richard Veit offer insights into our transformation from a preindustrial and agricultural to an industrial, capitalist country. Paying particular attention to populations often overlooked in the historical record--African Americans, Native Americans, and immigrant groups--the authors also address the legal, logistical, and ethical issues that confront field researchers who conduct cemetery excavations. Baugher and Veit reveal how gender, race, ethnicity, and class have shaped the cultural landscapes of burial grounds and summarize knowledge gleaned from the archaeological study of human remains and the material goods interred with the deceased. From the practices of historic period Native American groups to elite mausoleums, and from almshouse mass graves to the rise in popularity of green burials today, "The Archaeology of Cemeteries and Gravemarkers" provides an overview of the many facets of this fascinating topic. Sherene Baugher, professor of archaeology at Cornell University, is the coeditor of "Archaeology and Preservation of Gendered Landscapes." Richard F. Veit is professor of anthropology at Monmouth University and the coauthor of "New Jersey Cemeteries and Tombstones: History in the Landscape."
Category: Social Science

The Archaeology Of American Cities

Author : Nan A. Rothschild
ISBN : 0813049725
Genre : Social Science
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“Unrivaled in scope. An essential work for urban historical archaeologists.”—Adrian Praetzellis, author ofDug to Death “An engaging and astonishingly comprehensive work that reveals just how much our knowledge of America's cities and the lives of city dwellers has been enriched through urban archaeology.”—Mary C. Beaudry, coeditor ofArchaeologies of Mobility and Movement American cities have been built, altered, redeveloped, destroyed, reimagined, and rebuilt for nearly 300 years in order to accommodate growing and shrinking populations and their needs. Urban archaeology is a unique subfield with its own peculiar challenges and approaches to fieldwork. Understanding the social forces that influenced the development of American cities requires more than digging; it calls for the ability to extrapolate from limited data, an awareness of the dynamics that drive urban development, and theories that can build bridges to connect the two. At the forefront of this exciting field of research, Nan Rothschild and Diana Wall are well suited to introduce this fascinating topic to a broad readership. Following a brief introduction, the authors offer specific case studies of work undertaken in New York, Philadelphia, Tucson, West Oakland, and many other cities. Ideal for undergraduates,The Archaeology of American Cities utilizes the material culture of the past to highlight recurring themes that reflect distinctive characteristics of urban life in the United States.
Category: Social Science

Cemetery Walk

Author : Minda Powers-Douglas
ISBN : 1420868268
Genre : Social Science
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Do you wish you could swim? Do you wish you could rely on yourself for your safety, rather than on the bottom or the side of the pool...or on strokes? Safety comes from knowing how the water works with your body and knowing how to be yourself in the water; calm and in control, which prevents panic. Get to the heart of the problem. Anyone can learn to swim, but you have to be confident in water first. Confidence comes from learning to trust yourself in the water by having many small successes, which lead to bigger ones. Further, overcoming fear requires understanding the steps of remaining in control. They are easy. Chances are, you've never heard of these steps. But everyone recognizes them when they see them in this book. They are the universal steps of learning. You cannot fail to learn to swim using these steps. (You cannot fail to learn anything using these steps.) What is swimming? First, it's freedom in water. Once you master your safety, you can learn any stroke you desire because you're no longer focused on survival. Conquer Your Fear of Water advances these ideas: 1. Learning to swim requires comfort and confidence in water first. 2. Learning to swim comes before learning strokes. 3. Learning to swim and learning strokes are two different processes for adults. 4. Overcoming fear is a simple, fascinating personal process. 5. Learning to swim is fun. 6. If you start at the beginning and skip no steps, you cannot fail to learn to swim. Every step you need is presented in the book. Formal strokes are not part of this book. Readers wrote: "I really like that you stress having fun first and being comfortable . The book is full of fantastic advice. It's working for me. I now know I will not pass on my fear to my children. You will make a difference in millions of lives." D.K. "This book is very, very impressive and leaves no doubt in my mind why your system works. The book does a tremendous job of sharing your method. The concepts, the language, and the detailed steps are easy to understand. You anticipate and explain in great detail a lot of the things that happen in the water that scare novices. Your book answered a lot of questions I have had, and explained a lot of what I have experienced in the water." S.N. No matter where you are with your swimming today, it's just the right place to begin. To move from here to there in water with ease and the ability to stop and rest without needing the bottom or the side of the pool, start at the beginning and skip no steps. This course has been honed since 1983 by Miracle Swimming Institute / 21st Century Swimming Lessons, Inc. in the San Francisco Bay Area and in Sarasota, Florida. It is now in 19 cities around the world. It sets a new standard for all teaching.
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Gardens Of Stone

Author : Alexandra Kathryn Mosca
ISBN : 1635000106
Genre : History
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"They are found in tiny parcels of land squeezed among Manhattan buildings and in large rolling tracts of land in Brooklyn, Queens, and the Bronx. New York City's cemeteries carry on the ancient tradition of memorializing the dead with monuments, from plain gray markers to imposing crypts. Whatever their size, they tell the story of the city's evolution--its triumphs, tragedies, and setbacks--as it became a global capital ... [This book] takes you on a walk through these memorial parks, guiding you through works of art cast in stone, from small solitary monuments to some of the country's most grand mausoleums"--Page 4 of cover.
Category: History

