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The Anti Politics Machine

Author : James Ferguson
ISBN : 0816624372
Genre : Business & Economics
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Development, it is generally assumed, is good and necessary, and in its name the West has intervened, implementing all manner of projects in the impoverished regions of the world. When these projects fail, as they do with astonishing regularity, they nonetheless produce a host of regular and unacknowledged effects, including the expansion of bureaucratic state power and the translation of the political realities of poverty and powerlessness into "technical" problems awaiting solution by "development" agencies and experts. It is the political intelligibility of these effects, along with the process that produces them, that this book seeks to illuminate through a detailed case study of the workings of the "development" industry in one country, Lesotho, and in one "development" project. Using an anthropological approach grounded in the work of Foucault, James Ferguson analyzes the institutional framework within which such projects are crafted and the nature of "development discourse," revealing how it is that, despite all the "expertise" that goes into formulating development projects, they nonetheless often demonstrate a startling ignorance of the historical and political realities of the locale they are intended to help. In a close examination of the attempted implementation of the Thaba-Tseka project in Lesotho, Ferguson shows how such a misguided approach plays out, how, in fact, the "development" apparatus in Lesotho acts as an "anti-politics machine," everywhere whisking political realities out of sight and all the while performing, almost unnoticed, its own pre-eminently political operation of strengthening the state presence in the local region.James Ferguson is an associate professor of anthropology at the University of California at Irvine.
Category: Business & Economics

The Anti Politics Machine In India

Author : Vasudha Chhotray
ISBN : 9780857287670
Genre : Nature
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This book assesses the validity of ‘anti-politics’ critiques of development, first popularised by James Ferguson, in the peculiar context of India. It examines the new context provided by decentralization of state functioning where keeping politics out of development (development as the anti-politics machine) can no longer be taken for granted. The case of a highly technocratic state watershed development programme that also seeks to be participatory is used to illustrate the tensions between prescriptive development policy and a growing political democracy.
Category: Nature

The Anti Politics Machine

Author : Julie Jenkins
ISBN : 9781351352932
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 62.37 MB
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The Anti-Politics Machine (1990) examines how international development projects are conceived, researched, and put into practice. It also looks at what these projects actually achieve. Ferguson criticizes the idea of externally-directed ‘development’ and argues that the process doesn’t take proper account of the daily realities of the communities it is intended to benefit. Instead, they often prioritize technical solutions for addressing poverty and ignoring its social and political dimensions, so the structures that these projects put in place often have unintended consequences. Ferguson suggests that until the process becomes more reflective, development projects will continue to fail.
Category: Social Science

Expectations Of Modernity

Author : James Ferguson
ISBN : 0520217020
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 39.19 MB
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Zambia's economic boom in the 1960s and 1970s was fueled by the export of copper and other primary materials. Since the 1970s the urban economy has decreased. This volume explores the social and cultural responses to this prolonged period of sharp economic decline.
Category: Social Science

Encountering Development

Author : Arturo Escobar
ISBN : 9780691150451
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 28.12 MB
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Originally published: 1995. Paperback reissue, with a new preface by the author.
Category: Business & Economics

Global Shadows

Author : James Ferguson
ISBN : 9780822387640
Genre : Political Science
File Size : 27.3 MB
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Both on the continent and off, “Africa” is spoken of in terms of crisis: as a place of failure and seemingly insurmountable problems, as a moral challenge to the international community. What, though, is really at stake in discussions about Africa, its problems, and its place in the world? And what should be the response of those scholars who have sought to understand not the “Africa” portrayed in broad strokes in journalistic accounts and policy papers but rather specific places and social realities within Africa? In Global Shadows the renowned anthropologist James Ferguson moves beyond the traditional anthropological focus on local communities to explore more general questions about Africa and its place in the contemporary world. Ferguson develops his argument through a series of provocative essays which open—as he shows they must—into interrogations of globalization, modernity, worldwide inequality, and social justice. He maintains that Africans in a variety of social and geographical locations increasingly seek to make claims of membership within a global community, claims that contest the marginalization that has so far been the principal fruit of “globalization” for Africa. Ferguson contends that such claims demand new understandings of the global, centered less on transnational flows and images of unfettered connection than on the social relations that selectively constitute global society and on the rights and obligations that characterize it. Ferguson points out that anthropologists and others who have refused the category of Africa as empirically problematic have, in their devotion to particularity, allowed themselves to remain bystanders in the broader conversations about Africa. In Global Shadows, he urges fellow scholars into the arena, encouraging them to find a way to speak beyond the academy about Africa’s position within an egregiously imbalanced world order.
Category: Political Science

Give A Man A Fish

Author : James Ferguson
ISBN : 9780822375524
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 81.75 MB
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In Give a Man a Fish James Ferguson examines the rise of social welfare programs in southern Africa, in which states make cash payments to their low income citizens. More than thirty percent of South Africa's population receive such payments, even as pundits elsewhere proclaim the neoliberal death of the welfare state. These programs' successes at reducing poverty under conditions of mass unemployment, Ferguson argues, provide an opportunity for rethinking contemporary capitalism and for developing new forms of political mobilization. Interested in an emerging "politics of distribution," Ferguson shows how new demands for direct income payments (including so-called "basic income") require us to reexamine the relation between production and distribution, and to ask new questions about markets, livelihoods, labor, and the future of progressive politics.
Category: Social Science

Aiding Violence

Author : Peter Uvin
ISBN : 9781565490833
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 37.78 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Includes statistics.
Category: Business & Economics

Women And Microcredit In Rural Bangladesh

Author : Aminur Rahman
ISBN : 9780813339306
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 24.76 MB
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The first anthropological study of the Grameen Bank microlending program to rural poor women, focused on both economic and social processes to examine and understand grassroots microlending structure and its implications for women borrowers, societal members, bank workers and for the sustainability and growth of lending institutions.
Category: Social Science