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The Amistad Rebellion

Author : Marcus Rediker
ISBN : 9780143123989
Genre : History
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Format : PDF, ePub
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A scholarly account of the nineteenth-century slave ship rebellion presented from the perspectives of the slaves discusses their fight for freedom within the context of the chain of resistance spanning the earliest slave revolts through the Civil Rights era.
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The Amistad Rebellion

Author : Marcus Rediker
ISBN : 9781101601051
Genre : History
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On June 28, 1839, the Spanish slave schooner Amistad set sail from Havana on a routine delivery of human cargo. On a moonless night, after four days at sea, the captive Africans rose up, killed the captain, and seized control of the ship. They attempted to sail to a safe port, but were captured by the U.S. Navy and thrown into jail in Connecticut. Their legal battle for freedom eventually made its way to the Supreme Court, where their cause was argued by former president John Quincy Adams. In a landmark ruling, they were freed and eventually returned to Africa. The rebellion became one of the best-known events in the history of American slavery, celebrated as a triumph of the legal system in films and books, all reflecting the elite perspective of the judges, politicians, and abolitionists involved in the case. In this powerful and highly original account, Marcus Rediker reclaims the rebellion for its true proponents: the African rebels who risked death to stake a claim for freedom. Using newly discovered evidence, Rediker reframes the story to show how a small group of courageous men fought and won an epic battle against Spanish and American slaveholders and their governments. He reaches back to Africa to find the rebels’ roots, narrates their cataclysmic transatlantic journey, and unfolds a prison story of great drama and emotion. Featuring vividly drawn portraits of the Africans, their captors, and their abolitionist allies, he shows how the rebels captured the popular imagination and helped to inspire and build a movement that was part of a grand global struggle between slavery and freedom. The actions aboard the Amistad that July night and in the days and months that followed were pivotal events in American and Atlantic history, but not for the reasons we have always thought. The successful Amistad rebellion changed the very nature of the struggle against slavery. As a handful of self-emancipated Africans steered their own course to freedom, they opened a way for millions to follow. This stunning book honors their achievement.
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Black Mutiny

Author : William A. Owens
ISBN : 1574780042
Genre : History
File Size : 54.17 MB
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Relates the story of the 1839 revolt of Mendi slaves aboard the schooner "Amistad," telling how President John Quincy Adams sided with the slaves to win their freedom and passage home
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Many Middle Passages

Author : Emma Christopher
ISBN : 9780520252073
Genre : History
File Size : 31.19 MB
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"Extends the concept of the Middle Passage to encompass the expropriation of people across other maritime and inland routes. No previous book has highlighted the diversity and centrality of middle passages, voluntary and involuntary, to modern global history."—Kenneth Morgan, author of Slavery and the British Empire "This volume extends the now well-established project of 'Atlantic World Studies' beyond its geographic and chronological frames to a genuinely global analysis of labour migration. It is a work of major importance that sparkles with new discoveries and insights."—Rick Halpern, co-editor of Empire and Others: British Encounters with Indigenous Peoples, 1600-1850
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The Fearless Benjamin Lay

Author : Marcus Rediker
ISBN : 9780807035924
Genre : History
File Size : 77.41 MB
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Early Life -- "A Man of Strife & Contention"--Philadelphia's "Men of Renown"--How Slave-Keepers became Apostates -- Books and a New Life -- Death, Memory, Impact
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United States V Amistad

Author : Suzanne Freedman
ISBN : 0766013375
Genre : Juvenile Nonfiction
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Examines events and opinions surround the case of United States v. Amistad, in which a group of Africans were put on trial for staging a revolt aboard the slave ship Amistad.
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Mutiny On The Amistad

Author : Howard Jones
ISBN : 9780190281328
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 83.19 MB
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This volume presents the first full-scale treatment of the only instance in history where African blacks, seized by slave dealers, won their freedom and returned home. Jones describes how, in 1839, Joseph Cinqué led a revolt on the Spanish slave ship, the Amistad, in the Caribbean. The seizure of the ship by an American naval vessel near Montauk, Long Island, the arrest of the Africans in Connecticut, and the Spanish protest against the violation of their property rights created an international controversy. The Amistad affair united Lewis Tappan and other abolitionists who put the "law of nature" on trial in the United States by their refusal to accept a legal system that claimed to dispense justice while permitting artificial distinctions based on race or color. The mutiny resulted in a trial before the U.S. Supreme Court that pitted former President John Quincy Adams against the federal government. Jones vividly recaptures this compelling drama--the most famous slavery case before Dred Scott--that climaxed in the court's ruling to free the captives and allow them to return to Africa.
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The Amistad Revolt

Author : Iyunolu Folayan Osagie
ISBN : 0820327255
Genre : History
File Size : 31.94 MB
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From journalism and lectures to drama, visual art, and the Spielberg film, this study ranges across the varied cultural reactions--in America and Sierra Leone--engendered by the 1839 Amistad slave ship revolt. Iyunolu Folayan Osagie is a native of Sierra Leone, from where the Amistad's cargo of slaves originated. She digs deeply into the Amistad story to show the historical and contemporary relevance of the incident and its subsequent trials. At the same time, she shows how the incident has contributed to the construction of national and cultural identity both in Africa and the African diasporo in America--though in intriguingly different ways. This pioneering work of comparative African and American cultural criticism shows how creative arts have both confirmed and fostered the significance of the Amistad revolt in contemporary racial discourse and in the collective memories of both countries.
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Slave Ship

Author : Jerrold Mundis
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 83.38 MB
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A major novel of the American slave trade that annihilates the myths of black African docility and white humanity on an unforgettable nightmare voyage that takes the reader into the hearts and minds and private hells of the slavers as well as the enslaved. At a time when nearly every civilized nation, including the United States, had outlawed the trade, the American flag still flew from the masts of hundreds of slaving ships off the west coast of Africa. Aboard one such ship, the Jubilation, is Captain Edward Horneby, a quietly lethal man for whom slaving is a way of life and a chance to play God. Below decks, in a hold overflowing with degradation and death, is Osai Adoko, a proud Ashanti warrior who waits to prove that chains do not make a man a slave. And there are Hollister and Dunbar—one, a sadistic youth who uses slaves to cure his boredom; the other, a sensitive journalist traveling incognito who intends to expose the atrocities of the trade, yet is forced himself into becoming the owner of a beautiful child-woman. The action moves swiftly, from a ruinous jungle slave factory to an opulent African court, from a bizarre shore leave, to a bloody sea battle, to rampant depravity aboard the Jubilation itself. With mounting tension between whites and blacks, the book builds toward a brilliant, horrifying climax. Jerrold Mundis brings an era of shame into true perspective in a novel of startlingly powerful significance. ~~ “A superior adventure yarn, but not for the squeamish. The action is quick, gory and rings with verisimilitude. Hair-raising adventure on the high seas.” —Publishers Weekly “The dramatic actions snap along with sea battles, slave rebellions, and moral conflicts, all played out by thoroughly believable characters and building to a shattering climax.” —Library Journal OVER 4 MILLION JERROLD MUNDIS PRINT-BOOKS SOLD!
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