International Heritage And Historic Building Conservation

Author : Zeynep Aygen
ISBN : 9780415888141
Genre : Architecture
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The majority of books in English on historic building conservation and heritage preservation training are often restricted to Western architecture and its origins. Consequently, the history of building conservation, the study of contemporary paradigms and case studies in most universities and within wider interest circles, predominantly in the UK, Europe, and USA focus mainly on Europe and sometimes the USA, although the latter is often excluded from European publications. With an increasingly multicultural student body in Euro-American universities and with a rising global interest in heritage preservation, there is an urgent need for publications to cover a larger geographical and social area including not only Asia, Australia, Africa and South America but also previously neglected countries in Europe like the new members of the European Community and the northern neighbour of the USA, Canada. The inclusion of the 'other' in built environment education in general and in building conservation in particular is a pre-requisite of cultural interaction and widening participation. International Heritage and Historic Building Conservation assesses successful contemporary conservation paradigms from around the world. The book evaluates conservation case studies from previously excluded areas of the world to create an integrated account of Historic Building Conservation that crosses the boundaries of language and culture and sets an example for further inclusive research. Analyzing the influence of financial constraints, regional conflicts, and cultural differences on the heritage of disadvantaged countries, this leading-edge volume is essential for researchers and students of heritage studies interested in understanding their topics in a wider framework.
Category: Architecture

The Mixtecs Of Oaxaca

Author : Ronald Spores
ISBN : 9780806150895
Genre : History
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The Mixtec peoples were among the major original developers of Mesoamerican civilization. Centuries before the Spanish Conquest, they formed literate urban states and maintained a uniquely innovative technology and a flourishing economy. Today, thousands of Mixtecs still live in Oaxaca, in present-day southern Mexico, and thousands more have migrated to locations throughout Mexico, the United States, and Canada. In this comprehensive survey, Ronald Spores and Andrew K. Balkansky—both preeminent scholars of Mixtec civilization—synthesize a wealth of archaeological, historical, and ethnographic data to trace the emergence and evolution of Mixtec civilization from the time of earliest human occupation to the present. The Mixtec region has been the focus of much recent archaeological and ethnohistorical activity. In this volume, Spores and Balkansky incorporate the latest available research to show that the Mixtecs, along with their neighbors the Valley and Sierra Zapotec, constitute one of the world’s most impressive civilizations, antecedent to—and equivalent to—those of the better-known Maya and Aztec. Employing what they refer to as a “convergent methodology,” the authors combine techniques and results of archaeology, ethnohistory, linguistics, biological anthropology, ethnology, and participant observation to offer abundant new insights on the Mixtecs’ multiple transformations over three millennia.
Category: History

Cemeteries Gravemarkers

Author : Richard Meyer
Genre : History
File Size : 73.71 MB
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Cemeteries house the dead, but gravemarkers are fashioned by the living, who record on them not only their pleasures, sorrows, and hopes for an afterlife, but also more than they realize of their history, ethnicity, and culture. Richard Meyer has gathered twelve original essays examining burial grounds through the centuries and across the land to give a broad understanding of the history and cultural values of communities, regions, and American society at large.
Category: History

Deaf Young People And Their Families

Author : Susan Gregory
ISBN : 0521429986
Genre : Language Arts & Disciplines
File Size : 29.53 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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This is a longitudinal follow-up to the study reported in The Deaf Child and his Family, now republished as Deaf Children and their Families. Eighteen years after the original study, seventy-five percent of the original families have been traced and this new volume provides an account of the subsequent interviews with both the parents and the deaf young people themselves. Participants reflect not only on the consequences of deafness within their own lives, but on the changing context for deaf people. It includes a comparison of the views of parents with those of their sons and daughters and an examination of factors in early life that may relate to later development. In its provision of a unique insight into the deaf young person's perspective on life, it will be a valuable resource for all those concerned with deafness and special education, including families, deaf people, professionals and academics.
Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Archaeology Of Childhood The

Author : Güner Cosçkunsu
ISBN : 9781438458052
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 34.95 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Critical interdisciplinary examination of archaeology’s approach to childhood in prehistory. Children existed in ancient times as active participants in the societies in which they lived and the cultures they belonged to. Despite their various roles, and in spite of the demographic composition of ancient societies where children comprised a large percentage of the population, children are almost completely missing in many current archaeological discourses. To remedy this, The Archaeology of Childhood aims to instigate interdisciplinary dialogues between archaeologists and other disciplines on the notion of childhood and children and to develop theoretical and methodological approaches to analyze the archaeological record in order to explore and understand children and their role in the formation of past cultures. Contributors consider how the notion of childhood can be expressed in artifacts and material records and examine how childhood is described in literary and historical sources of people from different regions and cultures. While we may never be able to reconstruct every last aspect of what childhood was like in the past, this volume argues that we can certainly bring children back into archaeological thinking and research, and correct many erroneous and gender-biased interpretations.
Category: Social Science